An Open Letter to Gov. Perry

    Dear Governor Perry, As you proceed from New Hampshire to visit the state of South Carolina and beyond, there will be increasing calls for you to drop out of the presidential election. As a resident of Georgia, I can tell you there are many of us who would like to vote for you on our own primary date in March. We cannot vote for you | Read More »

    Beware the Narrative!

    As a student of Classical languages, I pay very close attention to the meaning of words. “Narrative” comes from a word in Latin which literally means “to tell someone a story.” This election cycle, candidates, pundits, and voters simply must beware of the narrative. It will make or break a candidate. Let me provide you an example of narrative at play. Over on The Corner, | Read More »

    Memo to the Reform wing of Conservatism

    This campaign season, McCain’s economic rhetoric caused both admiration and distress for me. I admired him, because he was in favor of a less progressive tax system. I was distressed because of his ramped up rhetoric against “big business,” coupled with his support of the $700 Billion bailout bill. Call it cognitive dissonance, if you will.In the fallout since the campaign ended, much ink has | Read More »

    Going Green, Saving Green, and Staying Red

    Ever since Peter Robinson interviewed T.J. Rodgers, the CEO of Cypress Semiconductor, which owns the solar power compant SunPower, about environmentalism and the free market, I’ve been mulling over how fiscal conservatives can participate in being faithful stewards of our planet. Democrats generally have the advantage here, but they shouldn’t. A few ideas have fermented in my head over the last few months, and I | Read More »