Time To Rethink Our Policy Towards Cuba

    Sitting a mere 90 miles off the southern tip of the United States, Cuba is perhaps the one area for foreign policy many politicians ignore unless you are from Florida.  This writer is of the opinion that greater exposure to American products would enhance the United States in international affairs.  A 50 year history of trade embargoes against Cuba have done little to change that | Read More »

    Liberals Want to Export Ideology

    When discussing free trade, it becomes obvious how a liberal mind sometimes works- weird.  One needs to look at their reasons against expanding free trade.  On their side, they have many think tanks and they come armed with statistics which infer a series of negative outcomes for the United States.  Of course, we on the right have our think tanks and statistics that prove the | Read More »

    Proud to Be “Anti-Choice”

    The pro-choice crowd has adopted the phrase “anti-choice” to refer to us people formerly known (to them) as pro-life.  In essence, these fine folks are defining the issue as they see it, but their choice and use of words is telling.  By denying the label “pro-life,” they show their true colors- their total ignorance of innocent human life.  To them, this has nothing whatsoever to | Read More »

    The 12/35/50 Solution

    In previous articles here at Redstate and elsewhere, I have argued that winning the Hispanic or black vote outright is not necessary to win the Presidency.  Instead, the preferred strategy should be to weaken the Democratic hold on black, Hispanic and female voters.  Furthermore, because a President is decided through the electoral vote count, the GOP need not even target the overall black or Hispanic | Read More »

    Dangerous Christians & Misunderstood Muslims

    The brutal beheading of photojournalist Jim Foley at the hands of an Islamic group has focused the world’s attention on their brutality and may have awoken the Obama administration to what they are up against.    But, largely overlooked by most media in 2013 was a FOIA mandated release of certain documents which detail the cooperation between the Department of Justice and the Southern Poverty | Read More »

    A 10-Step Intervention to Garner Minority Voters

    Everyone is fully aware of the GOP inability to make inroads with minority voters, especially blacks and Hispanics.  And no one is to blame here but the Republican Party.  Unfortunately, the GOP got drunk on their historic success in the 2010 midterm elections and made the mistake that this would carry over to the 2012 Presidential election.  The Romney campaign made some tactical errors and, | Read More »


    Arizona 2014 GOP Primary “Endorsements”

    There is a gubernatorial and some congressional races of interest in Arizona this year.  Obviously, immigration and border security plays a large role in Arizona politics.  Before getting to the crowded gubernatorial race, there are four Republican primaries in the House races. The 1st Congressional District is one of those districts represented by a Democrat, but won by Romney in 2012 thus making it a | Read More »

    Florida 2014 GOP Primary “Endorsements”

    A funny thing happened on the way to the Florida primaries.  A federal court stepped in and invalidated the state’s 2010 redistricting of congressional districts.  The legislature, which is in recess, was recently ordered back into session by the court.  So once again we have federal courts meddling in the political processes in Florida.  Since it is so close to the primary and since any | Read More »

    Ferguson, Missouri and Race

    Ferguson, Missouri and Race

    I have been loathe to comment on the recent racial disturbances in Ferguson, Missouri prompted by the death of Michael Brown.  The reasons are simple: we have witnessed this scene before and we are likely to witness it again.  The thing that most aggravates me is the rush to judgment on both sides.  The African-American community views this differently than some in the white community. | Read More »

    More Hand-Wringing and Apologies

    “We tortured some people.”  Of all the words uttered by Obama these past few years, these are perhaps his most dangerous.  Surely, our Constitutional-Scholar-in Chief understands that these words open CIA and Bush administration officials to prosecution in foreign courts for alleged “war crimes.” All hindsight is 20/20 and it is easy for the Senate and armchair liberals to sit about today and criticize actions | Read More »