A 59% pro-abortion turnout? I don’t think so!

    I’ve seen this posted several places in the wake of tonight’s devastating defeat: that the exit polls show that the 2012 electorate was profoundly pro-abortion: “Today’s voters self-identified as pro-abortion, by TWENTY THREE POINTS, 59-36″. Well, not really. Remember that the exit poll methodology changed drastically this year: they only polled in 31 states. Of the 19 states (plus D.C.) that were dropped, there were | Read More »

    Presidency 5: Eyewitness Account

    Having become a Precinct Committeeman last fall (after being guilted into it by ColdWarrior’s constant posts), I first heard of this “Presidency 5″ thing a few months ago.  Since it was in nearby Orlando, and I could save money by staying with family, I put my name in the hat.  You see, voting delegates are apportioned by county population to each Republican Party county organization, | Read More »

    A tale of two Senators

    On this, the day of Senator Arlen Specter’s return to his natural home, I want to share my experience with the honorable Senator from Pennsylvania. I was a wee tyke (ok, high school) in the mid-80’s and was a member of the Model Student Senate. As befits budding politicians, we took a junket to D.C. Amongst our action-packed fact-finding visits to the Smithsonian, the various | Read More »

    Tea Party (Melbourne, FL)

    I went to my first protest today, in front of City Hall. It was a fairly good turnout, especially for a sleepy central Florida town during a weekday lunch hour — folks lined both sides of the street, three or four deep, for about three blocks.  The local left-leaning fishwrap reported the attendance at 400–500 here. There were no speakers and no organized program; the | Read More »