The Roberts Court and Obamacare

    Back when the Supreme Court decided NFIB vs. Sebelius- the celebrated Obamacare case- I distinctly remember watching the news that June morning.  Every broadcast was anticipating the decision since it was the last day of the term.  Every station was there and they all broke into their regular scheduled programming to bring the news.  They all erroneously initially reported that the law had been struck down | Read More »

    The Obama Drilling Game

    The Obama administration’s Interior Department recently released plans to allow offshore oil exploration and drilling off the eastern coast of the United States from Virginia to Florida.  In the states affected- Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina and Virginia-, there is generally wide bipartisan support.  The opposition is coming from the environmental Left, Democrats in Congress, and some misinformed interest groups.  However, we need to | Read More »

    The March Supreme Court Docket

    There are several high profile cases on the Court’s oral argument calendar in March.  So, in order of argument: Arizona State Legislature vs. Arizona Redistricting Commission- This has the potential to be a huge case.  At issue is who should be responsible for redistricting federal congressional districts.  Under Article I of the Constitution, redistricting is left to the states and for the vast bulk of | Read More »

    Why the DNC Soul-Searching Will Not Work

    In a few words, the reason is: its BS.  Making proclamations that they have to have greater outreach to Southern whites makes little sense since they characterize Southern whites as a band of racists beholden to a racist political party.  One need look at one simple internal inconsistency in their analysis. Soon after coming to the realization that they have to do better with the | Read More »

    Free Trade: Yes or No?

    Practically every article I read on this subject suggests that the Republican majority in Congress and the Obama administration can easily find common ground and pass any pending free trade agreements.  So what is the hold up?   has recently mentioned that he intends to put this at the front of his agenda on the House Ways and Means Committee and get something done. The | Read More »

    Europe in 2015: Its Link to the 14th Century

    In the 14th century, Europe was vastly different than today, although there are some similarities.  At that time, what today is Germany created a trade network throughout the Baltic that rivaled that of Rome to the south at its height.  In fact, Germany dominated European economics and politics until Great Britain emerged as the undisputed leader after colonization of America and its vast stores of | Read More »

    Dealing with Russia

    First, let’s dismiss the notion that the United States is about to engage in a new Cold War against Russia.  Russia is no “evil empire” in the traditional sense or as far as conventional warfare is concerned which explains why Putin has embarked on a campaign of asymmetrical warfare which has caught the Obama administration completely off-guard.  Even still, there is no great global competition. | Read More »

    The American Flag: An Incitement to Violence?

    The parents of students who were denied their constitutional rights have filed a petition to have their case heard before the United States Supreme Court.  The case is Dariano, et. al. vs. Morgan Hill Unified School District.  To bring everyone up to speed, this case involves the wearing of T-shirts by students that depicted the American flag.  So far, so good except that the students in | Read More »

    The New Cold War

    Like the former Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, there is a new one in the Middle East that pits Saudi Arabia against Iran.  And like most problems in the Middle East, religion lies at the root of the problem.  In this Cold War, like the old one, there are often flare-ups in proxy nations. Neither side is averse to using | Read More »

    Scott Walker Must Be Doing Something Right

    Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has been in the news a lot recently.  Soon after delivering a speech at the Iowa Freedom Summit, Walker emerged as a very viable presidential possibility in 2016 for the Republican Party.  It is obvious that the opposition is taking notice and that explains the recent attacks on Walker.  Some of it involves bringing up old, tried-and-failed accusations against Walker.  Some | Read More »