Michael Steele is a JOKE

    I just don’t get it, check that, the RNC doesn’t get it. Why can’t the national party figure out that they are continuing to take us down the wrong path. We are a conservative party and demand a conservative leader. If Steele cannot support Rush, who has taken us to victory on his wings more than any RNC Chairman could ever hpoe to do, than | Read More »


    Random thoughts on Colin Powell

    In hearing what Colin Powell had to say about the state of the republican party, I have a few rebuttals to make. He said he despised Sara Palin because all she talked about was small towns and noone lives in small towns that’s why they are small. He also said he’s from the Bronx and what is wrong with his values being from there. Mr. | Read More »

    Today is a great day

    What a great day. One of the chief rino’s, Mel Martinez, announced he is retiring from the Senate. Goodbye Mel you were never a republican anyway Mr. amnesty for illegals. With this great news Floridians have reason to hope for a positive outcome as we have some strong conservatives who could run for the seat. Jeb’s name has to be mentioned, he was the best | Read More »

    It’s time to wake up and take charge

    It is time for conservatives to stand up and take back this party. For too long we have put many of our principles aside in the hopes of getting along with the democrats. Our leaders do not get it, democrats do not get along. You give the democrats an inch and they want a mile. They do not play nice and they do not back | Read More »