Amanda Marcotte Has Her Knickers In a Twist…Again

    Amanda Marcotte, that far Left feminist who sees a sexual bogeyman (that is, conservative male) behind every tree has been quite prolific in the month of March writing for various rags that pass for journalism.  And there was, according to her, a lot to scream about.  A RFRA-like law had passed the legislature in Georgia only for Republican Governor Nathan Deal to succumb to pressure | Read More »

    Jihad News, Volume IV- April 9, 2016 edition

    Front Page The two biggest events over the past month were (1) the terrorist attack in Belgium and (2) the Obama administration charging ISIS with genocide.  As regards (2), one has to wonder what took so long to come to such an obvious conclusion.  This is such a statement of the obvious that the administration should be ashamed of not coming to the conclusion two | Read More »

    After 43 Years, Has No One Learned This Abortion Thing Yet?

    One would think that after 43 years of Roe v. Wade that politicians would have this abortion thing down by now.  Of course, I refer to Donald Trump’s infamous statement that women should receive some form of punishment if abortion was ever to be made illegal. Let’s put this in perspective and context.  First, we are talking about a hypothetical situation posited by Chris Matthews of | Read More »

    Supreme Court April Oral Argument Docket

    The United States Supreme Court will hear oral argument in ten cases in April this year.  The following is a summary of each case: Monday, April 18th United States vs. Texas:  This is the very important case involving Obama’s deferred action executive order regarding illegal immigrants to the United States.  A detailed examination of the case will be forthcoming as oral argument draws near.  It | Read More »

    Observation #4: In Celebration of the Big Mac

    I recently stopped in a local McDonald’s for my once-every-two-month treat.  After I got terrorized from watching just half of the documentary Supersize Me, my trips to McDonald’s was cut back.  Speaking of McDonald’s, their’s is a case study in the beauty of capitalism.  In fact, McDonald’s is the paragon of capitalism.  Ray Kroc created for fast food what Ford did for the automobile industry, what | Read More »

    Cruz and Wisconsin: Curb Your Enthusiasm

    There has been a lot of talk here and on other websites about ostracizing the Trump supporters should Donald Trump not be the nominee for the Republican Party.  If these sentiments do not show up in articles here, they show up in the comment section.  This writer fully understands these sentiments which run very deep.  Trust me- I am no fan of Donald Trump as | Read More »

    Protected: The 2016 Gubernatorial Races- March News

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

    The Battle for the Senate in 2016- March News

    There was lots of news regarding the United States Senate races in March as polling has heated up, funds are raised, advertisements have started, and people jockey for position. California:  More polls are showing that the general election will likely be a Democrat-versus-Democrat affair between Kamala Harris and Loretta Sanchez.  The two closest Republicans- Tom Del Becarro and Duf Sundheim- are way behind.  Another 11% | Read More »

    The Battle For the House- 2016: March News, Part 2

    This is an analysis of some news in House races continued from yesterday. NE-02:  Don Bacon apparently has the advantage in the GOP primary over Chip Maxwell to see who will oppose freshman Democratic incumbent Brad Ashford.  Bacon recently received the endorsement of Senator Deb Fischer.  Further, Maxwell is not well liked by the GOP since he ran as an independent in 2014 which probably | Read More »

    Battle for the House 2016: March News, Part 1

    With so many presidential primaries in March, it is easy to lose sight of important House races.  As of this writing, ten state filing deadlines have elapsed and we have a clearer picture of the Congressional primaries to be held later.  In fact, there was so much news that it has to be presented in two parts, with part 2 tomorrow along with an updated | Read More »