Bewitched In Delaware

    So it turns out Christine O’Donnell once imprudently dabbled in witchcraft as a high school student, at the time no doubt the product of some “government school” (to quote Boortz)

    The New “Gnosticism”

    Unnoticed (or ignored) by the State-run media, there’s been a paradigm shift afoot in Washington, the emergence of a lex dementia with occult overtones. It is no longer required that

    Children In The White House

    No, I’m not referring to Malia and Sasha. I’m thinking about the bigger kids running amuck playing “Government”, pretending to know what they’re doing while executing their “cool” plans out

    A Modest Proposal

    In the spirit of Jonathan Swift, here’s an idea. In order to avert the imminent destruction of human civilization by runaway global warming, how about the eco-terrorists, Algorian religionists, Marxists

    BREAKING: Obama To Simplify Tax Code

    The Internal Revenue Service announced today that, under the direction of the Obama Administration, beginning in 2010 filing your income tax return will be dramatically simplified. Gone will be all

    David Ickes’ Lizard Aliens Invade Earth

    Certifiably insane David Ickes, the controversial conspiracy author and lecturer, claims George W. Bush, Queen Elizabeth II, Kris Kristopherson and Boxcar Willie all have something in common: they’re actually scaly

    Obama’s Half-Ass War

    Who could have possibly imagined our half-baked Commander-In-Chief would opt for prosecuting His “necessary” war—the “good” war—in a half-ass fashion? On the domestic front, it’s a pedal-to-the metal, full steam

    Lego™ Legislation

      Madam Speaker has unveiled the latest iteration of Health Care Make-Over legislation. The slightly-creepy Alchemist of San Francisco, along with her apprentices, spent days cloistered in her dungeon behind

    The Worst President Ever?

    The question comes to mind, could Barack Hussein Obama possibly be the worst president in U.S. history? Alas, that distinction will forever remain the exclusive province of Jimmah Cahhtah. But

    The Borlaug Supremacy

    Our world faces the prospect of imminent disaster— by U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon’s calculation we’re doomed in less than four months—due to a menacing, runaway global warming trajectory kicking