What’s Up With the Palestinians?

    Every so often, there is a Palestinian uprising of some sorts sometimes leading to bloody “wars.”  Most recently, Palestinians have taken to stabbing innocent Israeli victims.  The narrative on the Left is that Israel’s crackdown is a violation of human rights and goes way beyond the pale when it comes to the use of deadly force.  That narrative, in turn, is the continued effort on | Read More »

    Ballot Initiatives This Year

    Starting out west, these are the ballot initiatives this year. Washington:  There are six ballot questions in Washington.  The first is Initiative 1366 which would decrease the state sales tax from 6.5% to 5.5% unless the legislature refers a referendum in 2016 requiring a legislative two-thirds majority to increase any taxes.  This stems from a state supreme court ruling which invalidated a previous two-thirds majority | Read More »

    The November Supreme Court Oral Argument Docket

    In the November sitting, the Supreme Court will hear oral argument in ten cases.  None of the cases are blockbusters as the explanations will show.  Without further ado: Foster vs. Chatman:  On direct appeal from the Georgia Supreme Court, this case must determine whether prosecution actions during jury selection for the capital murder trial of a black defendant and white victim violated prohibitions against race | Read More »

    The 2015 Elections

    With most political eyes on the 2016 elections, let us not forget that there are elections this week and in November.  All the “action” will be at the state level with gubernatorial elections in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Kentucky.  There are also lower level statewide executive offices up for grabs in these states and legislative elections in Louisiana, Mississippi, New Jersey and Virginia.  This article will | Read More »

    The Audacity of the College Pro-Palestinian Movement

    In perhaps one of the most audacious misuses of “journalism,” noted anti-Semite Max Blumenthal (son of Hillary BFF Sidney Blumenthal) has published a 4-part series on how Israel and the Jewish lobby in the United States is attempting to shut down college debate.  For a liberal to comment on shutting down college free speech takes some nerve in this day of feel-good, Leftist-backed college speech | Read More »

    Strategic Patience- Yet Another Term for Obama’s Ineptitude

    To say that American policy in the Middle East is in disarray would be a huge understatement of fact.  While it may be easy to point the finger at Bush and Iraq, consider this fact: the Iraq War, according to Iraq Body Count, resulted in 244,000 deaths, about 150,000 of them civilians.  By contrast, the Syrian civil war has resulted in over 250,000 civilian deaths. | Read More »

    Thirteen Days in October Revisited

    This year marks the 53rd anniversary of the Cuban missile crisis- a period when the United States and the Soviet Union came perilously close to nuclear confrontation.  Around this time, the liberal press re-runs the “facts” of the crisis and condenses the analysis to two themes: how Kennedy stared down his Soviet counterparts OR how a lack of negotiation and appeasement have poisoned American foreign | Read More »

    Addressing College Debt- Part 6: Dealing with Current Debt

    The previous articles in this series dealt with reforms that should be instituted to reign in college costs going forward.  Unfortunately, despite the proposals of people like Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) 15%, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, we cannot go into the past and rewrite history.  We must intelligently handle the $1.1 trillion dollar elephant in the room- current student debt.  The | Read More »

    Addressing College Debt- Part 5: The Professional Solutions

    This article focuses on the basic goals of higher education- the creation and dissemination of knowledge.  At the center of that mission is the college professor.  The first order of business should be to create incentives that reward the truly good teachers.  In the lower grades, teachers are annually evaluated, sometimes twice a year.  Yet no such system exists with higher education.  Instead, most pay | Read More »

    Addressing College Debt- Part 4: The Student Solutions

    One of the problems with the cost of education lies in the educational system itself which unfairly places way too much emphasis on a college degree.  This is an unfortunate truth that must be confronted: 40% of this year’s entering freshmen will fail to get a B.A. within six years.  No business would accept a 60% customer satisfaction rating, yet that is the productive reality | Read More »