Important Down-Ticket Primaries Tomorrow

    While all eyes will be on the presidential primaries tomorrow, it is important to note that there are down-ticket primaries in Maryland and Pennsylvania also. In Maryland, besides the eight congressional districts, there is a Senatorial primary to see who will run in November to replace the retiring Barbara Mikulski.  Most of the attention is on the Democratic side which features several candidates, but the | Read More »

    Tuesday’s Primary Outlook

    This is the last instance- other than New Jersey on June 7th- of an East Coast primary group which would be favorable to the front runner, Donald Trump.  While most of the attention will be focused on Pennsylvania, it is important to remember that although the state is rich in delegates, only 17 are definitely up for grabs while 54 from the congressional districts will | Read More »

    Reporting a Hate Crime Can Be Dangerous Than a Hate Crime

    First, let me get something off my chest- all crimes involve some element of hate or disrespect.  We only have hate crime legislation to enhance a penalty when racially-motivated hate is involved. Hate crime laws are passed to make people feel better as if these laws will actually discourage acts of hate.  If the death penalty doesn’t discourage your average murderer, one doubts hate crime | Read More »

    Why Cruz and Not Trump: The Lesson of Chris Christie

    Former New Jersey Governor Tom Kean used to appear in advertisements for state tourism with the tag line, “New Jersey and you…perfect together.”  The same can be used to describe the Trump-Christie bromance.  Governor Chris Christie may be kicking himself in the butt right now (it should he easy; it is a big target) over his endorsement of Donald Trump.  Prior to the New Hampshire | Read More »

    George Clooney: Spokesman for Hypocrisy

    Usually, this writer catches Meet the Press when it is replayed at 3:00 AM and I had to turn it off once Debbie Wasserman-Schultz made her appearance.  But, I am sooooo glad I saw the interview between Chuck Todd and George Clooney because it illustrated not only the hypocrisy on the Left, but their stupidity. While all eyes were on and all words over the weekend | Read More »

    New York Primary Predictions

    New York holds their GOP presidential primary tomorrow with 95 delegates at stake.  Of those 95, fourteen are at-large/party leader delegates awarded to the winner overall in the state.  The remainder (81) are awarded at the congressional district level.  To win any delegates at this level, there is a 20% of the vote threshold.  The delegates are awarded 2 to the congressional district winner and | Read More »

    The Left Has No Solution To Terrorism

    One can forgive Bernie Sanders for saying the following: “If we are going to see an increase in drought and flood and extreme weather disturbances as a result of climate change, what that means is peoples all over the world are going to be fighting over limited natural resources,” Sanders made this statement on CBS’ “Face the Nation” after some Democratic debate where he equated | Read More »

    Environmentalists Want to Kill Us

    I recently read where some students in the Soviet Socialist Republic of California protested to save some trees from a construction project on campus.  Some environmental group got together with some feminist group and decided to kill two birds with one stone.  They marched on the construction site topless.  This way, they could stop progress and free the nipple simultaneously.  I use this story by | Read More »

    The Continuing Hypocrisy of the Wannabe Whiner-In-Chief

    Most people on the Left are livid about campaign finance reform.  Mention two words- Citizens United- to a Democrat and their heads will almost explode.  Despite the fact that most campaign finance laws are a sham, the Supreme Court allows government to place limits on political speech under the broad rubric of “eliminating corruption or the appearance of corruption.” The reason the Left believes in campaign finance | Read More »

    The Impending Supreme Court Immigration Case Explained

    On Monday, the Supreme Court will hear the government’s challenge to an injunction issued in Texas against Obama’s deferred deportation executive action.  This action, announced in November 2014, would allow illegal immigrants to remain in the United States under two criteria: (1) they have children here and (2) they have been in the US at least since January 2010.  They could apply for a special | Read More »