Laughable: Bathrooms Are the Next LGBTQ Civil Rights Issue?

    With all the notoriety around Target’s new bathroom policy and North Carolina’s HB-2 which targeted a Charlotte “anti-discrimination” ordinance, the rhetoric has become laughable.  To many what was once a no-brainer situation- which bathroom to use when not at home- has become a civil rights argument now.  Seriously?  Bathrooms? Granted, at one time this was an issue with respect to black versus white bathrooms and | Read More »

    Who’s to Blame?

    Indiana has voted and basically decided this race for the GOP nomination and the right to oppose Hillary Clinton in the Fall.  it wasn’t pretty as Cruz lost big time in Indiana and especially in areas a true conservative should win- the very red conservative counties south of Indianapolis.  In the end, Cruz managed to carry only 6 of 92 counties in the state.  In | Read More »

    The Jihad News, Volume 5- May 3rd, 2015

    We interrupt your daily (hourly) (minute-by-minute) coverage of Donald Trump’s latest nonsense for the latest news on the Islamic terrorism front. FRONT PAGE The big news of the past month is history- the redacted/never-released 28 pages of the Congressional report on the attacks of 9/11/01.  Senator Schumer of New York has placed his boss, Barack Obama, in a predicament by introducing legislation which would force | Read More »

    Figuring Out Indiana

    Tomorrow’s primary race in Indiana is proving to be the key race on the road to the GOP nomination.  After California, it is the state richest in delegates and the process for awarding those delegates is pretty straight forward.  Indiana has nine congressional districts.  Whoever wins those districts gets all three delegates from that district.  The remainder are awarded to whoever wins the state vote | Read More »

    A Look at Last Tuesday’s Down Ticket Primary Outcomes

    Besides presidential primaries in five Northeastern states last Tuesday, congressional district and Senatorial primaries were held in Maryland and Pennsylvania.  The following is a look at the outcomes in those races. Maryland Senate:  In a race that did not end up as close as most believed, Chris Van Hollen defeated fellow Democratic representative Barbara Edwards.  He will go on to face state delegate Kathy Szeliga | Read More »

    Eleven Reasons to Dislike Lena Dunham

    There are likely more than 11 reasons, but I will list just these for now.  I have every confidence that as she grows older, there will be future Dunham fodder.  However, the best news is that she has promised to move to Canada if Trump becomes President.  Almost makes you wanna vote for Trump (um…not really). #11.   She is a hypocrite.  For a book signing | Read More »

    Gubernatorial Races in 2016- April News

    Florida:  Yes…there is no gubernatorial race in Florida until 2018, but court-ordered redistricting may be having an effect on this race already.  After the districts were redrawn, Gwen Graham found herself in an almost impossible predicament of defending the 2nd District.  Graham is a Democrat.  Her best option was to run in the neighboring 5th currently held by Corinne Brown.  When Brown lost her lawsuit | Read More »

    The Battle for the Senate in 2016- April News

    With two Senatorial primaries in the books, there was a lot of news on the Senatorial front in April.  Without further ado: Arizona:  The latest poll out of Arizona shows incumbent Republican John McCain deadlocked with Democratic opponent Ann Kirkpatrick.  Although there is not much polling out of the state, this is the third consecutive one to show McCain in a tight race.  He faces | Read More »

    The Battle for the House in 2016- April News, Part 2

    Continuing from yesterday: MN-03:  The Democrats believe they have their woman in to run against incumbent Republican Erik Paulsen- state senator Terri Bonoff.  She ran here before, but lost the Democratic primary in 2008.  Since 2008, Paulsen has never garnered less than 58% of the vote in the general election. NV-04:  Lucy Flores, the Democratic Party’s abortion Barbie in Nevada is seeking this seat against | Read More »

    So How Bad Was Tuesday?

    Obviously, Donald Trump had a very good and better than expected primary on Tuesday sweeping all five states.  His closest rival Ted Cruz is mathematically eliminated from a victory on the first ballot at the convention in Cleveland in July.  But, that was a foregone conclusion after New York pretty much and obviously Cruz’s strategy is to deny Trump the 1,237 delegates to win on | Read More »