Today at the Supreme Court

    Today, the Supreme Court released decisions in four cases.  No- none of them involved gay marriage, Obamacare subsidies, the death penalty, or redistricting commissions.  They remain cases pending a decision along with one whether the mere possession of a short barrel shotgun could be a construed as a felony under the Career Armed Criminal Act and another case involving whether disparate impact can be considered | Read More »

    Education: The Cult of the Higher Pay

    In the previous entry, I attempted to illustrate that many states with teacher salaries below the national average do not perform considerably below the states with high teacher salaries by an appreciable amount when it comes to academic performance and, in some metrics, the low-paying states actually perform better.  That was the broad stroke analysis of the teacher pay argument.  This article will deal more | Read More »

    Dylann Roof, the Left and South Carolina: What We All Can Learn

    The most recent act of senseless violence by a deranged “human” in South Carolina has brought out the worst in the Left and the best in the Right. On the Right, there is universal condemnation and acceptance of the fact that this is a hate crime.  This author dislikes that phrase “hate crime” and has written articles about it in the past.  I find it | Read More »

    The Donald Descends Into the Race

    So Donald Trump entered the GOP sweepstakes to take on the Queen-in-Waiting Hillary Clinton.  He did so to the fanfare of television cameras as he descended an escalator.  Perhaps a better entrance would be to have six people carry him in as he threw out rose petals…or something like that.  The symbolism of a descent down an escalator should be a metaphor for how we | Read More »

    A Strange and Confusing Day For Free Speech

    Today, the Supreme Court released six opinions in pending cases this term- four involving criminal justice and two involving free speech.  In a strange alignment where the liberal wing of the Court picked up the vote of the most conservative member of the Court- Clarence Thomas- the Supreme Court ruled that the State of Texas could bar the Sons of Confederate Veterans from displaying the | Read More »

    My Choice for 2015 Nobel Peace Prize

    Since 1975 in every year ending with the number “5,” the Nobel Peace Prize has gone to a group dedicated to eradicating the world of nuclear weapons.  Considering that this usually coincides with the fact that such years coincide with some anniversary of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, this should not be a surprise.  This year, there are about five such groups on the suspected | Read More »

    With Friends Like These: Amanda Renteria

    Nothing quite describes the word “first” coupled with “nothing” as much as Amanda Renteria, the Hillary Clinton campaign’s political director.  Other than the fact she is Hispanic and Clinton is appealing (pandering) for Latino votes, this is an odd choice.  We will inevitably hear the puff pieces from the mainstream media about how Renteria, the daughter of a Mexican migrant worker, pulled herself up to | Read More »

    Vegas Odds on GOP Nomination- UPDATED Version

    Using a combination of betting sites and deriving an average, the “odds” on the GOP nomination are in need of some updating since the last time I published these.  Instead of relying on a single site (like last time), I derived an average from several betting sites both domestic and foreign.  Please remember that these are NOT MY ODDS, but averages from betting sites.  The | Read More »

    What the Carol Kipnis Affair Shows

    A news item a little under the radar regarding Northwestern Communications Professor Carol Kipnis illustrates a very disturbing trend in higher education.  Kipnis penned an article in The Chronicle of Higher Education critical of a recent university ban on faculty-student romantic relationships.  Admitting that she had engaged in such behavior, she used this policy as a platform to decry recent events on campuses nationwide when it came | Read More »

    Education: The Cult of Money

    With the 2016 election looming, education stands to be a major issue.  Additionally, Congress will be looking at the federal law- ESEA- that dictates the federal intrusion into education.  First, let’s dispel some myths regarding the difference between the Left and the Right when it comes to education because the myths often confuse the debate and create great snippets for the news media when taken | Read More »