Corzine On the Attack

    The ballots are barely certified in the New Jersey primary election on June 2nd and incumbent Democratic governor/former Goldman-Sachs CEO and Obama prototype Jon Corzine is already on the attack.  Dipping early into his vast accumulated personal wealth, Corzine has released two attack advertisements on Republican challenger, Chris Christie.  For his part, Christie is using public financing and thus limited in his use of funds | Read More »

    The Party of No Reason To

    There are a few recent polls, trends and actual votes to give the Republican Party more hope today than existed on November 5th, 2008.  Of course, the liberals/Democratic Party will be arrogantly dismissive and will/have analyzed these things into oblivion in denial of reality.  Along with their hypocrisy and elitism, this is an obvious trademark of liberal thought.  They do this through (1) denial, (2) | Read More »

    Obama’s Naive Foreign Policy

    Pat Buchanan’s most recent article in The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (reprinted on equates the foreign policy of Obama with that of Woodrow Wilson and Jimmy Carter.  Wilson was a governor and academic prior to assuming the Presidency.  Obama was a first-term Senator who spent the majority of that time running for the Presidency and he taught constitutional law in Chicago.  Jimmy Carter was also a | Read More »

    A Television Box, Bernie Madoff & Regulation

    Once upon a time not too long ago, a mother bought a new television set for her family.  Upon bringing it home, she placed it on its stand still in the box, placed her toddler on the living room floor and went to the kitchen to start dinner.  Her toddler, being the curious creatures toddlers tend to be, wandered over to the big box and | Read More »

    Sotomayor- Obama’s Stealthy Mirror

    While the pundits and talking heads on both sides of the Sotomayor niomination “draw lines in the sand,” it becomes increasingly obvious that this has the potential to become some compelling television come July.  But, if you are going to get your news from the likes of Sean Hannity, Tom Tancredo, Glenn Beck, Rachel Maddow or Chris Matthews, then you will be somewhat misinformed.  While | Read More »

    Save the Celebrations For Later

    Before the high fives and back-slapping celebrations begin over the California Supreme Court’s decision upholding Proposition 8, a little dose of reality is in order.  While the ink was barely dry on the decision, there is already an appeal of that decision in the federal courts.  Considering it would most likely eventually end up in the left of liberal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the | Read More »

    Reclaiming the Abortion Debate- Part 2

    In part 1, I proposed that the GOP could reclaim the debate over abortion by (1) de-emphasizing overturning Roe v. Wade, (2) recognizing privacy rights, but noting they are not absolute, (3) using “choice” against pro-choice arguments, (4) emphasis on the purported goals and importance of responsibility and (5) using science to determine when life begins.  There are other aspects that lend themselves to a | Read More »

    Reclaiming the Abortion Debate- Part 1

    Between Obama’s commencement address at Notre Dame and his Supreme Court nomination, abortion has been brought back into the political spotlight.  While he attempts to seize the high moral ground on this issue, it would be wise for the GOP to formulate a winning strategy to reclaim the issue. 1. De-emphasize overturning Roe vs. Wade:  Obviously, this is the flashpoint Supreme Court decision on abortion.  | Read More »

    Cut Spending Before Taxes

    For years now, it has been Republican/conservative dogma that primary means to improve the economy is through tax cuts.  This stems from the philosophical view regarding the size and scope of the federal government.  Naturally, one would expect that the higher the taxes, the greater the revenue the government receives, but this is not necessarily true.  Analyses of tax cuts and their effects on the | Read More »

    Homosexuals and Global Warming

    For years, homosexuality had been, right or wrong, treated as a mental illness or psychological disorder.  That is not what this is about. Although history is replete with references to homosexual behaviors and acts, it is apparent it appears across all cultures.  Some ancient cultures even “condoned” these practices.  Yet, within the Judeo-Christian and other contexts, it became branded a form of sexual deviancy.  And | Read More »