2016 Gubernatorial Races- Mays News in Review

    Alaska- True, there is no gubernatorial race in Alaska this year, but there were rumors circulating in the state that former Democratic Senator Mark Begich was considering a run in 2018.  In order to do so, current “independent” Governor Bill Walker- who won with massive support from Alaska Democrats- would have to step aside.  But economics may dictate Walker’s fate (and decision) given some recent | Read More »

    Who on Earth Invented the Nobel Peace Prize?

    The Nobel Prize is named after the dude who invented dynamite.  He was a Norwegian.  In order to keep the country of Norway relevant other than their fish exports, they award a Nobel Prize in various categories every year.  It is considered one of the most prestigious prizes in all the world.  I fully understand the prize in physics although I don’t understand physics.  Therefore, | Read More »

    The Battle For the Senate in 2016- May News

    California: We start in the Golden State where the seat being vacated by Democratic incumbent Barbara Boxer has drawn an incredible 34 declared candidates in the primary.  As one is aware, the top two finishers regardless of party affiliation go on to face one another in November.  But with 34 candidates, officials have run into a problem.  They cannot fit all the candidates onto one page | Read More »

    The Battle for the House in 2016- May News (Part 2 of 2)

    MN-02:  Controversial radio host Jason Lewis has the endorsement of the GOP in Minnesota and one poll shows him defeating his primary opponents.  Democrats are already gearing up to use some of his statements on the air which some call racist and misogynistic.  Additionally, liberals groups have reserved a lot of airtime in the fall in the Minneapolis market although some is targeted for the | Read More »

    The Battle for the House in 2016- May News (Part 1 of 2)

    With deadlines looming and actual primaries held, May and June look to be important months.  So without further ado- CO-05:  Incumbent Republican Doug Lamborn barely survived making it to the primary ballot at the state convention garnering 35% of the vote.  He needed 30% to make it.  Legislative aid Calandra Vargas managed 58% of the vote.  What makes this extra interesting is that a candidate | Read More »

    Some Other Cultures Actually Do Suck

    Cultural relativism is a stupid argument from the start.  It teaches that truth is relative to any culture.  If that were so, then there are no “truths” and 2+2 does not equal 4 since that is a “truth.”  This then implies that there is no good and there is no evil.  What we in the West may view as “bad” or “evil” really isn’t because | Read More »

    Nope!!! Still Not Convinced to Vote for Trump

    Dennis Prager, a well-respected conservative, has an article in Townhall regarding voting for Trump and takes aim at the #NeverTrump movement.  The article can be read in its entirety here: A Response to My Conservative #NeverTrump Friends.  Just as Prager does not find the arguments of those who oppose Trump convincing, this writer finds his arguments equally unconvincing. Prager basically takes the lesser of two evils argument | Read More »

    The Trump Effect and the Senate- Part 2: Kentucky

    On the Republican side, most of the intrigue involved Rand Paul and his presidential aspirations.  At one time he actually was a viable candidate for the presidency, but things seriously unraveled.  Prior to that, believing his chances were better in a caucus format, the state legislature changed their law and allowed it after the Paul campaign put up $250,000 to help finance the caucuses.  However, | Read More »

    Trump vs. Clinton: A Daunting and Ominous Electoral Map

    Trump vs. Clinton: A Daunting and Ominous Electoral Map

    Generally speaking, this writer ignores national presidential polls since we do not elect our President by the popular vote.  Instead, one must do a state-by-state analysis to determine electoral votes with 270 being the goal.  Many pundits have noted the so-called Blue Wall (ironic- Trump has to climb over that wall)- an advantage that the Democratic Party enjoys in the Electoral count. If we look | Read More »

    Puerto Rico and Atlantic City, New Jersey

    The commonwealth of Puerto Rico- an American territory- is in serious financial straights.  By most accounts, they are $72 billion in debt and unable to pay it off.  Some have compared them to “America’s Greece,” but that is a misnomer.  Solutions to the problem are varied, but appear in political limbo in Congress.  Most of the “solutions” suggested or proposed by the Democrats clearly miss | Read More »