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I was born in Iron River, Michigan in 1952. My mother, Helen Kovaleski, was also born in Iron River from parents that emigrated from Poland. My father, Joseph Benishek, was from the Antigo, Wisconsin area and moved to the Upper Peninsula to join the Civilian Conservation Corps and subsequently worked in the local iron mines. He was killed in those mines in 1957 when I was five years old. I was raised by my widowed mother and extended family in Iron River working in the family business, the Iron River Hotel, until I went on to college. After I graduated from West Iron County High School in 1970 I went on to the University of Michigan recieving a bachelor


    Finding Common Ground

    When I first ran for Congress in 2010, I campaigned on the slogan “Enough is enough.” Enough of the reckless spending. Enough of federal bureaucracy. Enough of health care that drives the costs to consumers. Enough of excessive federal taxation. Enough of the policies that resulted in the Great Recession, which caused some businesses in Northern Michigan to downsize their staff and others to shut | Read More »

    A Long Road Back

    From the diaries. Two years ago, I was a regular citizen, a physician serving the people of my community, and raising my family in Northern Michigan.  Suddenly, I found myself answering the call to become a citizen-legislator.  It occurred at a time when many of us recognized how seriously at risk our country was after the liberals had taken control of all three branches of | Read More »

    Make The Right Choice in MI-01

    This past weekend, progressive liberal groups gathered in Washington for the “One Nation” rally. It was the Democrats’ response to Glenn Beck’s “Restore Honor” rally held a month ago in DC. I watched both of them, and as I observed the supporters of the One Nation rally, their behavior and how they left the National Mall trashed, I realized what a clear choice America has | Read More »

    Principles and Integrity Matter in a Candidate

    I started this race back in January when I realized I couldn’t take it anymore. The previous year, the Democrats had passed an enormous Stimulus bill, spending nearly a trillion dollars, and they didn’t even read the bill! It was filled with payoffs and paybacks to special interest groups. This is not only typical behavior of the Democrats, but also of career establishment Republicans as | Read More »

    Restoring MI-01 to The People

    This is it – the homestretch. Next week, our GOP primary is the first opportunity you, the people, will have to start taking back their government. MI-01 has long been represented by a career politician, Bart Stupak, who ultimately betrayed you. On Tuesday, August 3rd, a choice is to be made. Let me speak briefly about the past several months that I have been out campaigning | Read More »

    The Consequences of Bart Stupak’s Betrayal

    We knew this would happen. We could see it coming. Yet we were unable to stop it–the Blue Dog Democrat betrayal of the unborn. Bart Stupak was the leader of a coalition that promised the people they would hold firm and stand for the unborn. Unfortunately, we know how that played out. Stupak and his coalition betrayed the people who had placed their trust in | Read More »

    I’ll Take This Message To Washington

    Read It.  Reduce It.  Repeal It.  Reform It. Later today my first Michigan 1st District TV Ad is going to debut.  In it I briefly explain my 4 R’s.  I’m glad to have the opportunity to further discuss it here. We all remember the 3 R’s from grade school, and we still need them; but I am going to tell you about a different group | Read More »

    You’ve Got to Be Kidding, Mr. President

    I am addressing this post to my fellow citizens of MI-01, fellow activists across the country, and especially to Congressional Democrats and candidates currently serving in Congress. The word is out; Mike Allen at had the story yesterday. This administration is going to push the Senate to pass a cap-and-trade bill this summer. Then, with the same arrogance we have seen before from this | Read More »

    Michigan’s 1st District and Activism

    This past weekend we celebrated Memorial Day.  We honored those that have died so that we would remain free.  We can feel nothing but gratitude for the full price they paid in service to our country.  The men and women of our Armed Forces today continue to serve their country in the cause of freedom.  It occurred to me that our all-volunteer military today is | Read More »

    Michigan’s 1st District: An Awakening

    We’ve been traveling this week. We’ve logged hundreds of miles and gone from town to town, meeting people of Main Street, America.  I’ve talked to them in coffee shops, private homes, businesses, Republican dinners and Tea Party events.  Everywhere I’ve gone, the people are speaking out and I am listening. I’ve been extremely impressed with how well-informed the people are.  The topics we’ve discussed, the | Read More »