Trump: A Good 19th Century Candidate

    This article centers on Donald Trump’s 19th century view of American foreign policy.  Then, as we hear today among Trump supporters and some non-supporters, the United States should heed the words of George Washington and avoid foreign entanglements.  Then, any foreign entanglement centered on the Western hemisphere through the Monroe doctrine.  But that was then and this now and it all changed for good after | Read More »

    Meet the Trumpettes: Categorizing the Trump Supporter (And Opponents)

    Not the average, run-of-the-mill low-information or misinformed Trump supporter, but those in the political, media or donor limelight.  For ease of understanding, I have broken it down into several categories and some people end up there for different reasons.  There may also be overlap in some instances, but they are not listed here.  In the interest of dumbing things down a la the Trump strategy, | Read More »

    Is Trump Just Another European Right Wing Populist?

    While we here in the United States ponder how it came down to a choice between Donald Trump, a charlatan, and Hillary Clinton, a criminal, it may be wise to look at recent world events, especially in Europe. The rise of so-called right wing populist parties and leaders has been fueled by three factors.  Before discussing this, however, we have to determine if Trump is | Read More »

    The Olympic Torch Arrives in Brazil

    Once again, we will be tortured with that every-four-year event known as the Summer Olympics to be held in Rio de Janiero, Brazil in early August.  Does anyone really watch these things anymore?  For me, it got a lot less interesting when they started allowing professional athletes in the games.  We all knew that the Soviet Union and teams from East Germany were putting professionals | Read More »

    Left Wing Protesters are Brats That Need to Be Spanked

    Remember those Tea Party protests back in 2010 when people would stand up at a town hall meeting with their elected leaders and ask questions?  Sometimes, they would protest in groups on the mall in Washington, DC and pick up their trash afterwards.  Sure, they looked silly in their tri-cornered hats and I’m sure the occasional character dressed as Benjamin Franklin did not help their | Read More »

    Why Hurricanes Are Sexist- A Little Humor to Lighten the Day

    Hurricanes are sexist.  Its not because we name them after females.  The National Weather Service took care of that a long time ago when they started naming them after males also.  Some feminist, which is just a synonym for crackpot, whose name escapes me claims that the word “hurricane” sounds too much like “her-icane.”  Since it is female sounding, it must automatically be misogynistic.  It | Read More »

    Trump, Tribalism and Why the Left Is to Blame

    Donald Trump’s ascendancy in the GOP has befuddled many people.  In every way, he has violated Ronald Reagan’s three-legged stool upon which the GOP supposedly stood.  On foreign policy, he has adopted an isolationist view and openly mocked the Bush administration and the Iraq War.  On economic issues, he has proposed a wealth tax, considered single-payer health care, and is clearly anti-free trade.  On social | Read More »

    Can the Left Actually Win It For Trump in November?

    Before one dismisses this idea, hear me through.  There are two important factors here and they are the actual campaign of Hillary Clinton and the outside Leftist groups loaded for bear against Trump.  With respect to the Clinton campaign, she has found that Bernie Sanders is a nagging opponent who has vowed not to go away.  In some ways, the Democrats may now end up | Read More »

    Some Very Early Electoral Math

    A previous entry here erroneously stated that because Trump is the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party, 13 states have “flipped” in favor of Clinton according to the Cook Political Report.  That article failed to mention that Nebraska and Maine apportion their electoral votes according to congressional district with the overall state winner getting the additional two electoral votes.  Thus, Nebraska- the state- did not | Read More »

    1984- The Year That Convinced Me Springsteen Was an Ass

    Besides being the second time I voted for President (Reagan, of course), it was also the year that Bruce Springsteen released Born in the USA.  I had seen him in concert three times before the release of this album and was amazed at his stamina and control of a crowd.  It wasn’t a concert; it was like a tent revival, as the critics said.  Before he | Read More »