From an underground bunker in the Midwest..... I am a retired engineer with a wife and two daughters. I will volunteer my name from time to time but now here. I am alarmed to see my government descending into a thug state, where elite statists tell us how to live and whether we can keep any of our money or not. I believe and honor the Constitution of the United States and swear to uphold it even while those in Washington do not. My heroes are; Ayn Rand, Ronald Reagan, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Thomas Madison, Winston Churchill, Beethoven, John Wayne, my father, and Walt Disney.


    Claire de Loon

    Just found out our individual policy cannot be continued due to Obamacare. The cheapest replacement policy is 120% higher. An equivalent policy is more than 200% higher. We won’t buy

    Chief Liar, Thug, and Extortionist

    The President is out rounding up the usual suspects, those evil Republicans and that source of Democrat athlete’s foot itch, Fox News.  His recent “offensive” contained the feeble statement that,

    Dear Senator

    I sent the following to Senator McCaskill this morning, for what it’s worth:   I usually find it pointless to write to you since you don’t listen to your constituents. 

    Time for a Name Change

    Last week’s Democrat Convention may have been enjoyed by haters, radical abortionists, or masochists, but it demonstrated the failure of the party to live up to its name, especially with


    Often in the days when I worked overseas, my only source of news was CNN International.  Two memories stick in my mind.  In the first, a CNN reporter was in


    These are discouraging times, more than three years of abuse of power, disregard for the rule of law and the Constitution, and disdain for the rights of the states and

    Refuting the BS

    The following appeared at March 31st.  I am posting it here because I think it is a good strike down to some of Obama’s favorite lines.   THE VALUES

    A Letter to McCaskill

    Ma’am I have noticed your recent campaign ads on the St. Louis TV stations, those evil Republicans who want to take away granny’s medicare, and those evil multimillionaires and oil

    An Open Letter to Rush Limbaugh

    Dear Rush, I was very disappointed to hear of your apology to “Ms” Fluke.  She doesn’t deserve it!  The word you used describes her behavior exactly .  Of course, we

    Moonbeams and Dark Spots

    Dawn on November 3rd, 2010 brought a blazing sunrise.  I haven’t felt this good in years.  The rising sun has sent many arrogant politicians packing for a much-deserved retirement.  The