Dan Bongino is a Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate from the state of Maryland. He is a decorated Secret Service Agent who served under three presidential administrations, and was the lead security representative for the United States for foreign presidential visits. Dan is a small business entrepreneur who has obtained graduate degrees in both Psychology and Business Administration. His wife Paula is a first generation immigrant and a successful business owner. Dan and Paula have two children, 8 year old Isabel and newborn Amelia. Website: Facebook: Twitter: @dbongino


    As ISIS threat grows, Intelligence Must Improve

    Highlighting a summer of excuses and inaction as a new caliphate consumed key territory in the Middle East, President Obama says the terrorist army’s advance is more “rapid than the intelligence estimates.” That might make a great excuse for reactionary airstrikes in Iraq, but it has nothing to do with reality. The damage ISIS is causing outpaces the President’s ability to understand intelligence, because its organizational foundation is a maze, not a chain of command. The Commander-in-Chief has access to the work product of thousands | Read More »

    Economic-Liberty, Healthcare-Choice, Now Private Property?

    In the classic Hobson’s choice, Maryland’s counties are told that if they “choose” to refrain from submitting a map, or submit a map that the state does not approve of, then the state will penalize them. The counties now must determine whether to submit a map and cede to the state enormous swaths of hard-to-reclaim liberty, or to refuse to submit a map, and have state planners force one upon them, ceding liberty and violating any semblance of subsidiary.

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    The Golden Calf of Increased Tax Rates

    Let me open by saying that if economics is a religion for you and your golden calf is government than you are already immune to logic and continuing with this piece any further is a waste of your time. It is with regret that I must preface this writing in such a way but I found during my nearly two-year campaign for the U.S. Senate | Read More »

    Shared Prosperity

    [Dan Bongino is the GOP candidate for Senate in Maryland] Former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards once stated during his campaign that there were “two Americas.” His “two Americas” theme was designed to stoke the flames of a class warfare script being resurrected in 2012 for use in the Democratic Party platform. This class warfare, “two Americas” theme has been given a focus-group tested makeover | Read More »

    Small Businesses, Big Sacrifices

    [Dan Bongino is running for US Senator from Maryland. Promoted from the diaries by streiff.] I awoke this morning at 5am to the sound of my six month old daughter Amelia crying. When I entered her dark room I saw my wife, struggling to stay awake, holding Amelia in one arm as she was attempting to work on her barely lit computer screen with her | Read More »

    The Dem’s New Campaign Slogan

    [promoted from the diaries. Dan Bongino is running against the incumbent Maryland Democrat Ben Cardin for the US Senate. Visit Dan’s website to learn more about him and maybe leave a donation.]   The Dems’ new campaign slogan  – “Results are irrelevant, it’s all about good speeches”. There is an old saying which states “liberal policies care about the poor in theory- it’s the real | Read More »

    Time For A Real Conversation About Inequality

    [Promoted from the Diaries by streiff. Dan Bongino is running for Senate in the People’s Republic of Maryland so Ben Cardin can spend more time with his family and less with his hand in your wallet. I’ve met Dan and he’s the real deal. Drop by his website and contribute to his campaign.] Politicians who reference the term “inequality” typically use it in a generic | Read More »

    Protecting the right to protect yourself

    I am always amazed at how far career politicians will go to test the bounds of their dignity when confronted with the simple question, “where do you stand on the Second Amendment?” More often than not, they will provide an abstract answer tailored to placate the audience currently in front of them. Nothing is more disingenuous than a politician with manicured hands standing in a | Read More »

    New Dan Bongino Campaign Ad: Yet Again

    Let’s take back the Senate and create some real change.

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    Education Reform Cannot Wait

    Promoted from the diaries The time for real change and big ideas in the education arena is now. We can no longer afford to sit idle while a generation of Americans receive a second class education from a first class country. It is unfathomable that in the wealthiest country in the world our minority and low income communities have limited educational opportunities. There are some | Read More »