Midterm Races in Iowa

    We have finally reached the end of the road and it ends in Iowa.  The retirement of Democratic incumbent , one of the most liberal Senators, has created a race of massive importance and one that the Democrats believed was their’s to win when announced his intention to run for the seat.  Before getting to that race, there are the congressional races and a gubernatorial | Read More »

    Midterm Races in Georgia

    Before looking at the races, it is important to note the well-publicized efforts of the Democratic Party to turn Texas blue.  I have argued in the past that this is a less likely scenario than them turning Georgia blue.  The changing demographics of Georgia is the key factor.  This will not be an overnight happening, but more likely to occur by 2024.  All that being | Read More »

    Midterm Races in Alaska

    There are three races in Alaska this year- the at large congressional seat, a gubernatorial election and a Senate election.  As for that congressional seat, incumbent will take on Democrat Forrest Dunbar.  This is the least interesting of the three races and Young should win this race. As for the gubernatorial race, incumbent Republican Sean Parnell finds himself in a hard fight to keep his | Read More »

    Midterm Races in Arkansas

    Arkansas is an important state this year which has recently grown in importance if that were possible.  There is a hotly contested gubernatorial and Senate race and two of the state’s congressional seats, currently held by Republicans, have become interesting.  The First District and Third District are safe Republican holds.  The interest lies in the open Second and Fourth Districts with vacating the spot for | Read More »

    Spinning a Loss

    A recent article by E.J. Dionne in the Washington Post is indicative of the fantasy world of the average liberal.  In that article, in some bizarre preemptive attempt to explain anticipated Democratic losses in the Senate, he presents “four underappreciated facts” that need some explaining.  The first is the number of Democratic seats that are not in play at this point.  He notes that the GOP | Read More »

    Midterm Races in Louisiana

    About a month ago, Sabato’s Crystal Ball ran an article noting that come November 5th we may not know who has control of the Senate.  One of the reasons was Louisiana.  Election Day is like a pseudo-primary in Louisiana where if anyone gets 50% of the vote in any race, they win that office.  If they fail to get 50%, it proceeds to a runoff | Read More »

    Midterm Races in Colorado

    A couple of years ago, the political pundits on the Left were lauding Colorado for their if not blue status, then their purple status.  Today, these same political pundits are scratching their heads at the “weirdness” of Colorado.  To them, it is inconceivable that Democratic Governor John Hicklenhooper and Democratic would be endangered species in 2014.  Before getting to these two marquee races, let’s look | Read More »

    Midterm Races in North Carolina

    Before addressing the Senate race, there are some interesting congressional House seat races.  The Republicans hold the partisan advantage in the Tar Heel State’s delegation 9-4.  No one is expecting much change here, although change may be in the offing.  Three of those 4 Democratic seats are safe.  The exception is the 7th District where incumbent is retiring in a district with a +11 GOP | Read More »

    How Conservative Principles Empower Teachers

    Years and years of failed efforts and billions of dollars later, educational reforms-  both liberal and conservative- have basically resulted in stagnation.  The primary reason, in my estimation, is the top-down, Washington dictated policies which have solved very little.  Despite massive federal spending, those federal dollars account for about 9% of any school board’s budget.  With those dollars come regulations and mandates which eat up about | Read More »

    The November Supreme Court Docket

    In November, the Supreme Court will hear argument in 10 cases.  They will kick off arguments with Omnicare, Inc. vs. Laborers District Council Construction Industry Pension Fund.  This is a complicated case that revolves around the intent of those who handle pension funds and SEC filings.  Specifically, the Court is asked whether the mere fact of an untrue statement should be the deciding factor, or | Read More »