Cross to Illinois GOP: If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Stop Trying

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    The People Who Play By The Rules Party

    During this Presidential cycle, America has truly become the land of short term memory. Both political parties embrace socialism as if the ravages of that failed ideology were never visited upon the 20th Century. On the campus of the University of Chicago, the legacy of Milton Friedman is protested while the presence of Bill Ayers across town at the University of Illinois-Chicago (UIC) is heralded. | Read More »


    Joe Plumbers of the World Unite

    It wasn’t exactly a Red Dawn moment but it is as close as John McCain has come to date. McCain finally put the face paint on and sounded the alarm for America’s productive, play-by-the-rules class that Barack Obama and his spread-the-wealth, leftist guerillas are advancing. McCain’s Manifesto in Wednesday night’s final Presidential debate: Joe the Plumbers of the World Unite! McCain capitalized on Comrade Obama’s | Read More »

    Paying cash for grades cheats education

    William Butler Yeats once wrote, “Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire.” The city education establishments in Chicago, New York and Washington, D.C., beg to differ. The leaders of these abysmally performing systems believe education is indeed the filling of a pail – with money. For a change, their latest gambit is not aimed at funneling taxpayer dollars | Read More »

    McCain’s Hurdle for Debate #2

    On Thursday night, Governor Sarah Palin cleared the credibility hurdle she faced in the estimation of swing voters, even earning some begrudging kudos from Democrats. On Tuesday night, it’s John McCain’s turn to do the same. The Teddy Roosevelt-style populist rhetoric about earmarks and Wall Street greed is an okay warm-up act, but McCain needs a show-stopper. McCain should speak to Obama in that same | Read More »

    The Palin Paradigm Shift

    Nothing is more indicative of the brilliance of John McCain’s selection of Sarah Palin to be his vice presidential running mate than watching stunned Democrats vomit all over themselves, unable to digest her candidacy. Confronted by a strong, independent, bright and articulate woman, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and their coterie of Leftist surrogates have offered nothing but catty remarks in response, consigning themselves to the | Read More »

    Biden Choice Shows Obama Doesn’t Believe His Own Rhetoric

    Barack Obama learned an important lesson from John Kerry’s 2004 Presidential campaign–do not express two contradictory positions in the same sentence. Instead, wait awhile. Kerry infamously contended in a single statement that he had voted for funding for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan before he voted against the funding. Conversely, Obama has smartly spread out his flip-flops. During the primary, Obama asserted that qualification | Read More »

    Obama’s Surprise VP Choice

    Joe Biden, Tim Kaine, or Evan Bayh? Oh, you silly country rubes. There is not an audacious name in that bunch. On Saturday, Barack Obama will return to the initial scene of his crimes against humanity with his vice presidential choice in tow. That choice? Does the phrase, “We’re putting the band back together,” mean anything to you, Chicago?

    Rethinking Meeks

    I was too tough on Illinois State Senator James Meeks. Last week, I offered both a commentary and rigorous interview of Rev. Meeks on the WLS airwaves as to Meeks’ controversial declaration that he will bus thousands of Chicago Public School (CPS) students up to New Trier High School on Chicago’s ritzy North Shore for the first day of school next month to protest state | Read More »

    James Meeks Suportts Publick Skools

    Supporting more money for the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) is not the same thing as being a supporter of public education. This distinction is lost on both the media and our political class as witnessed by PR stunts like the one pulled by Illinois State Senator James Meeks yesterday.