The War on Women: (Part 2) Economic Empowerment

    In the 2012 election, remember the statements by a Democratic consultant that Ann Romney “never worked a day in her life?”  This denigration of the stay-at-home mom is the epitome of modern liberal feminist thought.  Without realizing it, they expressed publicly a mindset more accepting at tony, liberal get-togethers in Manhattan, the Chicago North Shore and Hollywood.  Yet, what can be more “feminist” than any | Read More »

    The “War on Women:” (Part 1) Reproductive Rights

    *Promoted from the diaries. – Aaron* Today’s modern feminist is proud to echo the line once used by Hillary Clinton: “All issues are women’s issues.”  To the feminist this translates to: “There is a larger economic or policy angle to every issue dismissed as ‘women’s.’”  The liberal asserts that to the conservative this means: “There is a woman’s angle to every issue.”  But, one supposes | Read More »

    The Hobby Lobby Arguments: An Analysis

    This week, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the consolidated cases of Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood which challenged the so-called contraception mandate under Obamacare.  One important point must be mentioned upfront.  First, a contraception mandate- requiring that contraception be covered as part of minimal coverage in a health care policy- is nowhere mentioned in the ACA.  However, the ACA did grant HHS certain powers | Read More »

    Solving the Income Inequality Conundrum

    In a previous entry, I noted how liberal commentators and “experts” like Paul Krugman jumped on Paul Ryan for comments he had made regarding a culture of dependency that had developed among the poorer elements of society.  Naturally, in typical racist fashion, these liberals jumped on the comments and accused him of racism as if poverty is somehow intrinsic to minorities- a racist liberal assumption | Read More »

    A Possible Blow to Obamacare?

    In what is accurately described as the greatest existential threat to Obamacare, an important case will be heard next week.  NO- it is NOT the Hobby Lobby/ Conestoga Wood cases to be heard by the Supreme Court, but another to be heard by the DC Circuit Court of Appeals.  The case is Halbig vs. Sebelius and the fact that the appeals court fast-tracked it indicates | Read More »

    That Old Time Class Warfare

    This is an article I have been meaning to pen for some time now although I doubt one article will do it, so we’ll see.  It involves that “great defining issue of our time” according to Obama- income inequality.  Actually, the idea first entered my conscience after reading Alan Greenspan’s “The Age of Turbulence.”  In that book, Greenspan warned somewhat about the growing economic disparity | Read More »

    Illinois Republican Primary “Endorsements”

    On Tuesday, primaries will be held in Illinois to decide candidates for the general election in November. Besides the gubernatorial election, there is also a Senate seat and some competitive House seats. For Governor, incumbent Democrat Pat Quinn faces a daunting task to get reelected. To hear some voices in Illinois, he may even face a tough primary fight against progressive activist Tio Hardeman. There | Read More »

    Hobby Lobby, Religion and Obamacare- Part 2

    {Note: As brought to my attention, oral argument is scheduled for March 25th, not next week.  Next week, there are no oral stguments scheduled} In 1998, Sylvia Law, a professor at New York University School of Law, penned an article which has held great weight in legal circles, especially feminist legal circles and, by extension, liberal circles.  In this article, she asserted that the denial | Read More »

    Holly Lobby, Religion and Obamacare- Part 1

    Next week, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in the Holly Lobby and Conestoga Wood cases involving Obamacare, the so-called contraceptive mandate, a federal law, and the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment.  Paul Clement will present the case for the employers in this case.  Some are portraying this as a test case against Obamacare and a means to whittle away at it.  | Read More »

    Observations on the FL-13 Special Election

    As predicted earlier by this writer, no matter who won the special election to replace the deceased Bill Young is the Florida 13th District special election, the media would analyze the results to death.  However, it must be kept in mind that special elections are hardly bell weather predictors of things to come,  even in midterm election years.  On the GOP side, solace can be | Read More »