The Religion of “Peace-” Counting the Dead Bodies

    Back in May, I published an entry here highlighting some statistics on deaths and attacks attributable to Islamic terrorism.  It is time to update those statistics after another four months. For Iraq, it was a particularly deadly month; in fact one of the deadliest this year with 944 deaths.  They missed the record- set in January- by only 236 dead bodies.  The next closest country | Read More »

    Open Letter to Scott Walker

    At the beginning of this process, you were a front runner by virtue of the fact that you were a conservative Governor who won three elections in a blue state.  You took on the unions and you won despite 100,000 protesters in the streets of Madison.  We know your story.  But, the time for introduction to the electorate is over.  As this campaign progresses, you | Read More »

    The GOP Agenda and the Middle Class

    Its tough to define the middle class, but about 45% of Americans view themselves as “middle class.”  That is a huge segment of the American electorate.  It is also a clue as to where the Republican Party should start to focus their energies when it comes to the 2016 presidential campaign. We know the Democratic playbook- class warfare and pitting the 1% versus the 99%. | Read More »

    A Different Take on the Kim Davis Controversy

    By now, everyone here is aware of the situation in Kentucky where county clerk Kim Davis is serving jail time for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples.  Her emergency appeal to the United States Supreme Court was denied with no public statement from any Justice. Many of us on the Right are viewing this in the wrong light and portraying this as a | Read More »

    Politically Handling Climate Change

    Recently, Scientific American bemoaned the fact that although 90% of scientists believed that climate change was real and caused by man-made activity, about only 50% of Americans shared this view.  A discussion of climate change is sure to elicit strong responses from the Left and the Right given this 50/50 split.  The first obvious question is whether climate change actually exists and to the extent that | Read More »

    A Battle Sent From Heaven

    While the Congress escaped the August heat of Washington, their last act was an attempt to transfer funding from Planned Parenthood to community health centers in stand-alone legislation.  This was doomed to failure since McConnell realized there would not be enough Democratic votes to advance the bill.  This is typical McConnell squishiness when it comes to issues that unite all true conservatives.  But, the continued | Read More »

    With Friends Like These: Marlon Marshall and Jeremy Bird

    At one time, Marlon Marshall was believed to be on the short list of possible Clinton campaign managers.  Eventually, that job went to Robby Mook.  That does not mean that Marshall is the odd man out.  Mook and Marshall are practically connected at the hip.  Many consider Marshall Mook’s right hand man.  Known as “the Reverend” in Democratic circles for instilling zeal in his operatives, | Read More »

    EXCLUSIVE: The Hillary Diaries- August Edition

    In the continuing tradition of transparency and openness that characterizes the Clinton campaign, I bring you another edition of the private diarrhea diary of Hillary Clinton: 8/1- Dear diary:  Released tax returns and medical records today.  I challenge Bernie to do the same and explain why he drools when he talks.  And that frog in his throat…is that annoying or what?  And what’s all this I hear | Read More »

    2016 Gubernatorial Races: August Happenings in Review

    INDIANA: In 2008, Democrat Jim Schellinger unsuccessfully sought the nod to run for Governor.  Some expected him to enter the race in 2016.  However, Mike Pence recently appointed him to the Indiana Economic Development Corporation which all but takes him out of the gubernatorial picture.  Keep your enemies close, or just bad politics?  Wouldn’t a crowded Democratic primary favor Pence?  Meanwhile, as soon as she | Read More »

    The Battle for the 2016 House- August Edition

    Happenings, observations and musings from around the country in US House races for 2016: AZ-01: Democrat Tom O’Halleran has entered the race setting up a Democratic primary challenge against Barbara McGuire. AZ-02: Former state representative Matt Heinz will take on Victoria Steele in the Democratic Party’s primary to challenge Rep. Martha McSally (R-AZ) 56%. AZ-09: The House’s resident bisexual witch- Krysten Sinema- | Read More »