He knows he can do the best for us on the back of a horse. He's a guerrilla fighter. He figures he can carry the fight to the enemy.


    Is Barack Obama’s drinking “problem” hereditary?

    The president was told by his doctors to “moderate” his alcohol intake.  This doesn’t mean Obama is an alcoholic but a glimpse at his father’s past should set off warming signals. From Wikipedia : The decline began after Tom Mboya’s assassination in 1969. Obama Sr. was fired from his job by Jomo Kenyatta, was blacklisted in Kenya, and began to drink . He had a | Read More »

    Obama offers “up the oldest Washington stunt in the book”

    Hussein the Usurper is, in his own words, offering “up the oldest Washington stunt in the book”, by creating his blue ribbon panel to analyze the country’s deficit problem. In September of 2008, then Illinois senator, Barack Hussein Obama, attacked John McCain for creating a commission to study the nation’s debt. Here are Hussein the Usurper’s own words: Just today, Senator McCain offered up the | Read More »

    Good Patrick Henry

    A friend of mine introduced me to the Mike Church show. Church is a conservative republican with a radio show on Sirrus and XM radio. He produces excellent parody and original pieces of work set to contemporary music. Below is a video he create called Good Patrick Henry. The video is based on the speech Henry gave in 1775 at Saint John’s Church in Richmond | Read More »

    Same old liberal play book

    You can make book on it, every time there is an election, the ministry of propaganda will exclaim how stupid the non-Marxist candidate is and how brilliant the Marxist is. The Massachusetts special, senatorial election is no exception.  Writing today at, former Boston Globe columnist, Brian McGrory tells his readers: Scott Brown may not share the political values of most of the state and | Read More »

    Anthony Kennedy may decide the fate of ObamaCare, America, Liberty

    Regardless of the outcome of Tuesday’s special, senatorial, election in Massachusetts, Hussein the Usurper will have his ObamaCare bill. Whether it is by super majority, reconciliation, or executive order, the current occupant of the White House will attempt to subjugate America with the shackles of international Marxism. Elections have consequences and such is the price America will pay for electing the most nefarious Fifth columnist | Read More »

    A holiday in Virginia

    On the Friday before Martin Luther King Jr Day, the Commonwealth of Virginia celebrates the memories of two of its greatest heroes, General Robert Edward Lee and General Thomas Jonathan Jackson. Today, Friday January 15th, 2010 is Lee-Jackson day. Generals Lee and Jackson were not only great men and generals in the history of the Old Dominion, they are considered two of the finest generals | Read More »

    Perhaps its time to look at the Swiss?

    My interest in Switzerland was spurred around 7 years ago after reading a book, The Seven Myths of Gun Control.   The author argued that America was originally founded on the republican form of Swiss governance. My how we have strayed from the Swiss, and original American model. Additionally, I have always admired Switzerland’s unwavering foreign policy of not meddling in foreign entanglements and until recently, | Read More »

    Stimulus funds at work in Detroit

    Thousands of Detroiters lined up Tuesday, outside Detroit City Halls, to apply for a share of federal, economic, “stimulus” funds. $15 million dollars was taken from taxpayers and given to the City of Detroit to battle homelessness. There were so many people in line that they ran out of applications. Here are the guidelines for eligibility from ClickOnDetroit dot com: Application Guidelines To qualify, a | Read More »

    Obama “boycotts” Dalai Lama

    Barack Hussein Obama has become the first president to boycott the Dalai Lama since he began visiting the nation’s capital in 1991. Interestingly, Obama’s boycott comes a little over a year after he, and now secretary of state and then democrat party opponent Hillary Clinton, called on president George W. Bush to boycott the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony. That was then and this is now. | Read More »

    Greedy Capitalists?

    Jada Harper, a seven year old girl from Green Forest, Arkansas, was diagnosed in June with a malignant brain tumor.  The tumor is a brain-stem glioma and is inoperable. In July, Jada was taken to the world renown M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.  She was given chemotherapy and radiation which began to shrink the tumor but the little girl was given only 18 months | Read More »


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