Where I respectfully disagree with Erick … or proving that Romney is leading

    There has been considerable discussion among us all regarding the validity of the national polls that are being published.  Obviously, when polls are being put out that use samples that are larger than the results of the 2008 election, then many of us become suspicious.  With this latest round of Eeyorism (Erick and Ace, I’m looking at you), I decided that I was going to | Read More »

    Just a quick note regarding 2012

    In the last several election cycles, three states have been the keys to winning the white house. With their combined total of 80 electoral votes, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Ohio are the most important to both parties. In 2000, Florida decided the race. In 2004, the winner had to take 2 of 3 to win, Bush carried Florida and Ohio, and won reelection. In 2008, Obama | Read More »

    Can we now stop worrying about PA Senate?

    I posted yesterday a quick analysis of the PA Senate race and the supposed tightening of the polls there. The key takeaway was the results of the Morning Call/Muhlenberg daily tracking poll, which I still question because I’m not confident they have their likely voter model correct. But the trend was enlightening: Sestak 44 – Toomey 41 Sestak 43 – Toomey 43 Sestak 43 – | Read More »

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    So let’s take a look at this PA Senate poll

    h/t to Geraghty I got into a bit of a tiff over the weekend for saying to not panic over the polls showing the Toomey/Sestak race is tightening. I didn’t put much stock in the previous polls showing things like a 12 point race, because they were only showing a differential, not the base level of support for the candidates out of the entire electorate. | Read More »

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    Was Bushehr Bushwhacked?

    A low level story from Christian Science Monitor that hasn’t risen above most folk’s radar yet, but arguably much more important than the other things we have been arguing about recently. Since this happens to be my professional area of expertise, I’ve been tracking the appearance of the Stuxnet worm since June. But even I am surprised by this turn of events. Stuxnet is a | Read More »

    Obama can’t fill a ballroom, even in Democrat strongholds

    If ever there was a perfect metaphor for the coming wave in November, it was at a recent fundraiser that he headlined in New York City. Gail Sheehy at the Daily Beast provides this delicious vision of the “Most Popular Man in the History of Civilization” unable to fill a 650 seat ballroom in the bastion of liberal elitism. Only after I received four email | Read More »


    The Left thinks this is Antietam. It’s Sherman’s March.

    As I walked out of my hotel room this morning, I was greeted by the blaring headline in USA Today: “Tea Party’s wins fuel a ‘civil war’ within GOP”. This headline set my blood to boiling more than any of the arguments over Castle vs. O’Donnell in the last week. I’m just your average rube, so my first impression was “what a clueless reporter!” But | Read More »

    WHAT?!?! Scott up 2 in FL Govenor’s race?

    Reuters/IPSOS just released their latest Florida poll, and it is touted as more good news for Marco Rubio. However buried WAY WAY down in the article is this interesting little nugget… The race to replace Crist as governor is close, with Republican Rick Scott and Democrat Alex Sink statistically tied, Scott with 47 percent and Sink with 45 percent, the poll found. Now to be | Read More »

    Why I voted for Rick Scott

    From the outset, and especially over the last few weeks, I didn’t expect Rick Scott to win the primary. I wasn’t a vocal supporter of him, like I have been for Rubio. However, I did make up my mind pretty early and was glad to be able to vote for him. Here is a little timeline of the campaign from an “inside Florida” perspective. The | Read More »

    No Karl, Socialism is the Opiate of the Masses

    I just returned from the trip of a lifetime. It was a rare one month vacation, where I was able to tour most of the major cities of Northern Europe, including Berlin and St. Petersburg. I’m not going to rub it in by saying what an incredible experience it was, but there were a few truly moving moments on the trip I would like to | Read More »

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