Craig is the Senior Vice President of Advocacy & Public policy for Prison Fellowship and is the former Speaker of the House in Michigan. Craig is the author of the memoir "Highly Functional: A Collision Of Addiction Justice And Grace" that chronicles his life in addiction and recovery.


    FCC Ends Phone Rate Gouging of Prisoners’ Families

    Somewhere in the logic of sending people to prison, we lost the core principle that time behind bars should be spent dissuading the prisoner from committing new crimes and helping him make restitution to his victim and society. We veered from a justice system that put people in prison to pay their dues and learn their lesson to one in which our treatment of prisoners | Read More »

    Conservative Revolution Anyone?

    Conservative Revolution Anyone? “New Challenges, Timeless Principles.”  That was the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference slogan.  Well, conservatives are at a crossroads.  Bold voices are calling for a timeless conservative principle–personal responsibility–to be applied to a new system. After the1994 “Republican Revolution” conservatives successfully united and pushed the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act to President Clinton’s desk, where it was signed into law.  | Read More »

    Stand with Rand: Principles Above Partisanship

    “This government is totally out of control,” Senator Rand Paul told the crowds at the Conservative Political Action Conference earlier this month.  This is a common sentiment among conservatives. What is uncommon about Senator Rand Paul, however, is he consistently leads with conservative principles above partisanship.  This is true even when his principled positions produce strange bedfellows.   Paul’s commitment to limited government, personal liberty, and | Read More »