Midterm Races in Michigan

    Let’s first dispense with this silly notion that Michigan is a purple state.  Every four years I hear of how Michigan is in play only to have it go for

    Midterm Races in Minnesota and Ohio

    First up in this entry- Ohio where there is a gubernatorial race and congressional races.  In the gubernatorial race, Democrats had very high hopes here with Ed FitzGerald.  The Republican

    Midterm Races in New Jersey and Pennsylvania

    In the homestretch now, and things start to get more interesting.  Today, I turn to my home state, New Jersey, and its neighbor, Pennsylvania. Besides the congressional races, there is

    So Why DID the Supreme Court Take a Pass on Gay Marriage?

    The Supreme Court surprised the world of constitutional law groupies and pundits and on October 6th refused to grant review on six petitions before the Court addressing SSM bans in

    Midterm Races in Oregon and Hawaii

    I included these races later rather than sooner in this series for different reasons.  In Oregon, there is a gubernatorial, congressional and Senate race this year.  First, the Governor’s race

    Midterm Races in Idaho, Wyoming and Montana

    I originally scheduled this race for later in the series because of Montana.  But, let’s start in the other less competitive states of Wyoming and Idaho.  In Idaho, there is

    Midterm Races in Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia

    Maryland has a gubernatorial election this year for an open Democratic seat.  On the Democratic side is Anthony Brown, the favorite of outgoing Governor O’Malley and heir apparent.  On the

    Midterm Races in North and South Dakota and New Mexico

    In North Dakota, the only race of importance this year is the at-large congressional seat.  In 2013, it was reported in the Bismarck Tribune that both parties were confident in

    Midterm Elections in Illinois

    Besides the congressional races, we have a gubernatorial and Senate race in Illinois this year.  As for the Governor’s race, incumbent Democrat Pat Quinn is probably the most unpopular governor

    Midterm Races in Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas

    In Nebraska, there is an open Senate and gubernatorial race.  In the Governor’s race, Republican incumbent Dave Heineman is term-limited.  Pete Ricketts won the crowded GOP primary with only 26%