Oregon Republican Primary Endorsements

    Besides the congressional seats in play this year,  Democratic Senator Jeff Merkley’s seat is up for reelection as well as that of Governor Kitzhaber whose job approval ratings are not that great.  When reading this entry, it is important to keep in mind that this is Oregon, not exactly (at least electorally speaking) a bastion of conservatism. The bulk of the population of the state is centered | Read More »

    Idaho Republican Primary Endorsements

    There are three primaries of interest next Tuesday in Idaho- the one for governor and the two House races. For governor, Tea Party-affiliated candidate and state senator Russ Fulcher will go up against popular current governor Butch Otter. Fulcher’s main objection is Otter’s endorsement of a state health exchange and thus tacit approval of Obamacare. Given Otter’s approval ratings in Idaho, one cannot realistically see | Read More »

    For a Good Laugh

    The White House has established a page on their official website dedicated to climate change.  Naturally, it ignores evidence to the contrary because, after all, there is this alleged scientific consensus that the world is warming, that man is causing it by the creation of increased carbon dioxide emissions, that the Obama administration is the only ones doing anything about it, and that if we | Read More »

    Nebraska Republican Primary Endorsements

    On Tuesday, Nebraska will hold their primaries to determine who will run for Governor, a Senate seat, and their three House seats. For Governor, Dave Heineman is term-limited. The chance to succeed him for the GOP is being battled out by six challengers which indicates how deep the Republican bench is in Nebraska. Five of the six are “decent” potential candidates. The smart money would | Read More »

    West Virginia Republican Primary Endorsements

    Besides their three House seats- one vacant and a Democratic held, but vulnerable seat- West Virginia has an open Democratic Senate seat up for grabs this year. There are three Republicans in the mix for that Senate seat- Larry Butcher, who was a 2006 state senate candidate, Matthew Dodrill, a candidate for Wood County assessor in 2012, and 2nd District Congresswoman Shelley Moore-Capito. In reality, | Read More »

    On My Endorsements and Congressional Districts

    Recently, in anticipation of primaries to determine Republican candidates in the midterm elections, I have published a few articles.  In some, I have been taken to task.  Without responding in the comments section, I feel it necessary to explain how I come to certain conclusions.  The first is determining the relative strength of the district for the Republican or Democratic Party.  The obvious starting point is the | Read More »

    Get Ready For A Lot More Jesus in Your Life

    That was the title of a recent article on a liberal rag website called “Slate” in response to a recent Supreme Court decision allowing prayers to be held before municipal meetings.  The author of that article is a Dahlia Lithwick who writes about law and the courts for this rag.  Besides Slate she comments for a who’s who of Leftist publications.  The Supreme Court decision | Read More »

    Why Hillary May or Should Not Run

    Although we have yet to get past the 2014 midterm elections and really gear up for 2016, most of the talk thus far has centered on possible GOP candidates.  The reason is simple: it is a foregone conclusion that Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic candidate.   But before anyone counts their chickens here, some intervening factors need to be considered.  The first is age.  Most | Read More »

    North Carolina Republican Primary “Endorsements”

    Tomorrow, North Carolina will hold their primary followed by a runoff on July 15th, if needed, in any race. This is an important state for the GOP as concerns the Senate. Incumbent Democrat Kay Hagan is vulnerable given her previous support for Obamacare which she is now trying to run from. Her approval rating has dropped dramatically over the course of its failed roll-out. Prior | Read More »

    Ohio Republican Primary Endorsements

    On Tuesday, the Ohio primaries will be held.  The only GOP primary races of interest involve congressional seats and there are only four at that where there is any competition. Let’s leave the best for last- the 8th district represented by John Boehner. The Ninth District is held by Democratic incumbent Marcy Kaptur. This northern Ohio district anchored in Toledo is the strongest Democratic district | Read More »