Education 2016: An Agenda for the Next President

    The Republican Party has a unique opportunity in 2016 to advance an educational agenda which will improve our public schools.  Given the spending habits of groups like the National Education Association, the American Federation of Teachers and their state affiliates, one can expect enormous attacks.  Greater than 90% of the NEA’s political advocacy donations go to Democrats. ranks the NEA as the 4th largest | Read More »

    Education: School Choice and Vouchers- The Way Forward

    The key factor in true educational reform is an introduction of competition into the system- a viable option for parents to break free from the yoke of failing public schools.  Unfortunately it is the teacher unions that stand in the way of these reforms based upon misinformation, confusion of the facts and, in many cases, outright lies.  Their best argument is that the jury is | Read More »

    Education 2016: Another Saga of “Rich School, Poor School”

    Another lie perpetuated by teacher unions is that public schools are underfunded when compared against private schools.  This is educational class warfare at its rank worst.  One will usually hear these accusations when the subject of school vouchers is brought up.  You will hear statements like “they are diverting needed money away from public schools.”  As I have shown, this is patently false with respect | Read More »

    Education 2016: The Myth of the Eggheaded Teacher

    There are two great impediments to entering the teaching profession- state certification rules which are demanded by the unions, and nepotism.  Any profession requires that a member be certified by the state- doctors, lawyers, even hairdressers.  It is generally a sign that the person has achieved some level of expertise in their chosen field.  Teacher quality is certainly an important factor in academic achievement, but | Read More »

    The GOP Field Falls Into Place

    We have Senators and Governors and ex-Senators and ex-Governors, business leaders and CEOs, and a bona fide legitimate medical doctor (in fact, two) to choose from for the GOP presidential candidate to take on Hillary in 2016.  With the field set and many debates to go before we get to Iowa or New Hampshire this winter, let’s take a breath and take stock of the | Read More »

    The 2016 Battle For the House: July Happenings

    News from around the US as House races are starting to shape up: AZ-1:  Paul Babeau, the Pinal County Sheriff, has entered the race on the GOP side along with Ken Bennett and Gary Kiehne who ran in 2014. CA-17: Democrat Mike Honda, who faces a challenge from Ro Khanna, also has to an answer an ethics violation as his Capitol Hill staff apparently participated | Read More »

    US Senate News for 2016- July Edition

    ARIZONA- Taking out McCain would be a tough task, but Salmon seems to be mulling a bid in the primary.  He is considerably to the right of McCain and conservatives have been looking for a serious alternative.  If McCain were to be defeated in Arizona, the most serious challenge would be from a GOP primary opponent.  Meanwhile, conservative groups with money are staying on the | Read More »

    With Friends Like These: Sean Sweeney and Mitch Stewart

    Lest there be any doubt that Hillary Clinton would represent a third Obama term, one need only look at the people she has surrounded herself with in this campaign.  Often, a candidate defeated in a previous election will use talent from the campaign that defeated them.  After the 2008 campaign, there was residual animosity among the operatives for the two camps. One such person is | Read More »

    Education: Class Size- the Unions Have a Partial Point

    Teachers and parents love them and unions want them.  Small class size is, at times, all the political rage.  And there are certainly advantages to smaller class sizes.  But although we can generally get behind the idea, there is one major obstacle standing in the way- financial reality.  For example, the NEA has proposed that class sizes not exceed 15 students.  Sometimes it appears as | Read More »

    Krugman, Kansas and Greece

    Four names get my blood boiling- Reid, Wasserman-Schultz, Brand (as in Russell) and Krugman (as in Paul).  Last year, Paul Krugman got into an argument over Kansas’ tax cuts.  His reaction seems to epitomize the Left in all areas.  Governor Sam Brownback shares some responsibility since after his tax cuts were passed and went into effect he basically over-sold their promise.  Perhaps seizing upon the | Read More »