Smart Guns Only: Coming to New Jersey?

    In 2002, the New Jersey legislature passed and the governor signed, a handgun law designed to basically ban the sale of the traditional handgun in the state.  In its place, one can purchase a so-called smart gun.  Although the state would not go so far as to confiscate other handguns from gun owners in the state, their sale would be prohibited by licensed wholesalers and | Read More »

    The Coming GOP Youth Vote Armageddon: Not So Fast

    There has been much written regarding the youth vote and how it relates to the future success of the Republican Party on the national stage.  This discussion blends into the overall consensus that the GOP has lost the votes of minority demographics throughout the electorate.  In other words, the youth vote is considered a minority vote akin to that of African-Americans, Hispanics, or Asians.  But | Read More »

    Republican Primary Endorsements in Georgia- Part 2

    It is rare when an incumbent Governor finds himself endangered in a primary, but Nathan Deal finds himself in that position.  Amidst a swirl of controversy involving campaign finance allegations left over from 2010, Deal may find himself out of politics this year.  With the Democrats running the grandson of ex-governor and “president”  Jimmy Carter- Jason Carter- name recognition on that side is no problem. | Read More »

    The Legacy of Brown v. Board of Education

    This month we “celebrate” the 60th anniversary of the Supreme Court’s landmark ruling in Brown v. Board of Education.  As most are aware, this ruling swept aside racial segregation in public education which persisted in many states.  When it was decided in 1954, the 11 southern states, DC plus six other states had segregated schools and it was optional in another four states.  Some estimates state | Read More »

    Quick Correction to Georgia House Primaries

    In the previous article regarding the Georgia US House primary races for the GOP, I inadvertently hit the “publish” button too soon.  In the 9th District race, Doug Collins was incorrectly endorsed.  In a district rated +30 Republican by Cook and likewise by this writer, a review of the congressional record of Doug Collins indicates that for such a GOP/conservative district, Collins does not meet | Read More »

    Georgia Republican Primary Endorsements- Part 1

    This is the first of a two-part series on the Republican primary in Georgia.  This state is split into a two part treatment because the resignation of Saxby Chambliss has created a domino effect where three sitting congressmen are vying to be the Republican candidate for his seat thus creating three open Republican-held seats in the House out of Georgia in addition to the other | Read More »

    Kentucky Republican Primary Endorsements

    Since there are no challengers to any of the five of six Republican members of the House from Kentucky and since Michael Mcfarlane will challenge the only Democrat- John Yarmuth- in the Third Congressional District, the only primary drama in the state and perhaps the country is the primary battle for the Republican-held seat of Mitch McConnell. There are two decent websites this writer consults | Read More »

    Pennsylvania Republican Primary Endorsements

     Next Tuesday,Pennsylvania will hold their primaries.  The gubernatorial election originally played large in Pennsylvania on the GOP side until all of embattled incumbent Republican Governor Tom Corbett’s opposition dropped by the wayside.  Therefore, all the drama in that race will played out on the Democratic side.  Originally, Allyson Schwartz was the favorite, but that has changed of late and it appears Tom Wolfe is set | Read More »

    The American Boko Harum

    On April 14, 2014 the Nigerian-based radical Islamic group Boko Harum raided and kidnapped over 200 young girls from a school and is now holding them captive somewhere.  One of the goals of this group is to establish an Islamic state in sub-Sahara Africa and institute sharia law.  A very large part of their agenda is targeted against women and, more specifically the education of | Read More »

    Arkansas Republican Primary Endorsements

    When it comes to Arkansas politics, the state is considered red and that is true as concerns federal offices. All four House members are Republican as is one of their senators. However, when it comes to state politics, the GOP has had difficulty winning the legislature and has had a Democratic governor of late.In the Republican primary, there are three somewhat able and formidable candidates | Read More »