2015: The Year in Islamic Terrorism

    The overall picture gives us some good news and some bad news.  The good news is that the number killed by Islamic terrorists is down 30% from last year’s totals.  The bad news is that they are running out of people to kill.  With the number of refugees fleeing Syria and Iraq, they are running out of targets there.  The further bad news is that | Read More »

    Why Cruz Will Not Be the Nominee

    Leaving aside the competition for claiming the mantle of conservatism, suffice to say a candidate like Rubio with a 94% Heritage Action score and Cruz with a 100% score are both conservative.  In fact, there are precious few people between Cruz and Rubio on that list.  Recent polls show Cruz surging and Rubio either stagnant or falling back.  Some people have been critical of Rubio’s | Read More »

    Fearless 2016 Predictions (Just Having Some Late Night Fun)

    The following are some predictions for the upcoming year: 1) There will be an earthquake somewhere in the world; 2) The earth will not devolve into a ball of fire and life as we know it will still be here in 2017; 3) Hillary Clinton will be the Democratic nominee for President and will choose one of the Castro brothers as her Vice Presidential running | Read More »

    The Rubio Scandal That Isn’t…Again

      In the interest of “journalism,” the Washington Post recently rehashed as an old story about Florida Senator and presidential candidate, .  In fact, this old story had been covered by other news outlets like The New Yorker, Univision,  and The Guardian to name but three as early as 2011.  The story centers around Rubio’s brother-in law Orlando Cicilia. Cicilia married Rubio’s sister, Barbara, and was convicted in | Read More »

    EXCLUSIVE: The Hillary Diaries- December 2015 Edition

    In a continuing effort to keep readers informed about the inner workings of the Hillary Campaign, this writer is proud to bring you the latest edition of her diaries which were secretly obtained by unnamed sources. Dec 1.:  Dear diary- Didn’t think I could find a state worse than IA, but then they shipped me off to Alabama for a campaign stop.  Really?  Gotta talk | Read More »

    Senate Second Marking Period Report Card

    These are the “report cards” for all sitting Republican Senators for the period July 1-December 31, 2015.  Although described as “dysfunctional” by the Democratic minority, the 114th Senate had 339 roll call votes thus far.  At this time in the 113th Senate led by Reid and the Democrats, there were only 291 roll call votes. As is usual when this writer makes these posts, there | Read More »

    My Annual Top 20 Liberal Jerks of the Year

      The following are my favorite liberal spews of 2015 20. Charles Blow- or Blowhard as the case may be.  This columnist for the New York Times sees a racial bogeyman everywhere.  But then again, there was a lot of that going around this year.  I was surprised to learn that a Confederate flag caused someone to go on a shooting spree. 19. Rachel Maddow- The | Read More »

    Some Interesting Takes From the Campaign…So Far

    To state that this electoral cycle has been topsy-turvy would be an understatement.  As we begin 2016 when people will actually cast ballots rather than answering a pollster on the telephone, it may be prudent to look back at some interesting tidbits as we go forward. MONEY MEANS LITTLE…SO FAR If dollar bills voted, then Jeb Bush would be the Republican nominee by far.  According | Read More »

    2016 Gubernatorial Races- December News

    This entry almost seems like a waste as there was not much news in December on the gubernatorial front.  Additionally, there were no ratings changes.  Most of the 2016 action will center on three states: North Carolina, Missouri and New Hampshire, all for differing reasons, although Indiana could become interesting depending on how Mike Pence negotiates a legislative minefield apt to rile up the LGBTQ | Read More »

    2016 US Senate News- December Edition

    ARIZONA-  Strategies 360 is one of the better polling companies out there and they show McCain beating probable Democratic opponent 51-36 at this point in the game.  Other polls have shown similar leads while others have shown smaller leads.  The bottom line?  They all show leads.  McCain first has to get by a primary challenge as most of the more conservative representatives from Arizona are not | Read More »