Michelle Nunn’s Hoodwink Georgia Campaign

    Beginning with her first campaign commercial, Michelle Nunn has been attempting to convince voters she is not a liberal, and perhaps not even a Democrat. Prior to her campaign commercials becoming standard-fare attack pieces that play fast and loose with the facts, the message they contained was clearly focused on hoodwinking Georgians into believing she is politically conservative. Her campaign web site continues that theme. | Read More »

    Nancy Jester Interview

    As state school superintendent, Jester plans to use her accounting and actuarial background to right what she sees as an educational system that’s being bowled over by a bureaucracy that’s more focused on perpetuating itself than in making improvements in the classroom. She is very candid about what she sees as problems in Georgia’s educational system.

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    The Lynching of Paula Deen

    Anybody who thinks that a lynching won’t occur in a courtroom, or in the media has obviously not been following the Paula Deen case. The crime for which Deen is being lynched is using the “N” word a decade or two ago. Without question, Deen was wrong to use a racial slur, but that brings to question why this incident isn’t being treated simply as | Read More »

    GOP-Stuck in The Middle

    While a significant portion of the population is marching to the political left, in many sections of the country, running as a Republican is viewed as a requirement for being elected to political office. Hence the appearance of RINOs- Republicans In Name Only—within the GOP. Although RINOs purport to embrace a conservative view of the role of government, their true beliefs align more closely with | Read More »

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    Divided We Stand, Part 1

    A variety of adjectives are routinely used to describe small town politics. In Snellville, GA, the term “divisive” is frequently used, prompting many people to ask, “Why is the City Council so divided?” Opinions vary considerably, depending on which side of the divide you’re standing. However, I believe a couple of comments made by Kelly Kautz the current mayor,  at the February 11th Council meeting, | Read More »

    Adventures in City Attorney Land- The Revolving Door Claims Another Victim

    Snellville, Georgia, a city in the southern part of Gwinnett County has a population of just under 20,000. During the past few years, Snellville has “put itself on the map” with the number one Farmer’s Market in the state, an outstanding 4th of July celebration, “Snellville Days” and numerous other festivals with free entertainment, and most recently, a new community garden. Yet in spite of | Read More »

    A Wake-Up Call for November

    Within the minds of pollsters and pundits, individuals have no identity; they are simply components of monolithic voting blocks that are typically identified by religion, ethnicity or a combination thereof. Whether analyzing election results or predicting them, the monolith theoreticians ascribe a candidate’s success or failure to “the Catholic vote”, “the Jewish vote”, “the Hispanic vote”, “the black vote”, “the evangelical vote” or any number | Read More »

    An alternative to Blind Justice

    Justice is supposed to be blind. Unfortunately, all too often it is; the blindfold that is so essential in assuring objectivity and impartiality during a trial often blinds a judge to sentencing alternatives that will benefit defendants and society alike. Alternative courts, also called “Community Courts” allow judges to remove sentencing blindfolds and enables them to administer a different form of justice. One that offers | Read More »

    Time for Jewish Voters to Wake Up

    Within the minds of pollsters and pundits, an individual’s identity is of little consequence; each voter is viewed simply as a component of monolithic voting block that is identified by religion, ethnicity or a combination thereof. Whether analyzing election results or predicting them, the monolith theoreticians ascribe a candidate’s success or failure to “the Catholic vote”, “the Hispanic vote”, “the black vote”, the “evangelical vote” | Read More »

    Obama-Terminally Naive and Unjustifiably Arrogant

    In a recent Wall Street Journal opinion article, Peggy Noonan asks quite a few questions about the U.S. military action in Libya . I’m afraid most of them will go unanswered, because in addition to not having answers, Obama doesn’t even understand the questions. When he was still a candidate, my opinion was that Obama was terminally naive and unjustifiably arrogant. In the intervening years, | Read More »

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