Stop Tearing Down Conservatives

    I believe most everyone on this blog can agree both the GOP Establishment and the Left want Romney to be the Republican nominee for 2012.  We, the “radicalized”, patriotic Conservatives, naturally

    State of the Union

    Obama on re-election mode; outwardly conciliatory, internally unmoved by the political and social realities.  Saying some right things (getting rid of the one small “flaw” in Obamacare (read the 1099 forms

    No Substitute for Winning

    Only hours to go.  What can we do to get at least 8, possibly more Conservative Republicans into the Senate?  Polls say, a lot! We MUST do everything possible to


    If we want to win back the Senate, or at least get close, this is where I would put massive amounts of Conservative money on to counter the millions pouring

    O’Donnell gets it right-again

    On latest debate with Coons, defending local schools’ right to teach intelligent design as a theory alongside with evolution, when she asked “where in the Constitution is the separation of

    It’s unanimous: Mike Castle must go

    When Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Mark Levin join with Erick Erickson in denouncing Mike Castle’s very liberal voting record (he’s proud to have voted in favor of the Obama agenda

    Four Strong Women for Congress

    Sharron Angle, Christine O’Donnell, Daria Novak and Star Parker.  Each at first (and perhaps still) shunned by the pro-incumbent Establishment.  Each deserves our continued strong support to build the critical



    Today, Dennis Kucinich publicly caved in under relentless pressure from the President and the House speaker.  Congress members still sitting on the fence, on whether to follow their principles, whether

    Obamacare 1.0 is Law; 2.0 is STILL stealthily marching on!!

    If I learned something over the last year, is that you can actually learn the truth from this Administration and Congress, by actually following the exact opposite of what they

    We Really CAN Throw the Bums Out!..NOW!!

    Colorado Patriots…   Senator Mark Udall has voted lock-step with the Obama / Reid / Pelosi agenda since being elected a year ago… Same can be said for shamefully stalinist New Jersey Senator