A Solution To The Problems

    The way I see it, there are two big things that could rip the Republican party apart: 1) Trump wins the nomination 2) The Senate confirms any Obama nominee to the Supreme Court Either, or both, sends a base into an angry spiral and they either stay home in November or they start voting for candidates outside the major parties. For myself, I could never | Read More »

    Proof of Evolution

    Thanks to Obama’s failed attempt to invite himself to Congress at a time of his choosing, we have been provided with pretty clear proof that evolution exists. Oh, not the Darwinian kind. Not the kind that can turn squirrels into bats – or was it bats into squirrels? I can never keep that straight. No, this is patriotic evoloution. Just two years ago, the apex | Read More »

    Fair Trial/First Class Hanging

    That line is from one of the great modern Western’s – Silverado. Spoken by Brian Dennehy’s character (Marshal Cobb) to Danny Glover’s. That was just one of many great lines. My personal favorite being John Cleese: “Today, my jurisdiction ends here.”