All California Will Get With Higher Cigarette Taxes is More Crime

    Rumors are once again rumbling in the cash-starved, big spenders in California’s legislature to raise tobacco taxes. But does this work? History says that not only does the tax hike rarely bring in more money to the state the hike also causes more crime as criminals move in with black market good s at cheaper prices. Once again the denizens of Sacramento are looking to | Read More »

    Is the Bank of America Serving Lawsuits, Not Customers?

    If the banking industry had a “biggest losers” award, Bank of America Corp. (B of A) would win – and that’s not a good thing. B of A comes by its image problem honestly, and this may be the only way that “honesty” and “Bank of America” can be paired in a sentence without prompting laughter from bystanders. The company’s sins have been widely reported. | Read More »

    The Democracy Alliance: Soros-Linked Liberal Super Group & Its Secret Funding of Democrats

    The Washington Free Beacon has undertaken a series of reports that are important for anyone interested in a follow-the-money investigation of one of the biggest influences on today’s Democrat Party. This is a hard-core group of far left extremists holding the Democrats purse strings and is called the Democracy Alliance. It is a George Soros-sponsored group and it ain’t your father’s Democrat Party, for sure. | Read More »

    The Troubles at the Pacific Research Institute

    Note from Erick: Having received a call from the Chairman of the Board of PRI, I have investigated this matter and find that the allegations here and in the original reporting on PRI really are not true. In fact, what I’ve discovered from talking to people within the State Policy Network and PRI is that the firm alleged to be placing Sally’s work at great | Read More »

    Is Lance Armstong Living Strong or Hiding Scared?

    Lance Armstrong’s life, like his cycling races, has been filled with many twists and turns. Most recently the seven time Tour de France winner avoided federal charges over alleged doping. But the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency is continuing its investigation: maybe another curve awaits (Bill Gifford, “It’s Not About the Lab Rats,” Outside Magazine, 1/8/11). Armstrong’s story has been repeated so often that it has become | Read More »

    Boondoggle Projects Threaten California with Third World Status

    -By Martha Montelongo Gov. Jerry Brown has an interesting definition of “third world.” In an interview with a San Francisco radio station last week, Brown said California would become “a Third World country” unless the state builds a ghastly $100 billion high-speed rail line that’s been fraught with mismanagement, cost overruns and shaky ridership projections. It’s an odd claim, considering many third-world nations are characterized | Read More »

    Yes Virginia The Internet Does NOT Replace Old Fashioned Politics

    When Howard Dean became a surprise front runner in the Democrat primary of 2004 doing so on the basis of a strong Internet-based campaign effort, tongues began to wag that the Internet might replace old fashioned retail politics. This time ’round Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich served to get people to question the old way of organizing a campaign. But this week we’ve seen in | Read More »

    Fiddling While California Burns

    This week there is even more evidence that the ruinous taxation and out-of-control spending of California politicians and the state’s big spending lobbyists have pushed the Golden State over the edge. Today, the state announced massive cuts to essential services like schools and police. About $980 million will be slashed from the budget, with K-12 education and law enforcement bearing some of the biggest cuts. | Read More »

    California Ballot Boondoggle Sends Tax Dollars Out of State

    Despite all the talk of fixing it, California’s budget is still a mess. One of those “fixes” was implemented last summer when the state Legislature increased revenue projections by $4 billion to avoid balancing the budget. Of course, the problem with using such “phantom money” is that it often has a habit of disappearing when you need it most. And it has disappeared just when | Read More »

    California Drowning in Budget Waste and Abuse

    Think you came up a bit short trick-or-treating this year? It’s nothing compared to California, whose revenues in October came in $800 million below projections. Overall, California is about $1.5 billion in the red for the current fiscal year, which may trigger some nasty cuts to schools and public safety if revenues don’t start pouring in soon. Of course, California didn’t get into these dire | Read More »