December Supreme Court Docket

    The December sitting of the Supreme Court session starts the Monday after Thanksgiving.  The cases scheduled for oral argument are potentially contentious as the Justices will confront several issues with the potential for some blockbuster rulings.  So in chronological order, here is a summary of the cases to be heard: November 30th Mussachio vs. United States: This case involves criminal procedure and the appeals process | Read More »

    The Vitter Defeat in Louisiana

    Although not a total surprise, the loss of Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) 84% to Democrat John Bel Edwards in the gubernatorial race needs to be taken in context.  Losing this seat simply creates a net zero at the Governor’s office level since the GOP picked up a seat in Kentucky earlier in November.  In an earlier article, I predicted that Vitter would | Read More »

    The Louisiana Run Off: Vitter Versus Edwards

    On October 24th, Louisiana held their election and no one of the nine candidates on the ballot reached the magical 50% threshold thus necessitating a runoff.  The Democrats are ecstatic about this result since their candidate “won” the election with 40% of the 1.1 million votes cast.  Sen. David Vitter (R-LA) 84% came in a distant second at 23% and not much | Read More »

    The Supreme Court and Union Political Power

    The Supreme Court later this term will hear a vitally important case involving union dues.  The case originates from California where a group of Orange County teachers stand in opposition to the payment of union dues claiming it is a form of compelled speech.  Considering that both the NEA and the AFT are some of the largest political contributors in this country at all levels | Read More »

    Is There a Place For Chris Christie?

    The current New Jersey Governor and GOP presidential candidate has had a rough time since winning a landslide reelection in 2013.  Between his now infamous embrace of Obama on the beach in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy to the non-scandal known as “Bridgegate,” things have been tough.  Let us leave aside for a moment THE HUG an concentrate on the bridge scandal.  This obviously was | Read More »

    Hillary’s Misguided Gun Control Plan

    As is so often the case, the Left will use every gun tragedy or mass shooting in this country to their political advantage in order to enact gun control measures.  Hillary Clinton, the ultimate political animal, is no different.  Her plan, unveiled in the aftermath of the Oregon shooting that left 10 dead, reveals the stupidity of their efforts. Her plan which she reiterated in | Read More »

    Obama Denies Keystone Pipeline: Is This the End?

    On Friday Barack Obama announced that he had denied a permit to TransCanada, the builder of the Keystone pipeline.  Many consider this the death knell of the project.  The history of the pipeline is tortuous and began in the Bush administration.  It was punted to the Obama administration which ordered another EPA study.  Surprisingly, the Obama EPA- in a rare case of the application of | Read More »

    The Vegas Odds on the GOP Nomination- After 3 and Before 4 Debates

    Three debates down and two scheduled for this month, the following chart shows the average Vegas/UK odds on the GOP nomination starting in April until today.  An update will be posted in early December before that month’s debate and after those in November: Candidate Apr 20 June 17 Aug 9 Aug 26 Sep 10 Sep 23 Oct 27 Nov 8 Bush, Jeb 5 to 2 | Read More »

    Texas, Guns and Dildos

    Texas, Guns and Dildos

    Yes- you read that title correctly.  This past June, the Texas legislature passed and Governor Abbott signed a law allowing students and faculty to carry concealed weapons on campus and in classrooms.  Even in Texas, this was previously disallowed.  The legislature’s action was in response to recent shootings on college campuses. But, why- you ask- are students protesting with a sex toy?  The reason is | Read More »

    The Tuesday Elections and What They Mean (or Don’t Mean)

    Sometimes the elections held the year before a Presidential election year can discern certain trends.  If so, then there are a few take-aways from the elections this past Tuesday.  Instead of doing a state-by-state analysis, it is best to look at the elections generally and see if they tell us anything about possibilities in 2016. 1. Democrats performed really poorly and below expectations.  Coming into | Read More »