Hope and Change: The International Edition

    Regarding the framework for a nuclear deal with Iran, the first thing to consider is how close they are to obtaining a nuclear weapon.  Some say its imminent (Benjamin Netanyahu) while others say it is 3 years out.  The Obama administration does not believe it is imminent which then raises the question as to why they entered into negotiations at this time.  I believe the | Read More »

    Hillary’s Dilemma

    With Hillary Clinton’s anticipated video announcement of her candidacy for President, some recent articles have made the assumption that she is the future president of the United States.  That is, forget Election Day 2016; just mail in the presidency to her.  They base this on two items- the alleged built-in advantage for the Democratic Party in the Electoral College and group identity politics.  I have | Read More »

    The Left’s Newly Found (and Fake) Populism

    Generally speaking, populism is the political belief that power should ultimately rest in the hands of the “little people.”  Its hard to define who the “little people” actually are unless you on the left side of the political spectrum in which case they are the 99%.  In fact, most polling shows that the American public is generally wary of things that are “big” be they | Read More »

    Oh! Those Scary Words…

    But if thought corrupts language, language can corrupt thought.—George Orwell If anything is true today in political discourse, it is the tendency by those on the Left to distort the human language to their own ends.  This, I believe, is a major difference between us and them- our ability to cut through the bull and speak commonsense, and their inability to speak commonsense and to | Read More »

    Should Menendez Resign?

    On April 1st, New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) 0% was indicted on 14 counts of corruption, bribery and fraud.  This indictment comes after a 2-year investigation by the Justice Department after allegations surfaced in 2012 that Menendez’ close association with a wealthy Miami doctor- Salomen Melgen- was suspicious.  In 2013 after it was revealed that Melgen paid over $15,000 for two | Read More »

    The Hits Keep Coming from the Left

    In a tendency now bordering on suicide, the Left keeps proposing and sometimes enacting bills which violate the more important law of unintended consequences.  In my reading on the subject, I could come up with only one good unintended consequence of anything and it had nothing to do with any liberal policy or belief.  That unintended good consequence, in fact, had to do with the | Read More »

    The Left: If It Makes Sense, Oppose It

    There is a propensity for those on the Left to oppose anything which makes commonsense.  This is a group of people who have labeled themselves “progressive,” but it appears their “progress” ended in the policies of the New Deal or the Great Society, policies that are 50-70 years old.  To them, time has stood still since 1938 or 1966 when realities of 2015 are very | Read More »

    The Great (Not!) Indiana Boycott

    Prior to the passage of the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act, the polling company- Marist- released results of a poll they conducted on the issue from February 25th to March 1st.  In that poll, 54% of respondents agreed with the idea of a RFRA with 65% of respondents stating that no one should be fined or imprisoned if they have religious objections that conflict with | Read More »

    The Continuous Travails of Hillary Clinton

    In the continuing drama known as the race to the White House in 2016, Hillary Clinton seems to keep hitting speed bumps along the road.  The latest bump- the State Department and her private e-mail account- is just the most recent example self-inflicted blunders.  We can count among them her Benghazi testimony and the continued investigation, the roll out of her book tour, her claims | Read More »

    US Senate 1st Period Interim Reports

    Credit: Wikipedia As of March 31st, we are one-eighth through the 114th Congress of the United States Senate.  One thing most obvious right now is that more amendments to bills have been considered, debated and voted upon in three months than has occurred over the previous 24 months with Reid in control.  That is a good thing.  The second observation is | Read More »