Ay Chihuahua: The Trump Immigration Plan

    So now we know how Mexico is going to pay for that impenetrable wall Donald Trump is going to build along the southern border.  And in his campaign’s first detailed policy “white paper,” we learn a few more things.  Unfortunately for Trump and his chest-thumping supporters there is one thing in the way- the United States Constitution. There is so much nonsense in his immigration | Read More »

    The Incredible Fall of Rand Paul

    In an earlier article, I alluded to the fact that Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) 88% would be the first most likely big name candidate to drop out of the presidential sweepstakes first.  I stand by that assertion and base it on several factors.  First, there is the money game.  His PAC raised a reported $7 million in the second quarter of 2015. | Read More »

    Sanctuary Cities: Past, Present and Future

    As tragic as the death of Kate Steinle in San Francisco is, her murder at the hands of an illegal immigrant does not stand alone in this country this year.  Although not all of them are attributable to the sanctuary status of the jurisdiction, such status is a lure for illegal immigrants.  Unfortunately, many have moved on to other stories. There is no legal definition | Read More »

    Wow! Alternet Takes on Abortion and Ben Carson

    One of my favorite loony Left Wing sites is Alternet and their weekly column called “Five Deranged Right Wing Moments This Week.”  I will take up only number one on their list- Ben Carson.  In particular, they take exception to the fact that Carson stood by comments that abortion is the number one killer of blacks and that Planned Parenthood’s founder Margaret Sanger was an | Read More »

    A Sober Look at Foreign Aid

    The foreign aid package for FY 2016 is estimated to be $33.7 billion.  As the federal deficit continues and national debt reaches great proportions, there are many with the false belief that reigning in foreign aid should be a simple part of the solution.  Considering that according to a Gallup poll, Americans believe that foreign aid adds up to about 25% of US expenditures, it | Read More »

    What Does Trump’s Lead in the Polls Mean?

    According to a recent poll by CNN, Trump leads Ben Carson in Iowa by a 22-14 margin.  He also leads in Michigan according to a Fox News poll 20-12 over Jeb Bush and 18-13 over Bush in New Hampshire.  The Realclearpolitics average of polls puts Trump at 22.5% with Jeb Bush being a second best at 11.8%.  If all this really meant anything, Donald Trump | Read More »

    Foreign Corporate Profits and Repatriation- The Solution

    This writer is a fan of the governmental quid pro quo and allow me to show three examples where it works.  It also provides a key to the dilemma of encouraging corporations to repatriate foreign profits.  In France in order to meet the need for general practitioners, the government pays 100% of a person’s medical school training.  In exchange, that person must practice in an | Read More »

    Foreign Corporate Profits and Repatriation- The Problem

    Much has been written and debated about the “repatriation” of corporate profits which, depending on the source, totals somewhere between $1.3 and $2.1 TRILLION.  In a broad stroke analysis, if those profits should somehow magically be brought to the United States, it would make the Obama stimulus look like small potatoes.  Before discussing any proposal to encourage the return of those profits, you have to | Read More »

    With Friends Like These: Sidney Blumenthal

    Perhaps no name in the Hillary Clinton orbit of friends best defines sleaze than Sidney Blumenthal.  Prior to his association with the Clinton clan, Blumenthal was a columnist for the Washington Post.  In 1988, while Bill was still governor of Arkansas, Blumenthal began to sing his praises.  In subsequent stints elsewhere, most notably The New Yorker, Blumenthal was an avid supporter of everything Clinton did and went | Read More »

    Republicans, Conservatives, and Unions- Part 3

    If the Democratic Party wants to play class warfare, then by all means let us play that game.  But, let’s put all the facts on the table and nowhere are those facts more obvious than when it comes to public worker unions.  At the federal level, the average salary is $72,000 compared to the national average of slightly over $50,000.  Throw in the lucrative pension | Read More »