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    Presidential Debate

    On Tuesday, November 14th President Barry Washington and Texas Governor Mike Lewis went head to head in the 2012 general debate. The debate format included 15 minutes of questions for both domestic

    Republican Primary Debate

    On Thursday, October 25th the republican primary debate was held in Des Moines, Iowa. Texas governor Mike Lewis went head to head with Representative Taylor Hanson of Massachusetts in a debate led by

    Race Analysis

    On Monday, I took the time to interview representatives from two interest groups to hear their opinions on this year’s presidential candidates. The two representative are from the American Association

    Scandal Within The Democratic National Committee

    On Monday, news broke that could cost one of the candidates his presidency. It was reported that during the campaign for the 2008 presidency, President Barry Washington’s campaign manager paid

    President Washington and Mike Lewis Go Head to Head in Stump Speeches

    On Tuesday afternoon, President Barry Washington and Texas Governor Mike Lewis went head to head during their stump speeches. Lewis struggled with his first public speaking apperance of the campaign,