Midterm Races in Colorado

    A couple of years ago, the political pundits on the Left were lauding Colorado for their if not blue status, then their purple status.  Today, these same political pundits are

    Midterm Races in North Carolina

    Before addressing the Senate race, there are some interesting congressional House seat races.  The Republicans hold the partisan advantage in the Tar Heel State’s delegation 9-4.  No one is expecting

    How Conservative Principles Empower Teachers

    Years and years of failed efforts and billions of dollars later, educational reforms-  both liberal and conservative- have basically resulted in stagnation.  The primary reason, in my estimation, is the top-down,

    The November Supreme Court Docket

    In November, the Supreme Court will hear argument in 10 cases.  They will kick off arguments with Omnicare, Inc. vs. Laborers District Council Construction Industry Pension Fund.  This is a

    Midterm Races in Kansas

    Who would have thought that Kansas would be a political battleground in 2014, but here we are with both the Republican Governor and incumbent Republican Senator endangered.  For

    Midterm Races in Connecticut and New Hampshire

    Besides the congressional races in Connecticut, there is a competitive gubernatorial race.  First, incumbent Democratic Governor Dan Malloy finds himself in a serious match up against Republican Tom Foley who

    Midterm Races in Wisconsin

    Politically, Wisconsin is a difficult state to prognosticate.  It contains some of the most liberal bastions in America alongside pockets of staunch conservatism.  It is one of the birthplaces of

    Midterm Races in Maine and Massachusetts

    Maine has a Senate, gubernatorial and an open-seat congressional election this year.  First, the easy one.  Although she may not be the most popular Republican Senator among conservatives, 

    Midterm Races in Florida

    With no Senatorial race and some potentially interesting congressional races, most of the attention this year will be focused on the gubernatorial race pitting former Republican turned independent turned Democrat

    Midterm Races in Kentucky

    Two weeks from Election Day, I am reminded of Duane Bobick, the former heavyweight contender once dubbed the “great white hope.”  While the childish jackasses at DailyKos are dancing on