So…The Supreme Court Again Takes On Gay Marriage

    In a move largely expected, the Supreme Court will finally take on the issue of gay marriage yet again.  Since its rulings in the Windsor DOMA case and the Proposition 8 Hollingsworth case out California, there has been numerous litigation in federal courts over this topic.  To date, 36 states now have gay marriage either through state constitutional recognition, legislative action, or (mostly) judicial fiat.  That is | Read More »

    “Racist” Cops and Police Brutality

    Not that I am late to the conversation, but I considered it best to let the angry rhetoric die down before penning this entry.  We have witnessed some ugly scenes in Ferguson and New York City that I believe we can all agree were not handled particularly well.  The fingers point at city officials and protesters with the flash point being the police in between. | Read More »

    Tackling Poverty

    The Obama solution to alleviating poverty in America is a five-fingered approach: (1) create jobs, (2)  increase wages, (3) job training, (4) invest in kids and (5) strengthen families.  The conservative solution is (1) job creation, (2) job training, (3) education and (4) decreasing single parenthood.  As one can see, there is some overlap here and one would think that some reasonable solutions can be | Read More »

    The Wall Street Vs. Main Street Garbage

    Today, we hear a lot of rhetoric from the Left about Wall Street especially from the newest poster child for these beliefs- Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)Heritage ActionScorecardSen. Elizabeth Warren7%Senate Democrat Average29See Full Scorecard7%.  This self-described intellectual inspiration behind the Occupy Wall Street “movement” is all over the news and liberal blogosphere with chants encouraging her to run for president in 2016.  Being the intellectual inspiration for a movement | Read More »

    And the Islamic Apologists Just Keep Coming

    Elias Isquith a political writer for Salon and other liberal outlets.  He is also a naive jerk of the highest order.  Like another Salon/Alternet writer- Amanda Marcotte- he spouts some of the most twisted, almost retarded stuff ever written.  His latest piece is titled “Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)Heritage ActionScorecardSen. Ted Cruz95%Senate Republican Average29See Full Scorecard95% and the New McCarthyism: Inside a dangerous response to the atrocity in Paris.”  He spends three | Read More »

    Why Not Net Neutrality?

    With the FCC about to rule on net neutrality next month, we need to look at this very important subject for what it is.  The Left, which is largely for it in keeping with their anti-corporate rhetoric, loves to gussy up things in soft, fuzzy, cuddly phrases like “net neutrality” or “fairness doctrines.”  That should be a warning sign.  Everyone loves equality, neutrality and fairness, | Read More »

    Elizabeth Warren and Science

    To an adoring crowd last year, moonbat Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA)Heritage ActionScorecardSen. Elizabeth Warren7%Senate Democrat Average29See Full Scorecard7% articulated an Orwellian 11-point progressive manifesto.  Point number two states: “We believe in real science and that means we have a responsibility to protect the Earth.”  This statement makes two erroneous assumptions- (1) conservatives do not believe in science and (2) conservatives have no interest in protecting the Earth. Of | Read More »

    Europe and Islam: A Mismatch Made in Heaven

    Last week, before the despicable attack on the editors and cartoonists at the satirical French publication Charlie Hebdo, NBC News had a short blip on their nightly news about a cathedral in Cologne, Germany that had turned off their lights to protest the recent anti-Islam protests taking place in that city.  I assume this is akin to the lights being turned off on the Empire State | Read More »

    Pendulum Swings and Emboldened Police Officers

    Largely in response to what was perceived as an expansion of criminal rights under the Supreme Court leadership of Earl Warren, the Burger, Rehnquist and Roberts Courts are generally seen as rolling back some of those rights.  The question now is whether that pendulum has swung too far in favor of the police and prosecutors and if so, does this have anything to do with | Read More »

    The Democratic Party’s Zombie Apocalypse

    After any drubbing in an election, a political party usually looks within and does a post-mortem analysis on what went wrong.  Call it what you will, but the Republican victories in November were a drubbing of the Democrats and their message.  The GOP won in places where they had no right winning- liberal strongholds like Massachusetts, Maryland and Illinois in gubernatorial races- and replacing hardcore | Read More »