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    Makin’ Book

    Any body know any place that is making book on who will be the next group the Democrats will be demonizing? Is there a pool anywhere? Who don’t the unions

    Self Based Supply

    It is so darned simple yet nobody seems to twig. The traditional employment model is not there. More and more people are becoming self supplied(we eat what we kill so

    The U.K.

    America the U.K. just took a huge dump on us what are we going to do about it?

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    Get ready of new round of environmental mafia ranting about off shore drilling with leak in deep water off Australia.


    union power

    Since the majority of workers elect not to be in a union why do we allow unions so much power? It is out of all proportion.


    Self Based Supply

    Self Based Supply or independant income based on what we do and know as individuals.  Bands of ones.. The non group that is going to be increaseing in size as

    Ecclectic Post

    Cash for Clunkers- saw where Chrsler claims cash for clunkers is causing them to add shifts. The lucky plants produce Dodge Ram,Town & Country, and a Jeep. Save for the

    Grabbing another industry

    While all the attention is rightly focused on health care there is another troubling thing evolving. Obama is “lending” Petrobras the state controlled oil behemoth of Brazil $10 Billion. It