The State of the Senate Races

    With July almost over, the primaries pick up again in August.  Some Senate races have not been set yet as the GOP has not chosen candidates in potentially competitive primaries in Kansas, Alaska and Minnesota.  Democrats, because there are more incumbents, have fewer interesting primary races. With that in mind, it is time to see how these general election races are shaping up.  I have | Read More »

    The Three Pillars Towards Fiscal Sanity

    Recently, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO)- a collection of economic analysts- released a report showing that the national debt stands at 74% of GDP whereas the average over the past five decades was 39%.  The report received no mention in the media.  This almost doubling of the debt is solely attributable to Barack Obama.  Even during the Great Depression, that ratio never exceeded 45%.  The all-time record is | Read More »

    Answering the Warren Manifesto

    Other than the assertion that water has become a human right, the next biggest splash (excuse the pun) was a rousing speech by the newest darling of the Left, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.  Look out, Schrillary- you have rumblings on your left flank.  To reiterate, this is the gist of Warren’s manifesto: 1. Tougher rules and regulations for Wall Street.  Basically, “blah, blah” populist sloganeering. | Read More »

    While the World Burns, America’s Demise Accelerates

    While Barack Obama flies off to scheduled fundraising events, golf outings with his staff, and phone calls to gay athletes, there are immediate crises like Gaza and the Ukraine.  Then there are the smoldering ones- 160,000 dead in Syria, ISIS in Iraq, Iran and the nuclear bomb.  The international scene is bad enough, but our “secure borders” have been crossed by over 50,000 illegal aliens | Read More »

    More Anti-Religion Crap from the Left

    Amanda Marcotte is a feminist blogger and “journalist” best known for her feminist/Leftist views.  She was a very vocal voice during the Duke lacrosse team controversy and allegations of rape.  Even though the charges were dropped and the prosecutor eventually disbarred, in the mind of Marcotte the lacrosse players were still guilty.  Illustrative of the hypocritical and bizarre mind of the Leftist, while decrying this | Read More »

    Victimhood, Martyrdom, and the Sword

    Recent events in the Middle East have clearly demonstrated that as all eyes are on Iraq, ISIS and Iran’s nuclear aspirations, the festering problems between Palestinians and Israel are very much real.  The flash point for the recent violence is the kidnapping and murder of three Jewish hikers in the West Bank.  But even before this act, Hamas had been firing rockets into Israel- a | Read More »

    The Court Next Term: Three More Potential Blockbusters- Part 2

    Making their way to the US Supreme Court are three cases that have the potential to become blockbuster cases.  It is difficult to see the Court denying them.  They involve Guantanamo detainees, the potential fate of Obamacare, and gay marriage. Recently, the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, sitting en banc (but with only seven justices) ruled that the convictions of three Guantanamo detainees were invalid. | Read More »

    The Next Court Term: Five Cases That May Make News- Part 1

    Thus far, the United States Supreme Court has accepted a little more than 35 cases for the October 2014 term.  If recent terms are any indication, this represents about half their docket.  There are several jurisdictional and patent cases in the upcoming term.  In this entry, I would like to highlight four cases of interest. The first case is Alabama Democratic Conference vs. Alabama, a | Read More »

    Looking Ahead to 2016…again

    The obvious first order of business this year will be to maintain the House and win the Senate.  With that out of the way, all political attention will then turn to 2016 and the open presidential race.  I’ve been down this road before, but its always fun to handicap the list of potential candidates occasionally.  The names mentioned will be in alphabetical order, not in | Read More »

    The Creepy Donors Behind OFA

    Organizing for Action (OFA) is the successor to Organizing for America, Barack Obama’s reelection campaign.  This is proof that despite winning in 2012, Mr. Obama continues to be the Campaigner-in-Chief if nothing else.  While Harry Reid- Nevada’s solution for insomnia- suffers from KBPDS (Koch Brother Paranoid Derangement Syndrome), OFA is organized as a 501(c)4 organization that most likely received no scrutiny from Lois Lerner and | Read More »