Rick Santorum… Yesterday’s News

    Some pundits believe that Rick Santorum can be a player in the 2016 Republican presidential sweepstakes.  This writer is not so sure.  Most of that punditry is based on his performance in 2012, but a little more on that in a bit. No one doubts Santorum’s sincerity.  He has a compelling life story that voters can relate to.  No one doubts that when it comes | Read More »

    The Walker Deference Equation

    Based upon his recent performance at the Iowa Freedom Summit, Scott Walker has been the talk of the Republican Party.  Admittedly, there is plenty to like here as his speech in Des Moines demonstrated.  This writer has been rather consistent in his support of Scott Walker, but I am fully cognizant of the fact that this is only the very beginning of the 2016 election | Read More »

    The 2% Problem & Foreign Policy Looming Large in 2016

    In virtually every poll conducted despite the outlet doing the polling, foreign policy and national security do not rate particularly high on the list of concerns of the electorate.  One Gallup poll puts the number at 2% of voters who believe foreign policy is the number one issue facing this country.  All this may change in 2016 with the presidential election. Foreign policy and, by | Read More »

    The 2016 Gubernatorial Races: A Real Early Take

    There will 11 gubernatorial races in 2016, seven of them currently held by Democrats.  In the four states with Republican Governors, the only state to really worry about is North Carolina.  Meanwhile, of the seven states where there are Democratic Governors, three of them went for both McCain and Romney in the past two presidential elections.  Thus, using this metric alone, the question is whether | Read More »

    Assessing the 2016 Senate Races: The West

    Having looked at the rest of the country, I now turn my attention to the West. Alaska- won as a write-in candidate in 2010 after losing the GOP primary to Joe Miller.  The only question is whether she will run as an independent again, or will she run as a Republican?  The only fear of an independent run is that there is no guarantee she | Read More »

    Assessing the 2016 Senate Races: The Midwest

    If there should be some fretting regarding some GOP seats in the South, the sometimes unpredictable Midwest creates more opportunity for Democratic pick ups. Illinois- , a RINO of the highest order, may be the best chance for the Republican Party in Illinois.  There was speculation he might retire after one term because of health reasons, but he has adamantly denied he is retiring.  Thus, we | Read More »

    Assessing the Senate Races in 2016: The South

    Having surveyed the Senate races in the Northeast, it is now time to head south because it is never too early to look at potential trouble spots and targets of opportunity.  Much has been made of the GOP make-over of this region, but a deeper look indicates that the lock is not so certain in some areas. Alabama- No one expects anyone to seriously challenge | Read More »

    Assessing the Senate Races in 2016: The Northeast

    While most eyes will be on the 2016 presidential race, equally important are the many Senate races that year where the script will be flipped and the Republicans will be playing defense.  This is an early take on those races starting in the more liberal Northeast. Connecticut-  Democratic incumbent will seek reelection and be 70 years old in 2016 which is not that old for | Read More »

    Is Bush Really That Strong?

    Regardless of the political implications of a Jeb Bush candidacy for President in 2016, there are other serious considerations at play.  From the political perspective, Bush is viewed within the GOP as perhaps too much of a moderate.  That is predicated upon his stances regarding Common Core and on immigration.  Further, he has been highly critical of other Republicans and partisanship in Congress.  His comments | Read More »

    The Shape of Chris Christie

    Chris Christie is not a favorite of conservatives and certainly not a favorite of many here at Redstate.  His recent appearance at the Iowa Freedom Summit is instructive and illustrative of why we should not necessarily discount Chris Christie as a candidate in 2016.  This is certainly NOT(!) an endorsement towards those ends, but more a warning that “dead man walking” may very much be | Read More »