Keeping Track of the Rule: Followup

    On Tuesday, Erick warned that, despite the fact that many representatives would be voting against the final debt ceiling bill, many would be voting to allow other representatives to do so. In short, they could essentially vote to raise the debt ceiling while claiming that they did everything in their power to stop it. Since it takes a 2/3 majority to even consider a debt bill | Read More »

    Maliki Endorses Obama’s Iraq Timeframe*

    As a Redstate resident liberal, constant reader, occasional commenter, and very rare poster (I think this is my third post in a year), I am much more given to sit back and read than to lay out my own opinion. A story that I read this morning, however, was too thought provoking to pass up: Maliki has officially endorsed Obama’s 16-month Iraq withdrawal plan. Here’s | Read More »