Be Wary of That Stranger in Church

    Recently, there were reports in the mainstream media about the FBI soliciting bids on a contract that would monitor news reports about that law enforcement agency.  Some outlets describe it as either a waste of taxpayer money, or a chilling exercise against a free press.  The reasons are not given by the FBI but the ostensible one could be to determine how the media covers | Read More »

    Selling Out and Getting High

    Let me state upfront that from a personal standpoint, I do not care what anyone does in the privacy of their home as long as no one gets hurt, especially children.  If you want to spend your day getting high on marijuana, that is your business.  But, if the known deleterious effects of your use starts to impact my life such as decreased worker productivity, | Read More »

    Kansas GOP Primary “Endorsements”

    On August 5th, Kansas Republicans will go to the polls to make choices for US Senate, Governor, and two of four contested congressional districts.  All eyes are on the Senate primary where incumbent Pat Roberts faces a serious challenge.  But before we get to that race, Sam Brownback seeks another term as Governor.  The national media is fixated on the Governor’s race and Brownback’s apparent | Read More »

    Michigan GOP Primary “Endorsements”

    With the gubernatorial and Senate races set for 2014, all the primary action will be in the congressional districts.  The Republican Party currently holds a 9-5 edge in the congressional delegation to Washington.  Two Democrats and two Republicans are vacating their seats.  John Dingell in the 12th and Gary Peters in the 14th districts are the retiring Democrats and both of these districts are not | Read More »

    Washington GOP Primary “Endorsements”

    Like other states on Tuesday, the action will be at the congressional district level in Washington.  Without further ado: In the 1st District which includes some northern counties near the Canadian border and one-third of King County, Democrat Suzan DelBene would appear vulnerable as Cook rates this district only +4 for the Democrats.  A Republican last held this district in 1999.  Still, it could be put | Read More »

    Missouri GOP Primary “Endorsements”

    With no gubernatorial or senatorial races this year, all the action will be in the congressional districts.  Republicans currently occupy 6 of Missouri’s eight seats and there are no resignations. The First District, which comprises the northern part of St. Louis and St. Louis County itself, is represented by Democrat Lacy Clay who has held the seat since 2001.  In fact, since 1949 no Republican | Read More »

    The State of the 2014 Gubernatorial Races

    Recently, the Los Angeles Times ran an article describing that in a year that is looking increasingly bad for the Democrats, the “one bright spot” is the gubernatorial races where they stand to pick up some seats.  Of the 36 races this year, 22 Governor’s offices are held by Republicans.  Three of them are open seats- Arizona, Nebraska, and Texas.  Of the 14 Democratic governor | Read More »

    The State of the Senate Races

    With July almost over, the primaries pick up again in August.  Some Senate races have not been set yet as the GOP has not chosen candidates in potentially competitive primaries in Kansas, Alaska and Minnesota.  Democrats, because there are more incumbents, have fewer interesting primary races. With that in mind, it is time to see how these general election races are shaping up.  I have | Read More »

    The Three Pillars Towards Fiscal Sanity

    Recently, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO)- a collection of economic analysts- released a report showing that the national debt stands at 74% of GDP whereas the average over the past five decades was 39%.  The report received no mention in the media.  This almost doubling of the debt is solely attributable to Barack Obama.  Even during the Great Depression, that ratio never exceeded 45%.  The all-time record is | Read More »

    Answering the Warren Manifesto

    Other than the assertion that water has become a human right, the next biggest splash (excuse the pun) was a rousing speech by the newest darling of the Left, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.  Look out, Schrillary- you have rumblings on your left flank.  To reiterate, this is the gist of Warren’s manifesto: 1. Tougher rules and regulations for Wall Street.  Basically, “blah, blah” populist sloganeering. | Read More »