The Debt Ceiling – Please Help

    Raise Taxes … Or Else! Somebody help clarify this matter for me. Some Republicans are demanding a balanced budget amendment as a condition for raising the debt limit — why not just vote against the increase? The result would be a future without additional borrowing — hence a balanced budget. How can the left have any demands? The Democrats have no leverage. It is funny | Read More »

    Best Weiner Headlines

    Today, I heard this one… Pelosi Wants Weiner Probe … and I started thinking of all the creative headlines that could have been! How about Right Relishes Weiner’s Pickle Reply with your best one


    Will Internet Regulation rescue the USPS?

    The United States Postal Service is expected to run out of money in 2011. From 2007 to 2010, the USPS lost $20 billion in revenue. Now, the organization is approaching its congressionally imposed total debt ceiling of $15 billion. Our new congress should be hesitant to increase this. Recently, the Postal Regulatory Commission denied a postage rate increase. Increasing rates with further depress volumes, presenting | Read More »

    Extinguishing my Campfires and Other Important Messages from Washington

    I listen to the radio nearly every day — driving to and from work, on errands around town and while walking my dog. I usually am able to tune out the advertising, but lately I’ve noticed an awful lot of public service announcements, presumably funded by taxpayers. Being mindful of the budget deficit and the need to eliminate wasteful spending, I’m surprised by the growing | Read More »

    ShoreBank – Closed or Bailed Out?

    ShoreBank of Chicago’s mission was … ShoreBank invests in people and their communities to create economic equality and a health environment. No kidding – economic equality.  Who in their right mind would invest in a bank with this objective? Whoever did is out of luck and out of money — or are they? This bank was closed yesterday by the FDIC and the assets will be | Read More »

    ObamaCare Tax Credit Myth

    Promoted from the diaries by Caleb. Being somewhat of a libertarian, I wasn’t a supporter of ObamaCare. However, a few months after passage, a postcard arrived which led me to believe there may be a benefit coming to my small firm. The mailing from the Treasury Department touted a generous 35% tax credit to firms with less than 25 full-time employees averaging less than $50K | Read More »


    AstroTurf: Earn $600 / Week Building support for health care reform

    The pot is calling the kettle black — meanwhile this ad, and many like it, are posted on craigslist…  Fight the Status Quo! $400-$600 Per Week (Minneapolis, MN) Date: 2009-07-27, 12:12PM CDT Reply to: see below You can help leading organizations win historic changes on issues that you care about and that are important to America. Build support for health care reform with U.S. PIRG. Mobilize | Read More »

    Top 1% Pay > 40% of Federal Income Taxes

    New data says the top 1 percent of taxpayers paid 40.42 percent of total federal income taxes in 2007 according to a story printed in the NYT on Thursday. This group now pays more federal income tax than the bottom 95 percent of earners. It also reports that fewer and fewer taxpayers are paying an increasing share of taxes than ever before. Article Link Here | Read More »

    Outrageous WWF Ad

    Saw this television Ad yesterday during the golf tournament. Incredible and unbelievable. I thought it was a parody at first. Full of lies — kind of reminds me of the Kerry/Edwards claim that Chris Reeve would be walking today if Kerry was elected.

    First He Insults Nancy Reagan…

    Right out of the gate, Brocko Bama gives political correctness the kibosh! He makes fun of Nancy Reagan and then phones her to apologize. The he compares himself to my dog! ‘Our preference is to get a shelter dog, but most shelter dogs are mutts like me.’ My dog is still waiting by the phone for a call from Chicago. I’ll let you know what | Read More »