Young exuberance

    Anyone that has not read the recent article from by Laura Hollis needs to do so. Young hearts and minds are hyped up for Obama but do they know what he is really offering? I explained Obama’s positions to my teenager this way. I said in a couple of years you will be able to move out on your own and you would have | Read More »

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    What Children Learn About Lying

    *If you are like me, than you were raised to believe that lying is wrong!*Not only is it harmful to others but it is harmful to you. A small lie takes on a life of it’s own and it becomes increasingly difficult to hide the original deceit. Thus a small lie is hidden behind more and more lies in a never ending web that requires | Read More »

    Invasion of Privacy

    Invasion of Privacy The criminal hackers got in, than posted the password info on a public liberal forum hoping to quickly cause maximum damage. Most know by now this has happenedbut here is a link to Women for Sarah Palin that covers the story. I hear how we need to come together as a country all the time. How can we with people acting like | Read More »

    The Bush Brush

    Charlie Gibson tried it in each interview. Maureen Dowd did with her recent comments in the NYT Like W., Sarah has the power of positive unthinking. In fact it is difficult not to read or listen to the usual suspects formally known as the mainstream media without hearing or reading of the attempt to link her with “Bush thinking” or as they refer to it | Read More »

    Obama Job Shopping/Europe

    *Introduction of Obama letter to Europe* Dear Europeans, I have recently learned of your extremely informed opinion that one Mr. Barack H. Obama enjoys your overwhelming support over ‘there’.*Mr. Obama is very lucky indeed to have your endorsement.* As you might have heard Mr. Obama is extremely intelligent and ranks as our best known community organizer. Mr. Obama has attended the Harvard Law School and | Read More »

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    Capping Progress,Trading Away Freedom and Liberty

    In October 2007 Former Vice President Al Gore received 1/2 of the Nobel Peace Prize. This wasshared by the UN agency created to advance the idea of man-made climate change the IPCC.Here is the wording attributed to this prize “for their efforts to build up and disseminate greater knowledge about man-made climate change, and to lay the foundations for the measures that are needed to | Read More »

    People know a pearl when they see one

    Wow! What a difference a week makes. The RNC has not yet concluded but the final day has a hard act to follow. Michael Steele, Mitt Romney,Linda Lingal, even Huckabee whipped the crowd into a frenzy,Rudy Gulliani ripped Obama to pieces, and had it ended there it would have been satisfying for me.Governor Lingal gave a more detailed glimpse into the accomplishments and experience of | Read More »

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