Hillary’s Misguided Gun Control Plan

    As is so often the case, the Left will use every gun tragedy or mass shooting in this country to their political advantage in order to enact gun control measures.  Hillary Clinton, the ultimate political animal, is no different.  Her plan, unveiled in the aftermath of the Oregon shooting that left 10 dead, reveals the stupidity of their efforts. Her plan which she reiterated in | Read More »

    Obama Denies Keystone Pipeline: Is This the End?

    On Friday Barack Obama announced that he had denied a permit to TransCanada, the builder of the Keystone pipeline.  Many consider this the death knell of the project.  The history of the pipeline is tortuous and began in the Bush administration.  It was punted to the Obama administration which ordered another EPA study.  Surprisingly, the Obama EPA- in a rare case of the application of | Read More »

    The Vegas Odds on the GOP Nomination- After 3 and Before 4 Debates

    Three debates down and two scheduled for this month, the following chart shows the average Vegas/UK odds on the GOP nomination starting in April until today.  An update will be posted in early December before that month’s debate and after those in November: Candidate Apr 20 June 17 Aug 9 Aug 26 Sep 10 Sep 23 Oct 27 Nov 8 Bush, Jeb 5 to 2 | Read More »

    Texas, Guns and Dildos

    Texas, Guns and Dildos

    Yes- you read that title correctly.  This past June, the Texas legislature passed and Governor Abbott signed a law allowing students and faculty to carry concealed weapons on campus and in classrooms.  Even in Texas, this was previously disallowed.  The legislature’s action was in response to recent shootings on college campuses. But, why- you ask- are students protesting with a sex toy?  The reason is | Read More »

    The Tuesday Elections and What They Mean (or Don’t Mean)

    Sometimes the elections held the year before a Presidential election year can discern certain trends.  If so, then there are a few take-aways from the elections this past Tuesday.  Instead of doing a state-by-state analysis, it is best to look at the elections generally and see if they tell us anything about possibilities in 2016. 1. Democrats performed really poorly and below expectations.  Coming into | Read More »

    Bernie Sanders and His Awfully Terrible Math

    Bernie Sanders may have the best intentions in his heart, but he is an unrealistic ass when it comes to his wish list for transforming the United States into a European-like socialist state.  Among those items on his wish list is expansion of Medicare (i.e., universal health care), free college tuition at public institutions, a massive public works infrastructure repair project, paid medical/family leave, and | Read More »

    Illegal Immigrants and the 2016 Election

    As everyone with a brain is well aware, Presidents are elected by the Electoral College.  That, in turn, is determined as a total of 538 votes- one for each congressional district plus two (for the number of Senators) from each state, and Washington DC gets three electoral votes by Constitutional amendment.  The number of House members is determined by population with each state guaranteed at | Read More »

    Musings From the Wacky Feminist Left

    A recent article by Leftist feminist Valerie Tarico starts off with this memorable paragraph: The so-called ‘war on women’is not a war; it is a one-sided assault.  It is conservative men, drunk on power, calling women sluts and then rolling up their sleeves and knocking us back into place.  It is conservative men letting us know that they own our bodies and our reproductive capacity, | Read More »

    EXCLUSIVE: The Hillary Diaries- October Edition

    With the campaign gearing up and more revelations about Clinton’s e-mails at State dripping out, she sure was vocal in her diary this month.  Through channels that will remain confidential, but trustworthy (hate to use that term in relation to anything “Clinton”), this writer has the contents of that diary: October 2nd, 2015:  Dear diary- Yesterday, I took full advantage addressed the killings in Oregon at the | Read More »

    10 Take Aways From the Third Debate

    After watching the debate and re-watching it and reading and listening to all the punditry here and elsewhere, these are my views: 1. CNBC really sucked.  This was supposed to be a debate about the economy.    Where fantasy football fits into that scheme defies explanation.  The moderators were perhaps the worst of the lot thus far   The criticism heaped upon them is warranted. | Read More »