South Carolina Republican Primary “Endorsements”

    In a very anticipated primary on Tuesday, South Carolina voters will go to the polls to choose Republican candidates for two US Senate seats and two contested congressional seats- one held by a Democrat and one held by an incumbent Republican. The 2nd Congressional district stretches from Columbia to the Georgia border and is represented by GOP incumbent Joe Wilson.  Wilson is notorious for his | Read More »

    Virginia GOP Primary “Endorsements”

    Besides the Senate race involving incumbent Democrat Mark Warner, there are three contested GOP primaries involving congressional districts.  Before considering the Senate race, there is a contested primary in the First District between incumbent Rob Wittman and Anthony Riedel who was a campaign activist for Ron Paul in Virginia.  Ordinarily, that may be enough not to support his candidacy, but except in certain areas he, | Read More »

    Nevada and North Dakota GOP Primary “Endorsements”

    North Dakota will hold their rubber stamp “primary” on June 10th.  Since the only race of interest is the at-large House seat and since incumbent Kevin Cramer is the lone candidate for the GOP in this race, there is no need for commentary. Nevada presents a different dynamic altogether.  Besides the gubernatorial race, there are contested GOP primaries in two of the four districts currently | Read More »

    Maine GOP Primary “Endorsements”

    There are two Republican primaries of a possible four in Maine this year on Tuesday June 10th.  They are: the Senate race and the Second District race being vacated by a Democrat.  Although the Governor’s office is up for election, Republican incumbent Paul LePage faces no primary opposition.  His chances for reelection will be covered in a later entry. In the Senate race, Republican incumbent | Read More »

    Obama Aspires to Botswana…or 1870 or Something Like That

    Depending on the source, the recently announced newest volley in the war on coal in the name of global warming, or climate change, is either the greatest thing to ever happen or it is an economic apocalypse in the making.  Given the Obama track record, it is most likely the latter. Apparently trying to leave a legacy for his presidency that does not include Obamacare, | Read More »

    Leftists and the Roberts Court

    Every so often, I like to read articles in liberal publications in the hopes of gaining some understanding of how the Leftist mind works.  Granted, it is a tough task and Ann Coulter may be most correct in her analysis.  A recent article in The National Journal by Norm Ornstein titled “Is It Time to Give Term Limits to Supreme Court Justices?” is illustrative of | Read More »

    Mississippi Republican Primary “Endorsements”

    Most of the interest in Mississippi this primary season will involve the Senate race.  Before getting to that race, however, there will be two primary competitions in two of the three congressional districts held by Republicans.  The first one is also the easy one- the 3rd Congressional District currently held by Gregg Harper.  He is considered a mainstream or rank-and-file Republican by most pundits.  The | Read More »

    Iowa Republican Primary “Endorsements”

    Other than the congressional district races, there are GOP primaries for Governor and the Senate seat being vacated by Democrat Tom Harkin.  First, the Governor’s race where incumbent Republican Terry Branstad seeks another term in office.  The Democrats will run state senator Jack Hatch against the primary winner.  As late as March, Branstad had approval ratings at 55%.  Since then, due to a series of scandals | Read More »

    New Jersey Primary “Endorsements”

    For Senate to take on incumbent Cory Booker, the former Democratic mayor of Newark, there are four Republicans in the field.  In reality, the chances of a GOP upset here are quite small unless Booker somehow self-destructs.  As has been noted in a different context, Redstate itself was silent in the 2013 special election that sent Booker to Washington to replace the deceased Frank Lautenberg. | Read More »

    Montana and New Mexico Primary “Endorsements”

    In New Mexico, most of the GOP primary drama will be centered on the Senate seat currently held by Democrat Tom Udall.  Unlike his brother in Colorado, this Udall has a greater chance of reelection.  However, should these midterms be a decisive repudiation of the Democratic brand, then Udall is likewise vulnerable.  On the GOP side, David Clements will face Allen Weh  in the primary | Read More »