Perspectives in Education- Part 2

    Expansion of early childhood education, or Pre-K programs, is being touted by Obama as the panacea to cure America’s educational ills. In essence, there are basically four general types of early childhood education: federally subsidized, or Head Start, state-run preschool (some universal, some targeted), private preschool, and no preschool. What Obama essentially advocating, although he is woefully short on specifics, is expansion of the federal | Read More »

    Perspectives in Education- Part 1

    One of the most contentious issues between liberals and conservatives is meaningful educational reforms. Whether discussing funding, school choice, or even the very purpose of education in the United States, the differences in opinion are profoundly disparate. However, there is one thing common to both camps- recognition of the importance of education to the social and economic fabric in today’s world. Although the ways to | Read More »

    Stupid Liberal Quote of the Day- July 7th Edition

    This quote was actually made on July 4th by American film director and producer, Oliver Stone while at a film festival in the Czech Republic. Never one to shy away from controversial political topics and comments, Stone went a little overboard on the 237th anniversary of our Nation’s independence from tyrannical colonial rule. This is the quote to a press conference of largely European journalists, | Read More »

    The Liberal Agenda and Conservative Answers

    Liberals are obviously quite happy about the Supreme’s Court most recent decision regarding DOMA and gay marriage. But, they realize also that the Court did not go as far as they had hoped. As one website described it, they could pop a good bottle of California Riessling, but no Dom Perignon yet. In short, what they wished for and really want is a federal declaration | Read More »

    The Supreme Court Term in Review

    Criminal law cases make up about a third of the Court’s docket in any given term. Thus far, only six cases of 44 granted for review in the October 2013 term are of a criminal nature. This past term, some 16 or so cases directly had a criminal law connection. One would think that after so many years, jurisprudence in this area would be pretty | Read More »

    Stupid Liberal Quote of the Day- July 3rd edition

    Today’s stupid liberal quote of the day comes from none other than our environmental commander-in-chief, the one…the only Barack Hussein Obama. Speaking on his vacation in Africa- a costly endeavour in these tough days of sequestration- he had this to say: “…if everyone is raising living standards to the point where everybody has got a car, and everybody has got air conditioning, and everybody has | Read More »

    The Supreme Court Term in Review

    Perhaps one of the biggest criticisms of the Supreme Court under John Roberts as Chief Justice from liberals on and off the Court is the alleged “favoritism” shown towards business interests. Statistically speaking, this Court does take on a large number of cases that involve business. The main criteria used to determine the importance of these interests is how the US Chamber of Commerce performs | Read More »

    The Supreme Court Term in Review

    “They are the most conservative Court since 1937.” “They are very pro-business.” “They are out to roll back affirmative action and civil rights and expand the role of religion in America.” “The Court is cutting the rights of the accused in criminal cases.” Read any mainstream media article and one will find some of these accusations against the Roberts Court. Maybe they are in the | Read More »

    The Supreme Court Term in Review

    With the recently wrapped up 2012-2013 term of the United States Supreme Court now history, it is time to review the performance of this term. Last term, John Roberts left Washington one of the most disliked people among conservatives for his decision in the Obamacare cases. Like last term, they saved the most contentious issue this term- the gay marriage cases- for the last day. | Read More »

    The 113th Congress US Senate First Marking Period Report Card

    Well, we are one quarter of the way through the 113th Congress and it is time to hand out some grades for the 45 Republican members of the Senate. Yes, I know there are technically 46 with the Republican temporary appointment in New Jersey, but his votes were not counted. There have been 168 roll call votes in the Senate thus far, but not all | Read More »