Education: The School as Social Engineer

    Politicians on the Left and the Right regularly talk about one’s home life and the societal conditions that make learning difficult.  To those union voices, the cause of failing schools is not the teachers per se, but society as a whole.  It is actually a circular problem.  Without an adequate education, “graduates” are doomed to a life of low-paying jobs which only perpetuates a cycle | Read More »

    2016 US Senate News- The June 2015 Edition

    As we move along in this election cycle, things are starting to pick up a little on the US Senate side. Arizona: On the Republican side, McCain’s numbers in Arizona remain miserable.  No doubt, some potential primary challengers see that as a weakness to be exploited.  One such person is Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ) 86% who said he would decide by August 15th | Read More »

    Gay Marriage: Not the End of the World, But the Start of a New Battle

    Yesterday, the Supreme Court decided Obergfell v. Hodges, which effectively made gay marriage the law of the land.  This was clearly anticipated and came as no major surprise including the rationale under an Equal Protection argument (notice how Kennedy took strides to avoid the level of scrutiny question) and the author of the majority decision.  The surprising part was that it took Kennedy 28 pages of soaring, | Read More »

    Health Care Subsidies Survive

    The Supreme Court, in a 6-3 decision authored by Chief Justice John Roberts, just upheld the subsidies on the federal exchange landing the a blow to the greatest legal threat against Obamacare.  More to follow later.. After reading and re-reading the majority opinion by Roberts and the dissenting opinion by Scalia, it becomes painfully obvious to the reader that Roberts painfully reached the conclusion they | Read More »

    Divining the Remainder of the Supreme Court Term

    It is difficult to predict with a great degree of accuracy how the Supreme Court will decide any particular case.  Some pundits have devised algorithms that can predict outcomes based on oral argument questions and interruptions, but they are less than 75% correct.  There is one way, based on the leadership style of Roberts, that can give a clue.  Tradition dictates that the most senior | Read More »

    With Friends Like These: Dennis Cheng

    This is part 4 of a continuing series looking at Clinton campaign operatives.  Today, we examine Dennis Cheng who was project manager and fundraiser for the Clinton Foundation from 2011 to 2015 when he resigned to join the Hillary campaign as a key fundraiser and finance director of the campaign.  As a member of the Clinton Foundation, he has developed a fine base of donors | Read More »

    Today at the Supreme Court

    Today, the Supreme Court released decisions in four cases.  No- none of them involved gay marriage, Obamacare subsidies, the death penalty, or redistricting commissions.  They remain cases pending a decision along with one whether the mere possession of a short barrel shotgun could be a construed as a felony under the Career Armed Criminal Act and another case involving whether disparate impact can be considered | Read More »

    Education: The Cult of the Higher Pay

    In the previous entry, I attempted to illustrate that many states with teacher salaries below the national average do not perform considerably below the states with high teacher salaries by an appreciable amount when it comes to academic performance and, in some metrics, the low-paying states actually perform better.  That was the broad stroke analysis of the teacher pay argument.  This article will deal more | Read More »

    Dylann Roof, the Left and South Carolina: What We All Can Learn

    The most recent act of senseless violence by a deranged “human” in South Carolina has brought out the worst in the Left and the best in the Right. On the Right, there is universal condemnation and acceptance of the fact that this is a hate crime.  This author dislikes that phrase “hate crime” and has written articles about it in the past.  I find it | Read More »

    The Donald Descends Into the Race

    So Donald Trump entered the GOP sweepstakes to take on the Queen-in-Waiting Hillary Clinton.  He did so to the fanfare of television cameras as he descended an escalator.  Perhaps a better entrance would be to have six people carry him in as he threw out rose petals…or something like that.  The symbolism of a descent down an escalator should be a metaphor for how we | Read More »