OK, it’s AFTER the election!

    NOW, can we PLEASE discuss a third party? I have given up on the GOP even being reformable! John “never met a fight I wouldn’t run from” Boehner is all ready to make nice with Obama and work with him to back us away from the “fiscal cliff” that we wouldn’t be on the verge of if they had stood their ground when the tyrant | Read More »

    Voter Fraud, maybe foreign observers INSIDE the polls wouldn’t be so bad!

    So far, there have been reports from Kansas and Ohio 1) 2) 3) as well as North Carolina 4) and Virginia 5) as well as Pennsylvania and even Texas 6) Nevada, and Maryland 7) need I point out that in a nation of 50 States, this list represents over 10%? There are numerous explainations that have been offered, the most | Read More »

    An Alternative to Impeachment THIS is good news! It means that anyone found complicit in Fast and Furious can now be determined to be an accessory to this crime, without the case the accessory charge is based upon being thrown out or acquitted. As a bit of background, i read a story about a young man in Florida, who’s sitting on death row, for nothing more that loaning | Read More »

    A Difficult Situation.

    This year, as in any election year, there is much being said about abortion. I was adopted at birth in Corpus Christi, Texas, and if abortion were as prevalent in 1959 as it is today, I would probably not be here to write this. That being said, we have to determine whether we are a nation of laws, or a nation of ‘feel good’ legislation. | Read More »