Iowa Republican Primary “Endorsements”

    Other than the congressional district races, there are GOP primaries for Governor and the Senate seat being vacated by Democrat Tom Harkin.  First, the Governor’s race where incumbent Republican Terry Branstad seeks another term in office.  The Democrats will run state senator Jack Hatch against the primary winner.  As late as March, Branstad had approval ratings at 55%.  Since then, due to a series of scandals | Read More »

    New Jersey Primary “Endorsements”

    For Senate to take on incumbent Cory Booker, the former Democratic mayor of Newark, there are four Republicans in the field.  In reality, the chances of a GOP upset here are quite small unless Booker somehow self-destructs.  As has been noted in a different context, Redstate itself was silent in the 2013 special election that sent Booker to Washington to replace the deceased Frank Lautenberg. | Read More »

    Montana and New Mexico Primary “Endorsements”

    In New Mexico, most of the GOP primary drama will be centered on the Senate seat currently held by Democrat Tom Udall.  Unlike his brother in Colorado, this Udall has a greater chance of reelection.  However, should these midterms be a decisive repudiation of the Democratic brand, then Udall is likewise vulnerable.  On the GOP side, David Clements will face Allen Weh  in the primary | Read More »

    California Primary “Endorsements”

    Unlike most other states, California uses an “open” primary system where the top two vote getters on primary day advance to the general election regardless of party affiliation.  In some ways, this makes the analysis a little difficult.  It is possible that in certain districts there may be a Democrat vs. Democrat or Republican vs. Republican in the general election.  This article will focus on | Read More »

    Alabama and South Dakota GOP Primary “Endorsements”

    On Tuesday June 3rd, Alabama and South Dakota will hold primary elections.  In Alabama, there are three contested congressional district races and a Governor’s race to examine.  For Governor, incumbent Republican Robert Bentley faces two primary challengers- Stacy George and Bob Starkey.  Despite the primary opposition, Bentley appears, by all accounts, practically unbeatable in a general election.  One poll put his approval rating at 80% | Read More »

    Harry Reid’s Koch Obsession

    Perhaps the most amusing political news these days is Harry Reid’s obsession with Americans for Prosperity and, more significantly, the Koch brothers.  Barely a day goes by without Reid making a television appearance, a magazine interview, or a speech on the Senate floor lambasting the Koch brothers.  To hear Harry Reid talk, the Republican Party is nothing short of a marionette puppet with the Kochs | Read More »

    Smart Guns Only: Coming to New Jersey?

    In 2002, the New Jersey legislature passed and the governor signed, a handgun law designed to basically ban the sale of the traditional handgun in the state.  In its place, one can purchase a so-called smart gun.  Although the state would not go so far as to confiscate other handguns from gun owners in the state, their sale would be prohibited by licensed wholesalers and | Read More »

    The Coming GOP Youth Vote Armageddon: Not So Fast

    There has been much written regarding the youth vote and how it relates to the future success of the Republican Party on the national stage.  This discussion blends into the overall consensus that the GOP has lost the votes of minority demographics throughout the electorate.  In other words, the youth vote is considered a minority vote akin to that of African-Americans, Hispanics, or Asians.  But | Read More »

    Republican Primary Endorsements in Georgia- Part 2

    It is rare when an incumbent Governor finds himself endangered in a primary, but Nathan Deal finds himself in that position.  Amidst a swirl of controversy involving campaign finance allegations left over from 2010, Deal may find himself out of politics this year.  With the Democrats running the grandson of ex-governor and “president”  Jimmy Carter- Jason Carter- name recognition on that side is no problem. | Read More »

    The Legacy of Brown v. Board of Education

    This month we “celebrate” the 60th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling in Brown v. Board of Education.  As most are aware, this ruling swept aside racial segregation in public education which persisted in many states.  When it was decided in 1954, the 11 southern states, DC plus six other states had segregated schools and it was optional in another four states.  Some estimates state | Read More »