The Legality of Obamacare

    Barack Obama and Franklin Roosevelt have something in common- highly litigated legislation. The difference is that the court cases involving the New Deal were spread across a myriad of programs whereas with Obama, the bulk of the cases center on a single piece of legislation- Obamacare. To understand the importance of recent challenges to the ACA, we need to first look at the Obamacare case | Read More »

    The Incredible Audacity of Arne Duncan

    Amid the turmoil of the Obamacare debacle, a recent story has largely been overlooked by the media. In a recent meeting with a board of public school superintendents, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan addressed the push back against implementation of the Common Core State Standards as “white suburban moms who, all of a sudden, their child isn’t as brilliant as they thought they were, and | Read More »

    Liberal Blowhards, Race and Barack Obama

    One of my favorite liberal blowhards, the aptly named Charles Blow, recently penned an article in the New York Times which seems to suggest that opposition to Barack Obama, particularly his signature legislation- Obamacare, is racially motivated. This is not surprising since Charles Blow is an example of the typical African-American liberal who sees a racial bogeyman wherever he looks. Just a perusal of his | Read More »

    Rebutting Obamacare Claims

    To hear liberals and Democrats speak, those being kicked off their current policies is actually a service to those people because they are being presented with better plans which one can purchase on a non-functional website. Another line of thinking is that Obamacare is providing an opportunity for Americans who could never afford to purchase health insurance to do so now. Both of these assertions | Read More »

    Throwing the Democrats a Lifeline…Again

    There appears to be a differing of opinions regarding the Upton bill which may come up for a House vote on Friday. From most reports, Democrats are becoming anxious and antsy when it comes to Obamacare. Besides the debacle which is the website, the cancellations, the premium sticker shock, the ridiculous deductibles involved, and people losing their doctors- basically the opposite of everything Obama himself | Read More »

    A Follow-Up on the Christie Thing…

    In a previous diary entry, I posited the possibility of Chris Christie being the GOP nominee for president in 2016. That diary was based on a possibility, not a foregone conclusion. Signing onto Redstate to check the comments, I thought I made a mistake and was reading DailyKos. As expected, many of the comments could not avoid the references to his weight. That moronic line | Read More »

    Just What IF Christie is the Nominee?

    It is exactly three days past Election Day 2013 as I begin writing this and by the looks of it here on Redstate and elsewhere, Chris Christie is the apparent front runner for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination. It amuses me to read some of the more extreme rhetoric here and elsewhere against Christie by many who simply read what they see in the press, | Read More »

    The Rare Roberts Court Abortion Case… NOT

    While most Supreme Court watchers had their eye on the Establishment Clause case this week, overlooked was an order released on Monday. That order has dismissed a case involving Oklahoma’s abortion law, a case they had previously granted but dismissed as “improvidently granted.” One thing noticeable about the Roberts Court in recent years is the absence of cases involving abortion. This term, they got a | Read More »

    The Inevitable Election Day Post-Mortems

    As expected, the inevitable analysis regarding the races for Governor in New Jersey and Virginia has begun. As predicted, that analysis was thus: the way for Republicans to win is through moderation. Nowhere is the dichotomy in analysis more evident than in these divergent headlines from media competitors CNN and Fox News. The CNN headline: “Right Wing ideologue burns Republicans in Virginia.” The Fox headline: | Read More »

    Fixing the System, or More Drivel From the NY Times

    Joe Nocera, a columnist for the New York Times, recently published an article called “Fixing the System.” In essence, it was a liberal wish list (he thankfully held it to only five items) for “improving” politics. Part of the problem is that liberals and Democrats generally view today’s political climate as broken. This stems from the view that because everyone is not bowing at the | Read More »