Born and raised in California, now residing in the Greater Rochester area of New York for the last 17 years. I've been registered to vote as a Republican since I was 18 and the first election cycle in which I could vote was the presidential that GHW Bush won, although I supported Jack Kemp in the primaries. I am married and have 2 children, a daughter 25, and a son 15. Aside from voting each cycle, I have been relatively inactive in politics until post 9/11 when I realized that elections do have consequences. After immersing myself in the Federalist papers, Revolutionary history, and the works of Milton Friedman I developed more of Constitutionalist world view and focus not on what, but from where political solutions to challenges should come. It does not matter to me how particular problems are solved, aside from academic merit, but it matters more that states are empowered to solve their own problems. As well intentioned as Federal political solutions may be, allowing the Federal govt to wander past the limits of enumerated powers opens the door to constant abuses and monolithic tyranny, a condition which the Constitution was specifically designed to avoid rather than embrace. Therefore, my ultimate political goal is to see the restoration of the balance of power as intended in the Constitution so that my children may know personal liberty and freedom as intended by the framers that even I have never known.


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    To the people who worked so hard to fix the diaries! I am happy to have them back!

    Obama Fail – Vote Romney!!!

    Don’t really need a lot of explanation, as if over $1.4 trillion in economic stimulus that created all of two jobs isn’t enough of one (Google the “Sumner Critique” to find out how explicit inflation targeting counteracts fiscal policy). And yes, I have in front of me an almost empty glass of rum & diet coke, so I am feeling pretty good while trying to | Read More »

    Competing visions of societal organization in the value of the dollar: Mattress-stuffing vs. Free Market wealth-building

    In my earlier post, A peek behind the mask: Austrian economics, I pointed to a general incoherence in ideological principles between the Friedman/Reagan/supply-side economics vision of society versus the Austrian economic model, but I didn’t go into detail regarding it. In this post, I will provide further detail, at least my view of it, because the effects of changing our minds regarding this point are | Read More »

    Austrian Economics: A peek behind the mask

    It isn’t what people think it is. It was established by some with an agenda to get rid of the Federal Reserve and is a means to an end, not an end in itself.  It is why they have no concrete plans to get from point A to point B and their theories are incomplete, no comprehension of supply/demand issues affecting prices, particularly that of | Read More »

    On a lighter side: Rainbows and Global Warming

    This evening I was out driving with my son who is practicing for his driver test. It was lightly raining out of a partially cloudy sky as the sun was getting ready to set. To the east was one of the most beautiful scenes I think I have ever witnessed.  There was a bright double rainbow weaving in and out of the clouds which were | Read More »

    Not such a rosy picture for private sector jobs

    Here is private sector employment by the numbers (these are private sector jobs figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics).   Between 2003 and 2007, we added 1,750,000 jobs per year or 7 million jobs over 4 years (average of 146k per month). Between 12/2008 and 12/2010, 7 million jobs were lost (avg. 292k per month) In 2008, 1 million jobs were lost (avg. 83k | Read More »

    Why so gloomy? Romney had his doors blown off in SC

    I am ecstatic because after months of media and establishment conditioning of the base, and the hasty calls for allowing Romney to wrap it up quickly, I was very concerned we’d end up with the grandfather of ObamaCare and a believer in Keynesian style command and control economic planning as our nominee. Gingrich wasn’t my first choice. My first choice didn’t even run. He wasn’t | Read More »

    Approach: direct assault on progressivism in public policy or strong but subtle market conservative reform

    With the debate raging over the who is the ‘true conservative’ in the presidential race, it seems like we may be missing the point that some bit of importance in solving the pressing issues of the day is a matter of political approach that could have a subsequent impact upon the implementation of conservative ideas in the realm of government and politics. The atmosphere surrounding | Read More »

    MF Global collapse raises deep questions about the condition of market regulatory bodies

    This is just something I’m throwing out here. It’s an interview by Jim Puplava with former commodities broker Ann Barnhardt who closed up shop after the MF Global collapse. She explains why she closed down, not because of financial difficulties as a result of MF Global, but severe dysfunction of the market that emanates from the regulatory bodies. Her account will likely raise the hair on | Read More »

    Revisionist History: why DO people react so angrily?

    Robert Higgs of the Independent Institute asked this question yesterday in regard to the push back he receives when he attempts to correct the historical record of widespread inconsistencies. The short answer is that people are skeptical of accounts that contradict a prevailing view, even if true. Of course I can’t really say why, when confronted with what certainly could be the truth, some people | Read More »