Full Steam Ahead: Governor Palin Appoints 8 Board Members

    Anchorage, Alaska – Governor Palin announced her appointments to the Alaska Public Offices Commission, Fishermen’s Fund Advisory and Appeals Council, Governor’s Council on Disabilities and Special Education, Knik Arm Bridge and Toll Authority, and State Officers Compensation Commission. Alaska Public Offices Commission Governor Palin appointed Kathleen J. King to the Alaska Public Offices Commission. The five-member commission administers laws upholding the public’s right to know | Read More »

    Leading Through Example: Governor Palin Signs 8 Bills & Honors Veterans

    Quote Of The Day: “Have you noticed that the ONLY leading Republican and Conservative in the Nation who is acting like a leader, not attacking, behaving, and staying above it all is …. SARAH PALIN. In other words, it’s time for a little estrogen” From: Fairbanks, Alaska – On Memorial Day Governor Palin today read a proclamation to honor military members at Veterans Memorial | Read More »

    Governor Palin The Warrior Vs. Øbama The Ignorant

    overnor Palin: “More N Korea nuke tests: why consider US missile program cuts now? Alaska military program helps secure US. Now is NOT time to cut our defense.” Once again we have North Korea detonate a nuclear bomb and Governor Palin stands strong. Øbama & his crony’s respond with empty words and his ignorant & naive polices put America in further danger. Earlier this month | Read More »

    Governor Palin & The American Legion To Honor Alaska’s Fallen Soldiers

    Governor Palin will be on hand to read a proclamation honoring the hundreds of Alaska’s fallen soldiers since statehood. The Memorial Day event is hosted by The American Legion & activities start with a service at Veterans’ Memorial Park at 11 a.m. Monday. Other dignitaries on the schedule are Borough Mayor Jim Whitaker, Commander Billy Smith of the Legion, Fort Wainwright chaplain Lt. Col. David Vanderjagt and Lanien Livingston, Althea St. Martin and Tom Moyer, local representatives of our congressional delegation.

    Governor Palin: “Headed to Memorial weekend event honoring 177 AKn & AK-based soldiers killed in combat since statehood. God bless AKs military & families”

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    Governor Palin Cuts Alaska’s Budget by 30% On Top Of Creating A $6 Billion Surplus

    The operating budget bill totals $8.7 billion (down from $11.1 billion) and includes funding for public education, the university, public health and safety, transportation, and resource development. “We have taken significant steps to slow government growth and achieve savings in the current fiscal year,” Governor Palin said. “This administration takes fiscal responsibility seriously and reducing expenditures will extend the life of our savings accounts.”

    The capital budget bill, SB 75, which totals $1.87 billion (down from $3.6 billion), was also signed today.

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