Ignorance and Misunderstanding in the Age of Obama’s Amnesty

    Many of us on the Right are erroneously making assumptions about the recently announced Obama amnesty that are not rooted in reality.  Namely, people believe that this action automatically delivers up to 5 million people onto the Democratic column come election time.  Some have made the case- probably mostly correct- that although this is phrased as a deportation deferment program, once a new President is | Read More »

    The Hilarious Stupidity of Obama’s Executive Order

    While there seems to be an apoplectic reaction to Obama’s executive order on immigration, it would behoove conservatives to keep a cool head.  First, virtually every legal scholar on the Left and the Right agree his actions are absolutely legal.  That being said, because one has the power is not a grant to indiscriminately use that power.  No one begrudges any president using their executive | Read More »


    After every election, the pundits come out of the woodwork with their analysis of the results armed with a plethora of polling results.  If anything, the public and political parties should be skeptical of polling results since 2014 proved many of them dismally wrong.  Polling serves an important purpose in elections- it employs people at polling companies.  As a snapshot of any particular race, they | Read More »

    Amanda Marcotte is a Big Dumb Jerk

    I occasionally like to read some liberal outlets to see what the opposition is thinking and if they have come to their senses.  I know this is a futile exercise, but one can hope.  Any way, one site is Salon which employs a resident moonbat by the name of Amanda Marcotte.  I am not sure whether she writes what she does just for the sake | Read More »

    Hispanics: Beware the Obama Executive Order!

    Law enforcement agencies- State, federal and local- routinely must prioritize how their resources are used.  It explains why the jaywalker is rarely charged.  Deportation proceedings instituted by ICE are no different.  The Obama administration’s main argument for issuing an executive order which would, in the practical sense, grant amnesty to an estimated 4 million illegal immigrants is based on the concept of prosecution discretion. There | Read More »

    King vs. Burwell- Part 3: Possible Outcomes and Solutions

    Given the evidence offered in the first two parts of this series, it is easy to see what a debacle of a law  is Obamacare.  Yet, it was one of the most debated pieces of legislation in recent history.  The fact that Congress- essentially a collection of lawyers- would draft such a law is discouraging at least and criminal at worst.  If they deliberately left | Read More »

    King vs. Burwell- Part 2: The Arguments

    As explained in part 1, two federal courts have now determined that the wording of the ACA is unambiguous and that federal subsidies cannot be offered to those who purchased health care through  A third court is likely to reach the same conclusion in a case out of Indiana while a fourth court has sided with the federal government in a “close call.”  Thus, | Read More »

    King vs. Burwell- Part 1: How We Got There

    Technically speaking, the case recently taken by the Supreme Court- King vs. Burwell- is not a direct challenge to Obamacare.  If anything, the plaintiffs in this case are arguing for the Supreme Court to uphold the ACA as originally written.  The action is taken not against the law itself, but against an IRS interpretation gone wrong. Section 1311 directs states to establish health care exchanges within | Read More »

    Campaign Spending and Sour Grapes

    In the wake of an historic Republican victory in the midterm elections where they solidified their lead in the House and captured the Senate, many on the Left are not calling this election for what it is and instead are deflecting attention.  Namely, many articles are saying something to the effect that it was not Republicans that won the election, it was money.  As an | Read More »

    Election Night Take Aways

    The post-mortem has begun on the 2014 elections.  The following were taken from Charlie Cook of the Cook Political Report, Ezra Klein at the New York Times and James Hohmann of Politico.  First, Cook’s observations: 1. Tip O’Neill was wrong- all politics is national:  This is not true in all elections, but it was true in this case.  Clearly, people spoke even if it was not | Read More »