Obama “Concedes” Paris Attacks “Terrible and Sickening”

    Whether Obama is delusional, out of touch with reality, or both, is a subject unto itself. However, his tepid responses to the ongoing terror attacks by Islamic organizations such as ISIS speaks to both delusion, and a disconnect from reality. In the Obama world view, Islamists are victims, perhaps the ultimate victims. As such, he believes they should be handled more like mischievous children than cold-blooded killers.

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    Obama’s View of Life Through the Lens of Victimhood

    The Obama view transcends typical bleeding heart liberal philosophy. It sees government assistance not merely as means to fulfill a need, but as a bridge to compensation for being born into victimhood.

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    Peacock Feathers Fly- Lyin’ Brian Suspended

    Peacock Feathers Fly- Lyin' Brian Suspended

    This report, about Brian Williams of the NBC Nightly News being suspended for six months without pay, was delayed because of an unfortunate incident. On the way to my office, a vehicle in which I wasn’t riding was involved in an accident while I wasn’t on the scene. I arrived about an hour after the accident occurred, got out to investigate and became confused. I | Read More »

    For Democrats, Morning After Blame and Denial

    For Democrats, Morning After Blame and Denial

    Following a tidal wave of Republican victories, Democrats were deeply immersed in a morning after of blame and denial. A host of pollsters, pundits and media know-it-alls had assured anyone who would listen that scientific research strongly indicated election results would send Republicans packing, or at the very least, confine them to quarters. Instead, Democrats were the ones sent packing. In the morning-after Republican euphoria, | Read More »

    Progresssives Demand It- TAKE a Woman to Vote

    Progresssives Demand It- TAKE a Woman to Vote

    Right before a recent election, I received a political e-mail from a group of people, mostly women from what I can determine from the message, who appear to be more than a little conflicted. The group calls itself “Better Georgia,” and the authors of the e-mail, Amy Morton and Lauren Benedict, were kind enough to acknowledge that that they know I’m busy. Then they went | Read More »

    Nancy Jester Speaks Out About the DeKalb County Commission

    Nancy Jester Speaks Out About the DeKalb County Commission

    Nancy Jester first found a public spotlight focused on her when, as a “mom with a blog and calculator”, she exposed a host of financial irregularities within the DeKalb County School Board. Ultimately, six of nine board members were removed by the governor. Currently, Jester is running for the District 1 County Commission position, and once again she is taking a hard look at the | Read More »

    Jason Carter- One Fell Out of The Peanut Tree

    For reasons that are beyond the comprehension of mere mortals, the race for Georgia’s governor’s seat is said to be as tight as a penny-pincher’s grip on a dollar bill. Incumbent Nathan Deal is being challenged by current state senator Jason Carter. Carter’s biggest asset appears to be that he is the grandson of the nation’s most ineffective president, former peanut farmer Jimmy Carter. As | Read More »

    Michelle Nunn’s Hoodwink Georgia Campaign

    Beginning with her first campaign commercial, Michelle Nunn has been attempting to convince voters she is not a liberal, and perhaps not even a Democrat. Prior to her campaign commercials becoming standard-fare attack pieces that play fast and loose with the facts, the message they contained was clearly focused on hoodwinking Georgians into believing she is politically conservative. Her campaign web site continues that theme. | Read More »

    The Lynching of Paula Deen

    Anybody who thinks that a lynching won’t occur in a courtroom, or in the media has obviously not been following the Paula Deen case. The crime for which Deen is being lynched is using the “N” word a decade or two ago. Without question, Deen was wrong to use a racial slur, but that brings to question why this incident isn’t being treated simply as | Read More »

    GOP-Stuck in The Middle

    While a significant portion of the population is marching to the political left, in many sections of the country, running as a Republican is viewed as a requirement for being elected to political office. Hence the appearance of RINOs- Republicans In Name Only—within the GOP. Although RINOs purport to embrace a conservative view of the role of government, their true beliefs align more closely with | Read More »

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