My name is David Crocker. I earn my living as an Attorney and British Solicitor, carrying on an international practice in the areas of Information Technology, Licensing, Intellectual Property and Business law. In my education and practice I've had a chance to see a good deal of the world. I live and work in Portland, Maine. I am a graduate of Gordon College, Durham University (UK) and the University of Maine School of Law. I am formally educated in theology and law. My intellectual interests are wide-ranging, but I've always been fascinated by history - classical, US, military, political - but especially the history of ideas. I am politically active. I've been known to be fierce in debate. I learned to love rhetoric beginning in school and extending to my years at Durham University, where I became a life member of the Durham Union Society. I am a native of Maine and come from a long, long line of Mainers. In no particular order, my down time after family and church matters is taken up with reading, hiking, hunting and the outdoors, trapshooting and the shotgun sports. Modesty prevents me from discussing my great humanitarianism. I can safely tell you, however, that my late cat seemed to like me. I love a great conversation, coupled with good food, high quality alcohol and a fine cigar. Among my other activities, I'm state chair to the new Taxpayer Bill of Rights Campaign (TABOR) ( . We got 46% of the vote in 2006 and we're going to win this time - but we need all the help we can get to do it. I'm also the founder of the Behind Blue Lines blog (