Harry’s Knickers In a Twist

    Last Thursday, the Senate confirmed Eric Holder…er, I mean Loretta Lynch to be the 54th Attorney General of the United States.  That morning, Senate Minority Leader Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) 8% took to the floor to take exception to a Wall Street Journal editorial titled “The GOP Uses Its Advice and Consent to Beat Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) 8%.”  Looking | Read More »

    The Supreme Court Term to Date

    Thus far, the Supreme Court has heard oral argument in 61 of 68 cases this term.  They have reached decisions and issued opinions in 26 of those cases heard thus far.  The vast majority of these cases have been 9-0 unanimous decisions with four other 8-1 near unanimous decisions.  In fact, at this point in the term 50% of their decisions have been at least | Read More »

    The Trans-Pacific Partnership and Politics

    There is a very strange dynamic building in Congress regarding the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) which is creating an alignment between liberal Democrats and some of the more conservative members of the GOP.  One can safely say that when a former Congresswoman like Michelle Bachmann joins a socialist Democrat like Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) 20%, there is something interesting going on here.  Like | Read More »

    Corporate Personhood: Standing Between Capitalism and Socialism

    If you really want to get a liberal to react like a dysfunctional fembot in the Austen Powers movies , just mention Citizens United.  If you want their heads to explode, tell them that corporations are persons.  This is one thing that really upsets them and recently the $2.5 billion presidential wannabe, Hillary Clinton, mentioned it as one of the four things why she is running | Read More »

    The Supreme Court, Gay Marriage and History

    In my previous entry, I noted that “why” gay marriage should be “the law of the land” is vitally important.  This writer has no idea how the Court will rule, although many feel that it is a foregone conclusion.  There are some considerations that give me pause to reach that conclusion.  It will be interesting to see if these issues enter oral argument at any | Read More »

    IF There is To Be Gay Marriage, the “Why” is Very Important

    There is much consternation on the Right about the upcoming gay marriage cases pending before the Supreme Court.  Many are resigning themselves to the fact that the Court will side with homosexual couples come June.  That may be so, but in order to get to that conclusion, the Court has to articulate a reason.  They cannot just say that attitudes have changed and that gay | Read More »

    Gay Marriage…Hold On a Second

    There is the apparent consensus and resignation that same sex marriage will be the law of the land come the end of this Supreme Court term in June.  Already here and elsewhere, the anticipated vitriol has started against the Court and particular Justices.  In the end, that rhetoric may very well be accurate.  For reasons that will be explained in the next two articles, this | Read More »

    Lethal Injection Under Scrutiny

    Given the notoriety of the gay marriage cases to be argued next week before the Supreme Court, it is understandable that another case went unnoticed.  That case is Glossip vs. Gross, which comes from Oklahoma dealing with the death penalty.  Richard Glossip was convicted of first degree murder in 1998 and sentenced to death.  Actually, Justin Sneed beat a motel owner to death with a baseball | Read More »

    How to Defeat Clinton

    As Cute As Always Now that she is officially in and the presumptive front runner for the Democratic nomination and the actual Presidency, the Republican Party should begin a coordinated effort towards her defeat.  The stakes in 2016 are enormous for this country.  Leaving aside the obvious “first woman President” meme, there is work to be done that can tear | Read More »

    A (Very) Early Take on the 2016 House Races

    Although it is very early in the 2016 election cycle and we have not even made it through Election Day 2015, I thought it prudent to take a look at the House races.  On the Democratic side, there have been seven casualties thus far- Hahn and Capps in California, Duckworth in Illinois, Edwards and Van Hollen in Maryland, Murphy in Florida and Rangel in New | Read More »