Think Eric Holder Was Bad?

    From New York to California, from Idaho to Alabama and Michigan, the Department of Justice is watching local court cases.  In a program initiated early in the Obama administration and enforced with zeal by Eric Holder, the DOJ has been wading into local cases involving civil rights.  Although she appears less controversial than Holder- think of her as a stealth Holder- current Attorney General Loretta | Read More »

    Initial Reactions to the Second Debate

    This is sort of like a word association test, actually sentence association and will be very brief: Jeb Bush- did OK, but had to do better than OK.  Did not help himself. Chris Christie- held his own in limited time.  Best line was the sarcastic congratulations to Fiorina and Trump for being successful business people.  Images of the old Christie sans bullying… Ben Carson- think | Read More »

    With Friends Like These: John Podesta- Part 1

    Like all good liberals these days, John Podesta got his start in politics with the anti-Vietnam War movement by first joining the McCarthy campaign in 1968 and later the McGovern campaign in 1972.  But it was in the interim that Podesta first came to meet, know and befriend Bill Clinton while both were working on the unsuccessful campaign of Joseph Duffy, an anti-war Democrat, running | Read More »

    Ending Obama Era Abuses- Part 3: The NLRB

    The “progressive” Left is hell-bent on the belief that the success of the middle class lies with organized labor.  This flies in the face of serious setbacks by unions in organizing efforts throughout the country, unless you are a public sector worker.  Perhaps at one time unions served an important purpose in correcting workplace ills.  Today, we have laws regarding these things that pretty much | Read More »

    25+ Years of Hillary Clinton in Pictures

    “Pass the bong, Hill…I swear I won’t inhale this time.” “How do you think I feel?  I’m married to her and she bores me!” You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your friend’s nose. Hillary explains why women are attracted to Bill. Dressed as The Joker for a White House Halloween Party.  “I had this many cell phones?” | Read More »

    Ending Obama Era Abuses- Part 2: The IRS

    The Internal Revenue Service has had a long sordid history of abuse.  Franklin Roosevelt’s son described his father as the originator of using the IRS for political retribution.  The Kennedy administration used it to go after Right Wing organizations and there are the many abuses under Nixon.  Clinton and both Bushes carried on the fine tradition of using the audit to target groups or individuals | Read More »

    Ending Obama Era Abuses, Part 1: The EPA

    In virtually every area of concern to the federal government where there exists a federal agency, the Obama administration’s abuse of power and stretching of the law needs to stop and it should be a centerpiece of any Republican candidate’s agenda.  This series of articles will focus on only three such agencies- the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the National | Read More »

    Musings on the 2016 Race

    Just some random thoughts on the state of the 2016 race for President (that is, Donald Trump) for some Friday reading for anyone interested. This week we found out that Ben Carson has a problem with Donald Trump’s faith, Bobby Jindal has a problem with Trump period, and Trump has a problem with Carly Fiorina’s face.  One would think that with everything going on the | Read More »

    Dependency Is the New Black

    From 1940 to 1960, by most metrics blacks were improving at a greater rate than their white counterparts.  Consider these statistics: in 1940 only 10% of blacks held a middle class job, but that figure rose to 23% by 1960.  In the same time period, median income of black households increased 75%.  The poverty rate among African-Americans decreased 50% in that time period while home | Read More »

    Alleged GOP Heresies from the First Debate

    According to one online Leftist website, eleven alleged heresies were committed by Republican candidates in the first debate.  Let’s see what they are, why they are alleged heresies and parse out some truths. 1. The Iraq War was a mistake:  This is based primarily on Jeb Bush’s earlier floundering on the issue.  During the debate, he said: “Knowing what we know now, with faulty intelligence, | Read More »