Two Victories for the Integrity of Elections

    There were two recent encouraging developments regarding the integrity of voting in this country- one from Wisconsin and the other from Ohio.  At issue was a recently passed voter ID law in Wisconsin in which a federal district court, at the request of civil rights groups, issued an injunction against its enforcement in the November 4th election this year.  On appeal to the 7 Circuit | Read More »

    Common Core From the Inside

    A few years back, in an effort to supplement by income, I became a substitute teacher and eventually settled into a rather steady calling at a local K-8 elementary school.  This school is ethnically diverse- mainly Hispanic and Asian students with a smattering of black and white students.  Substitute teaching is NOT organized babysitting while the real teacher is off, and they are required to | Read More »

    The October 2014 Supreme Court Docket

    The 2014 term of the United States Supreme Court kicks off on Monday, October 6th.  While most Court watchers will be doing so with an eye towards cases making their way to the Court and/or the rumored alleged retirement of Justice Ginsburg at the end of this term, the October oral argument calendar has been set since June of this year.  Before getting to those | Read More »

    Rand Paul, Voter ID and Racism

    Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and possible 2016 GOP presidential candidate recently made some comments regarding voter ID laws which have riled up some conservatives and rightfully so.  As anyone should be aware, I am very firmly in favor of voter ID laws.  The Left will trot out statistics indicating that voting fraud is not a major problem in the United States.  But, as anyone should | Read More »

    The Complicated Senate Scene

    Sabato’s Crystal Ball had an interesting article about the Senate elections this year and the possibility that we may not really have a clear indication of control of the Senate come Election Day.  As they note, there are five races where the average poll results between the Republican and Democrat are less than three percentage points at this stage in the game-  Alaska, Arkansas, Iowa, | Read More »

    Ray Rice, Shaneen Allen and Chris Christie

    Generally, I would not dedicate a whole diary entry to another person’s entry, but since I (for whatever reason) cannot seem to comment, I feel this is a necessary follow up.  To recap, everyone is now aware of the Ray Rice situation and his violent assault on his then-girlfriend in an Atlantic City casino.  Everyone should also be aware of the situation of Shaneen Allen, | Read More »

    How to Win the Non-War on Terrorism

    With ISIL all the rage these days in the media, some of the discussion has descended into the ridiculous and bogged down in semantics.  Is it a “war” or is it a “sustained counter-terrorism offensive?”  This is silly.  Call it a prolonged “whatever” and move on.  It will be prolonged because long after ISIL is destroyed, self-destructs or is neutered, another group will pop up | Read More »

    Obama and Silencing Dissent: A Continual American Tradition

    There is much (out)rage against the Obama administration and Democratic efforts to silence political opposition.  Yet, almost from the beginning of this country’s founding as a constitutional democracy, presidents have attempted to silence their political opposition.  Starting in 1798 with the Alien and Sedition Acts, this was nothing but a legislatively approved attempt to silence the critics of the Adams administration.  We can draw an | Read More »

    The 2016 Crystal Ball

    Having recently peered into my crystal ball and consulted Tarot cards and a Ouija board to boot, I saw the following vision.  It is December 2016.  The long presidential campaign is a thing of the past.  After Hillary Clinton dropped out of contention by her choice- she wanted to be a grandmother and the Clinton Foundation is more profitable than the presidency given her financial | Read More »

    The Closing of the Liberal Mind

     Political polarization is all the rage in the news.  Looked at realistically, one cannot say that the country is the most polarized it has ever been.  Perhaps that is true as long as political polling has been around, but to compare today’s political polarization to Andrew Jackson and his opposition to the national bank, the lead up to the Civil War, or even our entry | Read More »