Americans Are So Forgetful

    “Why must everything that happens be interpreted through a filter, or viewed through a lens, of presumed political intent?” The ‘JFK Act of 1992′ required all government agencies to search for any and all records in their possession concerning the assassination and put them in the National Archives. Once these records were released to the public, what we got were hundreds of pages of blacked | Read More »

    Evidence of Bin Laden’s Death Disposed of At Sea

    After a decade of hiding in caves, a mentally deficient Osama Bin Laden must have been readying himself emotionally for years. Imagine what it must’ve been like, lying awake at night, having frequent hallucinations, and being haunted by visions of the man attacking him with Predator Drones. Apparently it was too much for Bin Laden to reconcile, so he left the safety of his hole | Read More »

    America Has Lost a Battle,But Not the War

    You can always tell when Obama suffers a diplomatic failure when the media diverts its attention to Michelle. In Brazil President Obama was welcomed like the long lost Uncle who held the keys to the family fortune. And Obama turned that key, and guaranteed Petrobras a $2 billion dollar loan for offshore oil exploration. While here at home the defacto offshore drilling moratorium remains firmly | Read More »

    Big Brother is Watching

     The recent email photo portraying the Obama family portrait as chimps has created much fanfare and garnished much media attention, but the underlying message, ‘Big Brother is Watching’, has been totally lost in the translation.    “What planet have I landed on? Did I slip through a wormhole in the middle of the night and this looks like America? It’s like the damn Planet of the | Read More »

    Operation Odyssey Dawn:Wake-up Call

    There are certain risk factors for peer pressure, personality traits that make you more prone to give in to pressure. The traits that put you at higher risk for falling in to the peer pressure trap include: •low self esteem •lack of confidence •uncertainty about ones place within a given peer group •no personal interests exclusive of one’s peer group •feeling isolated from peers and/or | Read More »

    Cool Phones? Is Big Brother Watching?

    So Barack Obama, America’s first scope-limited, time-limited, kinetic president hits the fundraising trail once again. Today in Chicago.  “Where are the cool phones?” He asked. “Well, they’re being passed out like Halloween candy,” would be my response.  The Lifeline Assistance Program, oringinally created in 1984, was created to ensure ‘landline’ phone accessability to rural and poor communities. As the years have passed, technologies have improved | Read More »

    Dems Drunk With Power,House Budget Vote 4/15/2011

    While our  liberal friends around the web  celebrate about nothing, the Paul Ryan Budget Bill has passed the House by a vote of 235-193. Also on the floor Friday 04/15/2011, were a handful of substitute budgets submitted by other groups within the House. The chamber rejected proposals from the Congressional Black Caucus, The Progressive Caucus, the Democratic House leadership and the Republican Study Committee. The CBC Budget proposal | Read More »

    Anatomy of a ‘Monster’

     First off, I should inform you that I am neither pro-choice or pro-life…….I am pro-abortion and am totally infactuated with modern techniques; we’ve come a long way since the good ol’ coat-hanger. Are you aware that 1 out of 3 abortions in America are performed by Planned Parenthood? First in the drug induced abortion. After a would be Mom misses her second period, there’s a | Read More »

    “It Was Bush! It Was Bush! It Was Anybody Except Me!”

    Cliche, cliche, cliche…..Just like that song says; Tax the rich, feed the poor, until they are, rich no more…………..”It was Bush! It was Bush! It was anybody except me!” Fine, I could say Obama is innocent, but……………. Whenever Obama uses the word invest, isn’t he is talking about spending? As in,”we must invest in winning the future.” Ah, gee wizz, how much does it cost | Read More »