Time cover had it right. Obama is like FDR.

    The Time cover that showed Obama as FDR was prescient – two men who, after wreaking havoc on our republic, took their destruction abroad. I have never seen a better

    The Evil Assault of Marxism

    Evil is at work in our society under the guise of Marxism, an ideology responsible for perhaps 150 million deaths. With so many dead how can you not attribute it

    The Modern Liberals War against the Church

    The clamor over contraception, created by the liberal media, obfuscates increasing opposition to abortion as indicated in legislation requiring sonograms before aborting a baby. This hysteria exemplifies the modern liberal’s use of

    To Live in “Tolerance”, or in Christ

    Our government today is restricting our worship of God. Christians are labeled extremists. We must decide whether this is to promote “tolerance” as they proclaim, or to displace God that

    California Flag Ban

    A federal judge has determined that a California school may prohibit students from wearing clothing depicting the American flag on the Mexican holiday of May 5th. This decision reminds me

    The New Nimrod

    For months the president has spoken of bypassing Congress to implement his own agenda. It first began in July while he was speaking before La Raza (the race) about amnesty

    Education for “Social Change”

    I was surprised Los Angeles School District fired substitute teacher Patricia McAllister. She said on ReasonTV: “Zionist Jews need to be run out of this country”. It’s surprising because California

    Alliance of Marxists, Islamists, and Environmentalists

    With recent hearings on Islamic radicalization in the House, it is important to understand the Muslim Brotherhood’s plan to make America an Islamic nation. Their stated goal is to destroy