Pennsylvania 2016 and the Senate Race

    With the announcement that Mark Rubio would be running for President and that he would not seek reelection to the Senate from Florida, many eyes have turned there.  Since there are more Republicans defending seats in 2016 in the Senate, there is the possibility they may lose their majority.  First, it should be noted that many of the GOP seats are in the rather safe | Read More »

    About that Article V Solution…

    As other commentators here on Redstate have suggested primarily in the area of same sex marriage, but also other areas, the solution to Leftist over-reach of the Federal government and the Leftist agenda, states need to petition Congress to call a Constitutional Convention to propose an amendment dealing with the issue.  Although these efforts should be lauded, one suspects in the end they are exercises | Read More »

    Did Free Speech Just Take a Hit?

    In April, the Supreme Court released their opinion in the case of William-Yulee vs. Florida Bar.   This case involved a candidate for Hillsborough County judge who directly solicited campaign contributions in an open letter to supporters announcing her candidacy.  Although she lost the primary election, the Florida Bar sought sanctions against her for violating the established Judicial Code of Conduct.  That code forbids anyone | Read More »

    The Strange Case of America and Iran

    The Obama administration’s idea of foreign policy “leadership” is predicated upon naivete and miscalculation.  I can think of no single foreign policy success.  His first term started by alienating two countries that expended tremendous political capital to base a missile defense system.  This was followed by the great apology tour among Arab countries, bowing to a foreign king, “resetting” relations with Russia with a prop | Read More »

    Anti-Semitism Rising

    Some news outlets (but too few) have recently reported about a disturbing trend on college campuses.  No- its not rape or misogynist fraternities and the like.  The Brandeis Foundation did a survey and discovered that 54% of Jewish students on college campuses have experienced some form of anti-Semitism in the past year.  These incidents run the gamut from comments made to physical altercations.  This study | Read More »

    Dr. Oz and Genetics

    Dr. Oz- that strange television creature of Oprah Winfrey- has shed light on the controversy surrounding genetically modified food.  His cause is one of mandatory labeling of foods that contain so-called GMOs in an effort to allow the consumer of food (everyone) choice.  Recently, a cabal of ten doctors sent a letter to Columbia University  (where Oz is a cardiothoracic surgeon) requesting that he be | Read More »

    Governing by Executive Order

    Let’s start off by acknowledging that Obama’s use of Executive Orders are hardly new and groundbreaking since this tactic has been used by every President since George Washington.  In terms of actual use or the pure number of Obama Executive Orders, it is not startling.  In fact, he averages 33.2 per year thus far which is lower than George W. Bush’s average of 36.4 per | Read More »

    The Coming Democratic Trade Wars

    Recently, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has received much punditry in Washington.  This article is not about free trade or what should be the parameters of a good trade deal.  Nor is it about Obama’s request to fast-track the agreement. Instead, there is a developing schism within the Democratic Party that is both interesting and amusing.  While the press obsesses over the Republican Establishment versus the | Read More »

    The Religion of Peace

    The following is a summary of Islamic terrorism through the first four months of 2015.  It has been a bloody four months.  While the world was transfixed on events in France over the attack on the offices of the satirical cartoon publication Charlie Hebdo, Boko Haram terrorists were busily slaughtering over 2,000 Christian villagers.  Incidentally, that same day a mass grave was unearthed in Mosul, Iraq | Read More »

    Campus Concerns

    To hear many on the Left speak, college campuses today are populated by misogynist rapists, close-minded bigots and people who unknowingly spout dog-whistle racial and ethnic slurs.  This view sits very nicely with their overall worldview that college students need to be coddled and insulated in a bubble from that racist, sexist capitalist world beyond the campus boundaries.  Where did our colleges and universities go | Read More »