Pendulum Swings and Emboldened Police Officers

    Largely in response to what was perceived as an expansion of criminal rights under the Supreme Court leadership of Earl Warren, the Burger, Rehnquist and Roberts Courts are generally seen as rolling back some of those rights.  The question now is whether that pendulum has swung too far in favor of the police and prosecutors and if so, does this have anything to do with | Read More »

    The Democratic Party’s Zombie Apocalypse

    After any drubbing in an election, a political party usually looks within and does a post-mortem analysis on what went wrong.  Call it what you will, but the Republican victories in November were a drubbing of the Democrats and their message.  The GOP won in places where they had no right winning- liberal strongholds like Massachusetts, Maryland and Illinois in gubernatorial races- and replacing hardcore | Read More »

    Misogynists and Victims: Campus Sexual Harassment

    There is a growing trend, spurred by the Federal government, on college campuses to restrict not only free speech, but also academic freedom.  To understand what is happening, we need to look at the genesis of the government’s response and go back to 2011 and the University of Montana.  In response to allegations of sexual assaults on and off campus, the government began an investigation of | Read More »

    Putting An End to Affirmative Action

    As originally articulated, affirmative action programs were supposed to seek out and retain minorities in the workforce and colleges.  There is nothing the matter with this if only everyone had stuck to the game plan.  Unfortunately somewhere along the line affirmative action turned into a game of preferential treatment and (wink..wink) quotas with the ostensible goal of making the workforce or student body reflect society at | Read More »

    All Crimes Are Hate Crimes

    There is one area of the law that really disturbs me and that is the concept of “hate crimes.”  These are laws are where the punishment is usually enhanced for perpetrators of criminal acts whose motivation was purely out of a dislike of an individual because they belong to a particular group.  By doing this one elevates the status of the victim above that of | Read More »

    A Reasonable Approach to Marijuana Legalization

    Marijuana legalization is one area that confounds operatives on the Right.  Libertarians, for example, view this purely in terms of personal liberty while more staunch conservatives view this in terms of morality.  At least the far Left has no such debate- they are all for pot legalization. Actually, the personal liberty argument is rife with errors.  There are many things to which one can make | Read More »

    Phony Capitalism- Alive and Well in New Jersey

    Phony capitalism is defined as success in business being dependent on a close relationship with the government.  Think TARP, or Solyndra, or the auto industry bailout.  By any other name, it would be called liberal fascism, but what’s in a name?  It takes on many forms: bailouts, special loans, too-big-to-fail, favors, mandates and tax breaks.  It is one thing where true fiscal conservatives converge with | Read More »

    The January Supreme Court Docket

    In January, the United States Supreme Court will hear oral argument in ten cases involving a variety of issues.  Those cases and a brief synopsis are: Reed vs. Town of Gilbert, AZ- This case involves signage for a small, local church placed weekly on a street corner to direct potential parishioners. Unfortunately, placement of the sign and its size apparently violates the city’s ordinance regarding | Read More »

    My Eleven New Year’s Wishes…In No Particular Order

    These are my ten New Year’s wishes for 2015: 1. An end to the media being an accomplice in Islamic terrorism:  Too often the mainstream media has a difficult time calling a spade a spade.  When terrorists are depicted as “rebels” or “freedom fighters,” the media does a huge disservice to true rebellions and true freedom fighters.  The fact is that Islam is perhaps the | Read More »

    Hold On About That Rush to Judgment on Scalise

    From Slate, an online liberal outlet, comes this tidbit for digestion from columnist Betsy Woodruff.  According to her article there may be a very good reason Steven Scalise does not remember speaking at a white supremacist conference in 2002 while a state representative:  HE NEVER DID. According to this account, Kenny Knight who was an associate of David Duke was tasked with setting up the | Read More »