Can We Please Focus on the Immediate Threat?

    In the wake of the South Carolina primary results, the hyperbole is intense from the media and elsewhere.  Let’s stop, take a deep breath and get a grip.  Donald Trump, despite the declarations of the talking heads at CNN and elsewhere, has about 5% of the delegates necessary to win the nomination.  These same people say no one who has won New Hampshire and South | Read More »

    Dispelling the Supreme Court Myths

    There is a lot of hyperbole on both sides over the possible replacement for Justice Scalia on the Supreme Court.  Obama’s most recent “news conference” at Rancho Mirage, statements by Republican presidential candidates and Senators, and editorials by Harry Reid aside, these myths usually have some shred of truth, but generally a greater lack of evidence to back up the assertions. Myth #1- “An 80 | Read More »

    Ted Cruz and Homeschooling

    There has recently been some buzz here and elsewhere about Ted Cruz’ co-sponsorship of S. 306- the Enhancing Educational Opportunities for All Students Act.  This bill was introduced by Sen. Mike Lee and referred to the Senate Finance Committee where it awaits further action.  There are two main parts to this bill- one that addresses the portability of Title I funds and another that addresses | Read More »

    Donald Trump: The Code Pinker of the GOP

    Donald Trump feeds on publicity and to gain publicity he throws out controversial statements.  His most recent debate performance which has been panned by every sane person (which eliminates Trump supporters) was just such an example when he went on the attack against George W. Bush. The falsities spewed in that debate and its aftermath on the many talk shows are the stuff of conspiracy | Read More »

    Can We Please Stop Talking About Amendments?

    Recently, there was some dust up over how Ted Cruz would work to overturn the Obergfell same sex marriage decision and what Marco Rubio would do.  This reminds me of the same “controversy” over the Ted Cruz commercial that attacked Rubio on funding for Planned Parenthood.  After that commercial was aired, National Right to Life corrected the record stating that Rubio had voted to defund Planned | Read More »

    Reaction to the South Carolina Debate

    Generally, before writing these articles on these debates, I like to watch and re-watch the debate and avoid the talking head punditry that follows in its wake.  Another good means of analysis is to read the transcript of the debate devoid of the puppeteer arm-waving of Kasich, the faces Trump makes or the condescending looks of other candidates.  In fact, I invite every reader to | Read More »

    Scalia and the Direction of the Court

    The first issue to be discussed is whether Obama, in an election year, should nominate a replacement to Scalia.  This is a non-issue.  It is much too early in the election season for him not to name a replacement for Scalia.  The most recent example we have of anything nearly approximating this situation was Anthony Kennedy who assumed his seat on the Court in 1988. | Read More »

    Why Our Founders Would Cringe at Donald Trum

    In the late 18th century, our Founding Fathers decided to break away from Great Britain because of what they believed was an authoritarian regime with little or no respect for the colonies.  With great sacrifice, they achieved their goal and established a government based on a new Constitution where the lessons learned from pre-Revolutionary days were put into effect.  The most important of these were | Read More »

    Shifting the Black Vote

    Obama rode to office on very high turnout by the African-American electorate and Hillary Clinton will need turnout somewhere approximating those totals to ensure victory.  The overall black vote is now irrevocably lost to the Democratic Party.  The GOP can never, ever expect to capture a majority of the black vote even if they nominated a liberal black to be their presidential candidate; it just | Read More »

    New Hampshire Results: Be Careful What You Wish For

    It is now painfully obvious that Marco Rubio’s response to Chris Christie in the debate before the New Hampshire primary hurt his performance in the Granite State.  Despite the whining by Christie, Cruz and Trump regarding Rubio’s better than expected showing in Iowa where he captured third and accusations that the media had the fix in for Rubio, any momentum coming out of Iowa ran | Read More »