We Tortured Some People and So What?

    First, let’s dispense with the semantic games over “torture” or “enhanced interrogations.”  Torture is defined as the “infliction of severe physical pain or anguish as a means of punishment or coercion.”  The 119 individuals swept up in the CIA’s program in the wake of 9/11 were not “punished.” The purpose of the techniques used was to coerce information out of the subjects.  It was “torture.” | Read More »

    Christie, Taxes and the Presidency

    The New Jersey transportation is almost empty.  The roads and bridges need to be fixed.  New Jersey has the second lowest gasoline tax in the United States.  Chris Christie may run for President.  Christie is opposed to tax increases.  What is a poor Governor to do? If you are Chris Christie in New Jersey, you appoint a Democrat to run your state’s transportation department and | Read More »

    Getting Real About Campaign Finance Reform

    The recently passed $1.1 trillion spending bill has upset both the Left and the Right for differing reasons.  This article focuses on the campaign spending limit changes attached as a rider to that bill.  It is also an area of interest to this writer as I have tracked this issue over several cycles and come to some very real conclusions. The main thrust behind campaign | Read More »

    The 2014 College Censorship Hall of Shame

    Every year, we are treated in the spring to a spate of commencement speakers at college campuses having their invitations to speak revoked or having them succumb to pressure from liberal groups on campus whose little feelings may be hurt by what the speaker has to say, or has said in the past.  This year was no different and come May 2015 we will be | Read More »

    The Little Case That Could

    An overlooked case was heard before the United States Supreme Court yesterday that could have implications beyond that specific case.  At issue was the minute details of a law, jurisdiction, sovereign immunity and something called “equitable tolling.”  This case originated out of a car accident where the victim’s car hit a cable median divider on the highway that government officials knew to be deficient in | Read More »

    Getting Real About the Minimum Wage

    This should be a very easy subject for the conservative and liberal to understand if we look at the issue realistically.  First off, increasing the minimum wage does not alleviate poverty.  It also has a disproportionate effect on small businesses- the main driver of job growth in this country- since they are less able to pay increased wages.  It certainly does not encourage wage growth | Read More »

    Getting Real About Campus Rape

    One of the worst crimes is rape.  The reported statistics by some groups is disturbing in this area, but like any statistic they can be skewed and parsed by any group with an agenda.  We are told that at the low end, there are 300,000 rapes every year and at the other extreme, it is 1.3 million.  Additionally, about 54% of those situations that fit | Read More »

    Getting Real on Abortion and Gay Marriage

          There is often a disconnect between the real and the ideal.  The best laid plans of the Left or the Right are often met with unintended consequences and hardships along the way.  That, however, should not prevent us from fighting the good fight.  Often that “good fight” translates into an over-arching theory of morality and personal responsibility.  But we know that not | Read More »

    What Do Voting Rights and Obamacare Have In Common?

    As everyone is aware, the United States Supreme Court has decided to take a case that challenges the subsidies for health care plans purchased on the federal exchange- King vs. Burwell.  This is not a constitutional challenge to the law, but the case is one of statutory interpretation.  Such cases are common before the Supreme Court and, in fact, make up the bulk of their cases.  This | Read More »

    Run, Hillary, Run

    I have recently taken a liking to the political analysis editorials of Harry Enten at the New York Times’ FiveThirtyEight blog.  I believe he, along with Larry Sabato, do some interesting research into political trends that have some predictive value.  Enten’s most recent article is titled “What May Persuade Hillary Clinton Not to Run in 2016.”  Sabato recently made some headlines when he predicted that there | Read More »