ISIL and Obama’s Ignorance

    While president Obama was off railing about an inactive Congress and fundraising in liberal cities, there was an insidious rise in Islamic terrorism brewing in the Middle East.  Today, the president blames faulty intelligence for being caught with his pants down regarding the bloody and sadistic advance of ISIL- the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Yet in March of this year, it was | Read More »

    Gay Marriage, the Supreme Court and Animus- Part 2

    In the previous entry, I outlined the so-called animus analysis when it comes to state gay marriage bans.  In that entry, I addressed the textual and contextual dimensions of the theory and that animus is inferred through not only the text of the laws, but also the context under which the law was passed. Part of that context can be gleaned from the third part | Read More »

    Gay Marriage, the Supreme Court and Animus- Part 1

    State bans on gay marriage whether passed legislatively, through voter referendums, or by state constitutional amendments have not met with great success recently in the courts.  Except for a handful of blue states, gay marriage has been foisted upon the states by judicial decisions. Dale Carpenter (of the Volokh Conspiracy writing in the Washington Post) has an interesting article that explains in detail the concept | Read More »

    How Do You Like Me Now?

    While scanning the Internet, I came across an interesting article on AlterNet- a Leftist outlet- entitled “50 Reasons  You Despised George W. Bush’s Presidency.” (Just go to alternet and type in that headline)   It is an interesting bit of recent history made all the more interesting by the administration of “president” Barack Obama.  Without being an apologist for the Bush Administration: 1. Bush stole | Read More »

    Minnesota 2014 GOP Primary “Endorsements”

    The Gopher State has a full slate on the table this year with a gubernatorial, Senate and congressional races.  Most of the GOP primary action will be at the gubernatorial and Senate level as only two of Minnesota’s 8 congressional districts will see contested Republican primaries. Whoever emerges for the Republicans in the gubernatorial primary will have a difficult time unseating Mark Dayton, the Democratic | Read More »

    Wisconsin GOP Primary “Endorsements”

    All the GOP primary action in Wisconsin will be at the congressional level.  In the First, incumbent Paul Ryan will face (Segway) Jerry Ryan.  The fact his website/Facebook page shows Jeremy Ryan on a Segway should be grounds alone for dismissing him.  Enough said…Paul Ryan it is. In the LaCrosse-Eau Claire based 3rd district, Democratic incumbent Ron Kind is somewhat vulnerable.  Wisconsin politics can be volatile | Read More »

    It’s Tough Being a Left Wing Demagogue These Days

    Katie McDonough is a writer and assistant editor for Salon, a Left wing online rag.  A quick survey of her articles illustrates a tendency to be preoccupied with rape, abortion and contraception.  Of course, the Left refers to the latter two as “reproductive rights.”  Although not quite as bad as Amanda Marcotte- another spew- McDonough must have graduated from the same gender studies course at | Read More »

    Connecticut Republican Primary “Endorsements”

    With no Senate race and no contested primaries at the Congressional level, the only Republican primary will take place for the Governor’s office.  To state that incumbent Democrat Dan Malloy is in trouble electorally would be an understatement.  He barely won against Tom Foley in 2010. Foley has been chomping at the bits for a rematch this year.  First, he will have to face down | Read More »

    Hawaii GOP Primary “Endorsements”

    In a strange sense, it is interesting that Hawaii is even being discussed in GOP circles, but such is the mood in politics this year.  Dynamics specific to the Aloha State make some races very noteworthy this year starting with the gubernatorial race. Democratic incumbent Neil Abercrombie is not exactly the most popular man in Hawaii politics.  He faces his own primary challenge from a serious | Read More »

    Tennessee GOP Primary “Endorsements”

    On Thursday, Tennessee will hold their primary elections.  There is a gubernatorial, senatorial and congressional elections this year in the Volunteer State. For Governor, incumbent Republican Bill Haslam will face three opponents in his primary.  Upon analysis, Haslam may not be the most conservative Republican governor in office.  But, he is the most likely Republican in Tennessee to keep the office in Republican hands.  For | Read More »