The Confederate Flag On Trial

    On March 23rd, the Supreme Court will hear a case regarding the Confederate flag- Walker vs. Sons of Confederate Veterans.  This case could have broad reaching First Amendment implications beyond Texas.  At issue is the presence of the Confederate flag on a state-issued license plate. Texas, like most states, has a specialty license plate program where organizations can design their own license plates for an additional | Read More »

    Climate Change “Solutions”

    Assuming global climate change to be a legitimate problem (and I hope the previous three articles has shown the opposite), perhaps by looking at the proposed solutions from the pro-climate change crowd we can see the real agenda behind their efforts.  In the end, it will inevitably be revealed that the environmental movement has closely aligned itself with the anti-capitalist movement since this is really | Read More »

    What Do You Do When Your Models Fail?

    The global warming alarmist predictions are littered with  examples of predictions that never came true as the models suggested.  This is the main reason we now call it “climate change” rather than “global warming.”  Even before that name change, the phenomena was changed from “global warming” to “anthropogenic global warming” when it was revealed that the earth regularly “changed climate.”  Besides, climate is more long-term | Read More »

    When Natural Things Are Pollutants

    The EPA’s authority to regulate carbon dioxide emissions is nowhere to be found in the Clean Air Act of 1970, the law that established the current regulatory regiment in the area of the environment and the EPA.  At that time, carbon dioxide was not on the radar of the list of air pollutants.  The problem lies in the broad definition of air pollutants in the | Read More »

    Global Warming, Consensus and Models

    This is the first of four articles on climate change because… well, Barack Obama believes it is the top national security concern facing the United States.  Besides, I haven’t written on the subject in a while.  Part of the problem is simply misinformation regurgitated by our Misinformant-in-Chief himself.  How many times have we heard the Left (Obama included) say that the discussion is over, that | Read More »

    Democrats and Human Sex Traffic…Perfect Together

    This past week, in a rather startling exhibition of political posturing or stupidity, the Democratic leadership in the Senate blocked passage of a bill that would crackdown on human sex trafficking in the United States and around the world.  The reason given is language in the bill that would prohibit any funds from being used for abortion services except in the cases of rape, incest, | Read More »

    Treason and Sedition: Cotton or Obama?

    This week, the great foreign policy brouhaha revolves around a letter authored by Senator of Arkansas and signed by 47 fellow Senators.  This letter was delivered to Iranian leaders who are currently negotiating a nuclear deal with the Obama administration, among others.  To state that this has engendered some extreme hyberbole would be an understatement of the reactions.  David Axelrod and Howard Dean, among others, | Read More »

    Leftists Dumbing Down America

    One of my favorite Leftist nut cases, Amanda Marcotte, had an article on one of favorite Leftist nut case websites, Alternet, describing what she perceived to be a conservative assault on education.  No- this was not an indictment of parental choice, the one area where Marcotte and her ilk do not think choice is a desired outcome, nor was it about charter schools or school | Read More »

    The 2016 Playing Field

    There is a belief in electoral politics that it has become difficult for Republicans to win the Presidency because of the so-called “blue wall.” This is the assertion that the Democrats start with an electoral vote advantage.  Under this theory, the Democratic Party has a lock on the electoral votes of 18 states plus DC and need only find about 30 more electoral votes to | Read More »

    Testing Gone Wild

    Here in my neck of the woods of New Jersey, students in grades 3-8 have begun taking the PARCC test.  This is a standardized, computer-based assessment allegedly designed to gauge a student’s critical things skills and knowledge in language arts, math and science.  There has been controversy and opposition to this test in red, blue and purple states.  By extension, this test is an outgrowth | Read More »