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I am running for Office in North Portland - Oregon. My opponent is the leader of the Democrats here. Victory would mean Oregon turns Red for a good while!


    Seeking Carbon Energy Stats

    I have recently tried to relocate my sources on a number of energy sources, coal, oil, natural gas, etc.   However the USGS site seems to be hiding any summaries that do not include proven reserves and what not, and the IEA is definitely playing games.   I was wondering if any here have a reliable source of data regarding current oil/nat gas/coal resources including | Read More »

    The GMO food scare craze.

    This is one of my pet peeves. This makes me frustrated that we fall for the tricks of the left that use fear to generate votes. The World has been eating GMO food technically for millennium. In context of the current scare we have for several decades. So what does this mean? It means that hundreds of millions to several billion people have eaten GMO | Read More »

    My disagreement with libertarians about Marijuana

    Cross posted from one of my other sites where a bunch of libertarians are acting all huffy and puffy about my disagreement about pot, Ron Paul, and the likes. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I am giving my counter argument to legalization and I am giving my endorsement to the war on drugs. Libertarians decry any sort of law stopping drug use, or in some cases they will relent | Read More »

    A Conservative Plan

    I am here today to aim people like a weapon and get them prepared. This is for our 2014 elections and to get you involved as good as I can. This is a series of tips, methods, and duties we all should think on. 1) Find a politician you believe in. Look I was not a Romney fan, I admit this openly. I liked Herman | Read More »

    I call upon all of Red State to help!

    I call upon all of Red State help this one initiative of mine. I want to end smoking of cigarettes in a peaceful manner. I include chewing tobacco in this effort but will not (personally) take on cigars or pipe tobacco. Politicians target cigarettes often but their efforts are mostly show. They might increase taxes which then results in increased smuggling and tax evasion, they | Read More »

    Obamacare needs to meet its Brutus.

    Obamacare is an utter disaster and if not shutdown/repealed will cost the Democrats severely in the next two elections. Now then to summarize the proofs of problems: Too expensive, makes healthcare unattainable for to many, reduces safety, has been corrupted from the Administrations efforts, is politicized severely, and is making too many errors. So how expensive is it? There is Obama’s show of costs, using | Read More »

    Libertarians our allies? You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

    I have a bone to pick with the idea that Libertarians are our allies. At best they are fickle allies and at worst they are our enemy. Even the Libertarians see us at best as something to co-opt for their power and at worst as a blot on the world needing to be wiped out. We are not Libertarians, they are not us. If a | Read More »

    How to guarantee a Presidential Primary Win

    Read the whole thing Winning the Primary is actually fairly easy. Few realize it but that is the way of it. People call it insider politics and they are not far off. It is devilishly easy and will work most of the time. It of course requires a little cheating which is why Conservatives almost always come last. The first step is easy enough, you | Read More »

    Tell them my reply is “nuts”.

    The Democrats feel like they will keep ObamaCare or if it does fail that they can get single payer. Some Republicans are willing entirely to retreat before this issue. The level of retreat goes from defund to delay. Then there are those who will not falter, though we get little aid. Often we are attacked but we stay resolute. WE WILL NOT SURRENDER THIS LINE! | Read More »

    A Republican Response to Newt and others on HealthCare

    There are many, including Newt Gingrich who say Republicans have no plan to replace or stop ObamaCare. Well I may be only a very low level Republican but I have a plan I can recite whenever asked, one that works on Free Market principles as well. This plan is broken into four parts. Yes there is Government intrusion and ‘mandates’ but this is an alternative | Read More »