Branding Alienation

    In a video that attempts to explain the reason European Muslims go to Syria and Iraq to fight with ISIS, the “comedian” and “actor” Russell Brand recently lent his two cents worth of social awareness to the problem.  One is not sure if this was his latest sad attempt at stand-up (or sit-down) humor, or if this is his true beliefs.  By starting off with | Read More »

    Democrats Not Heeding Their Own Advice

    In the wake of the 2014 midterm losses for the Democrats, there has been some soul-searching on what went wrong on their side.  In a nutshell, they failed to address the concerns and anxieties of middle class voters by (1) ignoring many economic themes, (2) spending too much time running from Obama and his record, and (3) focusing too much on women’s issues in certain | Read More »

    Now That the Scopes Trial is Over…

    Scott Walker is the presumptive front-runner among Republican candidates for the 2016 presidential race.  Most polling puts this as a race between Walker and Jeb Bush.  Where Bush has the advantage is in lining up donors whereas Walker is making rhetorical waves.  Although Walker’s performance at CPAC was not as stellar as at the Iowa Freedom Summit in January, his performance was certainly better than | Read More »

    Boxing in Income Inequality

    Income inequality is all the rage on the Left these days.  Of course, they conveniently gloss over the fact that the income gap has increased significantly under Barack Obama.  And one look at the stock market is indicative of the fact that the investment class- those who already “had-” has done remarkably well.  The Left’s solution consists of targeted tax increases against “millionaires” who are | Read More »

    King vs. Burwell: An Argument Analysis

    Yesterday, the Supreme Court heard oral argument in the case of King vs. Burwell- a case which questioned the federal tax subsidies for those who purchased health insurance in the federal exchange.  Generally, it is tough to tell how any Justice will vote on a case from their questioning during oral argument.  As I have mentioned in many previous articles, they usually have some idea of | Read More »

    King vs. Burwell: Fears and Issues

    In the previous two articles, I tried to illustrate the complexity of what seems like an open and shut case- one of statutory interpretation based on the clear wording of a law.  If the Supreme Court ever wanted to send a shot over the bow of an increasingly activist regulatory agency like the IRS and, by proxy, other agencies, then striking down the tax subsidies | Read More »

    A True Death Cult

    The rise of ISIS has focused attention on a death cult within Islam.  The almost daily reports of the atrocities they commit in the name of Allah, Mohammed, or the Koran are sickening.  If you are brave enough, you brought yourself to watch the 22-minute, slickly-produced video of a captured Jordanian pilot being burnt alive.  I profess that I cannot bring myself to watching these | Read More »

    King vs. Burwell and the Importance of 5 Words

    On Wednesday, the Supreme Court will hear argument in the case of King vs. Burwell.  This is the so-called Obamacare subsidy case and whether those tax subsidies should be extended to those taxpayers who purchased insurance on the Federal exchange known as  As I mentioned in the previous article, this is not a case of the constitutionality of the law, but one of statutory interpretation- | Read More »

    The Roberts Court and Obamacare

    Back when the Supreme Court decided NFIB vs. Sebelius- the celebrated Obamacare case- I distinctly remember watching the news that June morning.  Every broadcast was anticipating the decision since it was the last day of the term.  Every station was there and they all broke into their regular scheduled programming to bring the news.  They all erroneously initially reported that the law had been struck down | Read More »

    The Obama Drilling Game

    The Obama administration’s Interior Department recently released plans to allow offshore oil exploration and drilling off the eastern coast of the United States from Virginia to Florida.  In the states affected- Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina and Virginia-, there is generally wide bipartisan support.  The opposition is coming from the environmental Left, Democrats in Congress, and some misinformed interest groups.  However, we need to | Read More »