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I am running for Office in North Portland - Oregon. My opponent is the leader of the Democrats here. Victory would mean Oregon turns Red for a good while!


    Ted Cruz: Oregon Team

    Ted Cruz: Oregon Team

    Lot’s of speculation is going on about the Indiana, Oregon, and New Mexico deal. I, a voice from Oregon, plan to deal with it. I was formerly set as the Multnomah County Captain (Volunteer) for the Ted Cruz campaign. Multnomah County is the most heavily populated and has a number of cities, the two biggest being Portland and Gresham. Ted Cruz had started setting up | Read More »

    Ted Cruz has won the nomination *Detailed Analysis*

    I have been called upon to demonstrate how I get that there is a less than 1% chance of Trump winning the nomination. Steve Deace said I was either “Mad Smart or just Mad“. Others are confused at some of the terms used, some of the results. This will be the clearest document yet and will prove my crazy mad smart efforts. This is by | Read More »

    New York never mattered, Ted Cruz won the Presidency

    New York never mattered, Ted Cruz won the Presidency

    The current real numbers are just fine, Trump was expected to win New York, optimistic news I had received not with standing. Yes Trump got 90 delegates. Yes he did well. Yes Kasich got 5 delegates, his first in how long? Yes yes and yes. And No I am not even bothered.  Real Numbers: Cruz 696 Delegates to Trumps 815 Delegates.    Whats left now? | Read More »

    Kelli Ward is supported by Roger Stone (evidence)

    Kelli Ward is not a conservative hero after all Yesterday I accidentally found out, while researching candidates for US Senate, that we have a problem located in one campaign. I was doing entry level Opposition Research when I came across a tweet. In this election there is no one more toxic than Roger Stone. Digging I found no post, no tweet reply, nothing to indicate | Read More »

    The actual Delegate Count, in a full breakdown

    There is a lot of talk about the real delegate counts after a few different sources published various counts, there is also a lot of people wondering about how many delegates are pledged in what I call “The Heart” for various candidates. Finally some of the Trump team are already trying to talk about how Ted Cruz is supposedly locked out numerically and are trying | Read More »

    How Ted Cruz has won the Nomination

    How Ted Cruz has won the Nomination

    Earlier I had a different Note, and different stuff written. Now I can tell you that Ted Cruz is the winner, I can prove it for most people. Yes read it again, Ted Cruz has won the nomination. Trump is letting people go as we all know. Florida, Ohio, and other battleground States have seen most positions slashed. Staff in his Headquarters have been let | Read More »

    The Trump veterans fund is used suspiciously

    It starts with an anonymous source, there is a story to be told. The details were intriguing, so I pursued it. Who knew I could shake the foundation of many large persons. It starts with a lady named Becky Beach. It started with the funds Trump raised for veterans and distributed to her (link), which is innocent enough. But a look into her organization yields | Read More »

    The Wisconsin Primary in detail.

    What does a mathematician do when he is woken up at night? Checks some polls. So true I have no life. I checked how Wisconsin looks and I saw some funny business going on. I also saw some laughable stuff and finally excellent news for us who support Ted Cruz. First we need to show everyone how bad the Optimus poll was. This was a | Read More »

    A mathematical Analysis of the Election

    There is a change coming. It is in the winds, it is in the water, it is making noise and coming our way. That is the result of this series of mathematical proofs I have done. Some of this change is scary, some of it is awesome. You be the judge, I provide the numbers. OPEN PRIMARIES Open Primaries still tend to be the bane | Read More »

    Ted Cruz surge is identified, will win election, Republican Polls

    Ted Cruz has been dominating the polls recently. Every time the polls say he is going to perform X, he outdoes them with two minor exceptions. As seen in the graphic above Ted Cruz has been outdoing the Republican Polls by 15% or higher on average. In two cases we could not identify how much higher because of lack of Polls, these are Hawaii and | Read More »