Elect Trump? All You Have to Do Is Follow the Worms

    On the second disc of Pink Floyd’s The Wall, there’s a song called Waiting for the Worms. At this point in the overarching narrative of the album, Pink, the album’s primary agonist, has become so shut off, deluded, and delirious from drug use that he’s re-imagined himself as the leader of a fascist regime called the Worms. I’ve posted a link to the song. The | Read More »

    Europe has better pro-life abortion laws than the US.

    I wasn’t expecting ever to write that headline, but I find it to be true. Here are a few examples. Germany: In Germany, abortion’s legality and the ability to obtain it depends largely on how far along into the pregnancy the woman seeking an abortion is. The abortion rate is 6.1 abortions per 1000 women. During the First Trimester: It is on demand, but requires | Read More »

    Carson shows off his Foreign Policy “skills”

    Last night, Megyn Kelly held a town hall event for all of the remaining Republican presidential candidates save Donald Trump, who had a prior engagement. During one exchange, Dr. Ben Carson addressed concerns that his foreign policy skills were shallow. He argued that he had studied the issues quite deeply, and he insisted that if anyone doubted his foreign policy acumen, that person should just | Read More »

    Why Cruz and Rubio keep their powder dry.

    There’s a scene in the movie Gladiator in which Senator Felix advises Commodus, played by Joaquin Phoenix, on how to trap the Emperor’s enemies. Felix tells the Emperor, “I have been told of a certain sea snake which has a very unusual method of attracting its prey. It will lie at the bottom of the ocean as if wounded. Then its enemies will approach, and | Read More »

    Thoughts on the South Carolina Debate

    While the details are fresh in my mind, let’s get to it. Moderators: In sum, I thought the moderators were. . .okay. Major Garrett and Kimberly Strassel both asked good, pointed questions and tried to follow up with folks who refused to answer. They should have moderated the entire debate. John Dickerson, meanwhile, was fidgety and injected himself into the debate several times. I liked | Read More »

    On women registering for selective service

    At the New Hampshire debate, the moderators asked a few of the candidates on stage about women registering for selective service. My memory’s fuzzy now, but I believe Sen Rubio and Govs Bush and Christie responded to the question. They argued that if the military has opened all or most combat roles to women, then women should be required to register for selective service. The | Read More »

    New Hampshire Debate Thoughts

    Let’s get right to it. Moderators: The questions were a bit scatter-brained. We did foreign policy, and then we asked other questions, and then without any transition, we went back to foreign policy several times. I’m not sure whether this was sloppy or intentionally done to throw candidates off balance. Also, they were a bit clumsy at getting the candidates on stage in order, which | Read More »

    Thoughts on the New Hampshire Primary

    Leaving the Iowa Caucus behind, Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio clearly have momentum and excitement headed into the New Hampshire Primary taking place next Tuesday. In most of the latest polling, Donald Trump still leads by roughly twenty points. He will probably win on Tuesday, barring a complete implosion of support over the next five days. I’m not holding my breath. Tuesday, then, will | Read More »

    Iowa Debate Reaction

    Last night, all but one Republican candidate gathered for a final debate before the Iowa caucus. I’ve watched all of the debates so far this cycle, as I routinely do; I admit, therefore, that my perspective will probably differ from the average voter’s, who either hasn’t tuned in yet or is only just now, maybe, possibly starting to pay attention. I did not, however, watch | Read More »

    Our Troops are Not Campaign Props

    Much ink has been spilled about Mr. Trump’s decision to skip tomorrow night’s Fox News debate, and so I won’t focus on his decision much here. I will, however, focus on what he has decided to do instead of attend the debate. His official release says that he will attend an event to “raise money for Veterans and Wounded Warriors.” I already see several young | Read More »