Addressing College Debt- Part 3- The Bureaucratic Solutions

    This article will focus on the bloated bureaucracy of higher education.  From 1976 to 2015, instructional faculty staff increased 149% nationally.  In that same time period, the non-instructional staff increased a whopping 290%.  Decreasing non-instructional staff is a must.  This can be done one of two ways.  We could and should reward colleges for cutting costs in this area up the point of using the stick | Read More »

    Addressing College Debt, Part 2: The Broad Solutions

    Soaring college debt is attributable to two factors- one that feeds off the other.  The primary cause is the proliferation of college aid programs that although intended to help low and middle income families with costs has only steered undeserving people into college, and into fields with little post-graduation demand.  This, in turn, fueled the inflation in college costs, especially tuition.  If the rate of | Read More »

    Addressing College Debt, Part 1: The Broad Issues First

    No one on either side of the political ideological divide denies that over $1 trillion in accumulated college debt is a bad thing.  The differences are in the solutions regarding what we can do now about the existing debt and what we can do about the cost of higher education going forward.  Further, we both agree that a high school education can increase a person’s | Read More »

    What Is in Store for the 2015 Supreme Court Term

    This article is less about specific cases and more about general trends in the cases the Supreme Court has thus far granted for review this term which started yesterday.  I divided the cases into 14 broad categories.  There may be overlap between cases (for example, Snyder vs. Phelps was both a civil torts and First Amendment case), but it’s category was determined by the final opinion and | Read More »

    Tweaking Capital Punishment

    Recently, the state of Georgia executed Kelly Gissendaner while Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin issued a stay in the execution of Richard Glossip who lost his appeal before the Supreme Court in the 2015 term.  Thus far, there have been 22 executions in the United States this year and 1,416 since the Supreme Court gave the go-ahead to resume executions in 1976 after a brief moratorium. | Read More »

    With Friends Like These: George Soros-Part 2

    In part 1, I outlined the basic tenets of Soros and his Open Society Institute (OSI).  They revolved around the denial of American exceptionalism, world governance, and wealth redistribution.  Nothing so changed recent American history than the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.  Although the plan had been in the making for years, Soros led the call that the attacks were | Read More »

    Diary of a Wimpy Congress

    In 2010, the Republican Party regained control of the House in an historic election.  While the President’s party is expected to lose seats in this chamber in midterm elections, this shift was one of titanic proportions.  And the cause of that shift can be directly traced back to the passage of the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.  This was an exclamation point of disapproval by | Read More »

    Can the GOP Ever Win the Urban Vote?

    Consider this indisputable fact: In 2012, a single urban county in five states provided Obama his margin of victory for the entire state and their electoral votes.  The story becomes even more important since those states were Colorado, Florida, Nevada, Ohio, and Pennsylvania- all considered important swing states.  Those counties were Denver, Miami-Dade, Clark, Cuyahoga, and Philadelphia.  Gaining in other counties is sometimes not enough | Read More »

    A Good Gun Control Case

    Back in April of this year, a divided panel of the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals upheld an ordinance in the city of Highland Park, a suburb of Chicago, which banned assault weapons and high capacity magazines against a Second Amendment challenge.  The majority opinion was penned by Frank Easterbrook, a Reagan appointment.  Because it was a divided decision, it is a good vehicle for en | Read More »

    In Defense of Dark Money

    It is well-established law that political campaign contributions are a form of political speech.  It is also well-established law that expenditures on political advocacy for a “cause” are also a form of political speech.  When it comes to free speech rights in this country, in no other area is it more important than political speech.  Yet, there are forces out there who would like to | Read More »