I am a lawyer, former district attorney and judge, known for being a gun rights aficionado and right of center political activist. First elected in 1996 as a Republican DA in a solid Democrat county, I am now involved in litigation over gun rights and technology applications in legal presentations.


    John McCain the Hypocrite

    John McCain never lets an opportunity go by to denigrate, belittle or ostracize anyone who doesn’t believe in his lukewarm vision of conservatism.

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    Planned Parenthood Knows Babies Are Priceless

    Babies are priceless. Even the CEO of Planned Parenthood knows that. Her own math tells her that she must admit that which she denies.

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    VA is a disaster, and we are partly to blame.

    “But if we were in charge, things would be different.” I want it to be so, but with the current anti-liberty crowd, it’s just not the case. Republicans don’t advocate for liberty enough, but they sure as heck advocate for votes. Pandering by both sides is at an all time high, yet our Founding Fathers warned us repeatedly about expecting the government to be the | Read More »

    The Special Ones in Georgia (Part Two)

    The Special Ones, Part 2. Last week I did a column on “The Special Ones” wherein I contended that 5% of you Georgians are special because you passed the moral fitness test to get a GWCL. It’s pretty good to be part of the 5%, right? But did you know that there’s an even more select group? The Georgia Legislature has, over the years, carved | Read More »

    We Have Dead White Kids Too

    Must we have a dead white kid? My friend Erick Erickson asked that question today in light of the turmoil going on in Ferguson, MO ( Good question. Easy answer: We have dead white kids too. In Eurahlee, GA, on the evening of Feb. 14, 2014, a Eurahlee police officer knocked on the door. Officer Beth Gatny had in her hand an arrest warrant for | Read More »

    Zero Tolerance Is A Disease

    More to the story on the Nerf “Gun” incident in Houston County, Georgia, which put us in the national spotlight?  Maybe. To be fair, which I try to do, the BOE may have their hands tied by student confidentiality. And maybe it wasn’t a gun issue, but a “you know better than that” issue. And maybe they got thrown under the bus by the family | Read More »

    Georgia Guns Everywhere?

    The Georgia Safe Carry Protection Act (HB60), called “Guns Everywhere” by its detractors, has created a bit of confusion in the general public, so I thought I’d go over some points very briefly that you can tack on your refrigerator as a daily reminder of how safe, or unsafe, Georgia remains after HB60’s passage. I get asked lots of questions: 1. “Does everyone need a weapons | Read More »

    Why Can’t Starbucks Support Liberty?

    Why is the concept of liberty so hard to understand? Starbucks makes a mint ($481 million in 2013) on sales of $3.8 billion for coffee and danish. That is as American as it gets when you can make a huge business off of something that you drink at home for pennies. Alas, Starbucks is missing that vital ingredient in their business model and their coffee | Read More »

    A Good Man Goes Down. But Change Is Good.

    “[I]f we can but prevent the government from wasting the labours of the people, under the pretence of taking care of them, they must become happy.” Thomas Jefferson (1802). Being an astute political analyst with a long history of being right about political races 50% of the time, I have some thoughts on the recent GOP primary for Georgia’s U.S. Senator. Congress is awful. The | Read More »

    The Special Ones in GA (Part One)

    Georgia’s Legislature gives special privileges to certain folks when it comes to carrying a weapon. While most of you are ineligible to carry a “weapon” (handgun or knife with blade greater than 5″), some of you have taken the time and trouble to get a Georgia Weapons Carry License at the probate court so that you can carry a handgun outside of your home, business | Read More »