What Rubio Should Have Said To Christie

    The opening salvo launched at Rubio by Chris Christie will be analyzed after the votes are counted in New Hampshire.  Let’s not play around here: Christie damaged Rubio in the debate, but other than that he will not be the nominee against Clinton.  Instead, a better response by Rubio would have been: “With all due respect, it is not only a question of leadership, but | Read More »

    Cruz or Rubio?

    Sorry to steal the title of a previous article here and transpose the names, but I felt the need.  I make no bones about the fact that Cruz was in my top three choices when this whole thing started.  I was actually for Walker as by first choice.  It was a toss-up between Cruz and Rubio for #2.  I have previously posted an article about | Read More »

    And Then There Were Ten

    True to his word, Mike Huckabee abandoned the race for the GOP nomination after not placing in the top 3 in Iowa.  In the real world, he had zero chance of being the nominee and probably entered negative chance territory as more and newer candidates emerged.  One would have to question where his supporters will now go, but considering his low finish in Iowa- a | Read More »

    The February Supreme Court Oral Argument Schedule

    Later this month, the US Supreme Court will hear oral argument in eight cases.  The following is a summary of each case and the issues involved. Kingdomware Technologies vs. United States:  For years, the government has encouraged its agencies to award contracts to businesses owned by veterans.  Kindomware Technologies is an IT firm in Maryland owned by a veteran that contracts with the government.  In | Read More »

    To New Hampshire…and Beyond

    Now that the first votes of the primary season have been cast, let’s see where we stand. When this process began, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus predicted a nominee would be determined by the end of March.  A more accurate analysis is that we may not have one until the final primaries in early June where states like California and New Jersey would play a disproportionate | Read More »

    What Happened in Iowa?

    The following are some observations on the Iowa caucuses: 1. The Cruz ground game pays off.  Entering this contest, everyone fully expected this to be either Cruz or Trump ending up on top at the end of the night.  In this, there was no surprise.  But, why did Cruz move ahead of Trump when the chips were down?  Ted Cruz invested a lot of time, | Read More »

    EXCLUSIVE: The Hillary Diaries- January 2016 edition

    In my continuing effort to inform readers about the inner workings of the strange mind of Hillary Clinton, I have obtained some more of her personal diary entries. 1/1/16:  Spent day with friends going over upcoming events and rolling out Bill in NH.  They have me going to NH also this week when I will make the big announcement. 1/3/16:  Spent day in NH taking | Read More »

    Gubernatorial Races in 2016: January News

    While all eyes are on Iowa today and tomorrow, there are important gubernatorial races in 2016.   There was some news on that front during January, so here it is.  NOTE: Not every race is necessarily covered in these updates.  So, for example, if there is no major news out of the Arizona senatorial race, there is no need to list it. Missouri:  Well, if | Read More »

    Ted Cruz: An Indictment and a Defense

    In the January 14th debate, Marco Rubio accused Ted Cruz of changing his position on several issues.  For such a recognized crafty debater, his response was a little less than stellar.  Claiming that Rubio made eleven accusations “half of which were wrong” insinuates half were correct.  This actually started in the previous debate when the “amnesty flip flop” charge occurred.  The Cruz explanation in the | Read More »

    An Incredibly Weird Two Weeks for Donald Trump

    As usual, something Donald Trump isn’t doing is dominating the news cycle.  His decision to skip tonight’s debate is all the rage right now, but the handwriting was on the wall soon after the January 14th debate when he started to make noise against Megyn Kelly being a moderator in tonight’s debate. Apparently, Trump still holds a grudge against Kelly for a question she asked | Read More »