On women registering for selective service

    At the New Hampshire debate, the moderators asked a few of the candidates on stage about women registering for selective service. My memory’s fuzzy now, but I believe Sen Rubio and Govs Bush and Christie responded to the question. They argued that if the military has opened all or most combat roles to women, then women should be required to register for selective service. The | Read More »

    New Hampshire Debate Thoughts

    Let’s get right to it. Moderators: The questions were a bit scatter-brained. We did foreign policy, and then we asked other questions, and then without any transition, we went back to foreign policy several times. I’m not sure whether this was sloppy or intentionally done to throw candidates off balance. Also, they were a bit clumsy at getting the candidates on stage in order, which | Read More »

    Thoughts on the New Hampshire Primary

    Leaving the Iowa Caucus behind, Senators Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio clearly have momentum and excitement headed into the New Hampshire Primary taking place next Tuesday. In most of the latest polling, Donald Trump still leads by roughly twenty points. He will probably win on Tuesday, barring a complete implosion of support over the next five days. I’m not holding my breath. Tuesday, then, will | Read More »

    Iowa Debate Reaction

    Last night, all but one Republican candidate gathered for a final debate before the Iowa caucus. I’ve watched all of the debates so far this cycle, as I routinely do; I admit, therefore, that my perspective will probably differ from the average voter’s, who either hasn’t tuned in yet or is only just now, maybe, possibly starting to pay attention. I did not, however, watch | Read More »

    Our Troops are Not Campaign Props

    Much ink has been spilled about Mr. Trump’s decision to skip tomorrow night’s Fox News debate, and so I won’t focus on his decision much here. I will, however, focus on what he has decided to do instead of attend the debate. His official release says that he will attend an event to “raise money for Veterans and Wounded Warriors.” I already see several young | Read More »

    Tithes: Time, Talents, and Treasure

    Recently, Mike Huckabee commented on Ted Cruz’s charitable contributions, saying, “I just think it’s hard to say God is first in your life if he’s last in your budget. If I can’t trust God with a dime out of each dollar that I earn, then I’m not sure how I can tell him that I trust him with my whole life… To me, it’s a | Read More »

    Palin, PTSD, and Me

    Palin, PTSD, and Me

    Back in November, I returned home from a six month deployment to Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan. I mercifully did not directly endure what several of my brothers and sisters in arms have experienced, most of which is now public knowledge. An IDF (indirect fire) killed a contractor on her way to breakfast, a negligent discharge killed a soldier, a C-130 crashed, and a helicopter crashed; | Read More »

    Debate Thoughts

    I originally meant to post a comment, but I found myself rambling on for too long; so, it’s turned into my first post in a long, long while. Format: Contrary to the reporting at Vox, I think Fox Business did a masterful job proctoring this debate; they have repeatedly been my favorite debate moderators this cycle. I don’t have the figures in front of me, | Read More »