Benjamin Netanyahu for President!

          It is striking (I say ‘striking’ in lieu of ‘devastating’) the contrast between a true world leader and another… well… not so much. All through Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to the joint congress I couldn’t help thinking, “So this is what our nation has been missing?” After years of yammering, double talk, lying, and occasional truth speaking we wish were not true (sky-rocketing energy | Read More »

    555 People and Taxes

    I received this in an email. I positively hate “send-this-to-everyone-in-your-contact-list” emails but I thought it was an succinct summation of what has happened to America and continues to this day. The only question is, How do we fix it? Charley Reese is retiring. Below here is a copy of his last column.  I know many will miss this southern gentleman. He had a great run and we | Read More »