Is the NSA Really “Spying” On Us?

    There is a huge hullabaloo brewing over the Patriot Act, specifically Section 215, and its reauthorization.  The program of collecting metadata from Internet and other communication sources is set to expire on May 31st and Congress must make a decision soon about whether to continue, cease, or alter the program.  First made public by Edward Snowden, this is an NSA program that collects bulk data | Read More »

    If Monopolies are Bad, Why are Unions Good?

    One of the biggest suggestions by those on the Left for decreasing income inequality and “restoring the middle class” is increased unionization of the workforce.  Bernie Sanders has made this an important cog of his campaign and others on the Left are writing articles which show that income inequality increased in America as the power of unions declined.  In 1973, almost 25% of the private | Read More »

    American Political Dynasties: A (Somewhat) Humorous Look

    For a country that broke free of the British Empire ruled over by despotic kings and queens based on ancestry, we sure do love political dynasties in this country.  Follow me on this mythical political trek into the future. In 2016, in an election where the people were asked to decide between the lesser of two evils, Hillary Clinton narrowly defeats former Florida Governor Jeb | Read More »

    Higher Electricity/Heating Bills Coming Soon

    On June 1st, the EPA is expected to publish their final rule implementing Obama’s executive order to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 30% of 2005 levels by 2030.  This executive order was issued last June.  It was a behemoth of an executive order coming in at 645 pages (which may be a record).  The President has the authority under the Clean Air Act of 1970. | Read More »

    The Left’s Nightmarish View of America

    You can always count on the fine folks at Alternet to be at the forefront of creating mass hysteria in the public should we elect a Republican President in 2016.  They start with the supposition that the House will remain in control of the GOP (highly likely) and also the Senate (also likely, but less so than the House).  A recent article by Steve Rosenfeld outlines | Read More »

    Professor Grundy, Certified Racist

    No race outside of the europeans had a system that made slavery “personhood” instead of a temporary condition…there is also no race except europeans who kidnapped and transported human beings in order to enslave them and their offspring for life… in other words, deal with your sh*t, white people.  slavery is YALL thing. These are snippets of tweets from Dr. Saida Grundy, a newly hired | Read More »

    Clown Cars, Edsels and the Model-T

    The cute folks on Leftist websites have taken to dubbing the growing Republican Presidential hopeful field as a “clown car.”  Of course they are referring to that well-worn circus tradition of a small car driven into the center ring out of which emerge a large number of clowns.  To wit, this is a partial list of some headline articles from the children at DailyKos, Alternet, | Read More »

    Supreme Court Strikes Down Part of Maryland Income Tax Scheme

    This morning at 10:00, the Supreme Court issued opinions in six cases.  First, in a 9-0 decision authored by Justice Kagan, the Court ruled that a convicted felon can turn over their lawfully owned firearms to any third party provided the court is satisfied that the third party will not give the convicted felon control over those firearms. There were three other unanimous decisions that | Read More »

    Bernie Sanders’ New Hampshire Problem

    The Leftist blogosphere is all excited about the entry of Bernie Sanders into the presidential race for the Democratic Party.  There are many questions regarding his motivation for declaring his candidacy.  Personally, I think he entered the race to make Hillary Clinton look younger and fresher.  Many actually believe he has a legitimate chance against the Clinton machine and Clinton, for her part, has welcomed | Read More »

    The Academics Awards

    Now that the class of 2015 has largely graduated to enter the working world from the comfort of their parent’s basement, its time to review the best and worst of the past academic year.  Without further ado, its time for the First Annual Academics Awards (to be held at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion): The Award for Stupid Government Actions:  The winner is: The California state | Read More »