Environmentalists Want to Kill Us

    I recently read where some students in the Soviet Socialist Republic of California protested to save some trees from a construction project on campus.  Some environmental group got together with some feminist group and decided to kill two birds with one stone.  They marched on the construction site topless.  This way, they could stop progress and free the nipple simultaneously.  I use this story by | Read More »

    The Continuing Hypocrisy of the Wannabe Whiner-In-Chief

    Most people on the Left are livid about campaign finance reform.  Mention two words- Citizens United- to a Democrat and their heads will almost explode.  Despite the fact that most campaign finance laws are a sham, the Supreme Court allows government to place limits on political speech under the broad rubric of “eliminating corruption or the appearance of corruption.” The reason the Left believes in campaign finance | Read More »

    The Impending Supreme Court Immigration Case Explained

    On Monday, the Supreme Court will hear the government’s challenge to an injunction issued in Texas against Obama’s deferred deportation executive action.  This action, announced in November 2014, would allow illegal immigrants to remain in the United States under two criteria: (1) they have children here and (2) they have been in the US at least since January 2010.  They could apply for a special | Read More »

    The Peruvian Elections- And You Think the Process is Messy Here?

    On April 1oth, Peru held their presidential election.  The Peruvian Constitution has a one-term limit, although anyone can run non-consecutively for the four-year term.  Thus, a President from eight years ago can run again in a later election.  Peru uses a two-round system to elect their President with the top two vote-getters on April 10th advancing to a runoff in June unless someone gets to | Read More »

    A Proposed Donald Trump Moratorium

    In a very unscientific study I undertook, I scanned back over the last 50 Redstate Front Page stories and discovered that 28 mentioned Donald Trump, or 56% of all front page stories.  For accuracy, I did not count the Water Cooler Series which is more an open thread.  In another seven headlines that did not mention Donald Trump in the headline, they noted how Ted | Read More »

    Now These Girls Know How to Protest!!

    Femen is a Ukrainian-based (originally) feminist group that evolved around 2008.  Although their shock tactics have been used in the past, these young ladies take topless protests to new levels.  Originally a protest against the sex trafficking of Ukrainian women to the West, they have evolved beyond that narrow window to now include a “what’s what” of the modern feminist agenda. It is not so | Read More »

    Should Cruz Even Be in New York Right Now?

    Should Cruz Even Be in New York Right Now?

    Two recent stories in the news highlight the Cruz campaign and the next primary battle on April 19th in New York.  At the invitation of the principal, Ted Cruz was to appear at the Bronx Lighthouse College Preparatory Academy- a charter school.  However, students petitioned the principal with a threatened walk-out if Cruz appeared noting that the candidate was anti-immigration and the Bronx and this | Read More »

    Amanda Marcotte Has Her Knickers In a Twist…Again

    Amanda Marcotte, that far Left feminist who sees a sexual bogeyman (that is, conservative male) behind every tree has been quite prolific in the month of March writing for various rags that pass for journalism.  And there was, according to her, a lot to scream about.  A RFRA-like law had passed the legislature in Georgia only for Republican Governor Nathan Deal to succumb to pressure | Read More »

    Jihad News, Volume IV- April 9, 2016 edition

    Front Page The two biggest events over the past month were (1) the terrorist attack in Belgium and (2) the Obama administration charging ISIS with genocide.  As regards (2), one has to wonder what took so long to come to such an obvious conclusion.  This is such a statement of the obvious that the administration should be ashamed of not coming to the conclusion two | Read More »

    After 43 Years, Has No One Learned This Abortion Thing Yet?

    One would think that after 43 years of Roe v. Wade that politicians would have this abortion thing down by now.  Of course, I refer to Donald Trump’s infamous statement that women should receive some form of punishment if abortion was ever to be made illegal. Let’s put this in perspective and context.  First, we are talking about a hypothetical situation posited by Chris Matthews of | Read More »