A Strange and Confusing Day For Free Speech

    Today, the Supreme Court released six opinions in pending cases this term- four involving criminal justice and two involving free speech.  In a strange alignment where the liberal wing of the Court picked up the vote of the most conservative member of the Court- Clarence Thomas- the Supreme Court ruled that the State of Texas could bar the Sons of Confederate Veterans from displaying the | Read More »

    My Choice for 2015 Nobel Peace Prize

    Since 1975 in every year ending with the number “5,” the Nobel Peace Prize has gone to a group dedicated to eradicating the world of nuclear weapons.  Considering that this usually coincides with the fact that such years coincide with some anniversary of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings, this should not be a surprise.  This year, there are about five such groups on the suspected | Read More »

    With Friends Like These: Amanda Renteria

    Nothing quite describes the word “first” coupled with “nothing” as much as Amanda Renteria, the Hillary Clinton campaign’s political director.  Other than the fact she is Hispanic and Clinton is appealing (pandering) for Latino votes, this is an odd choice.  We will inevitably hear the puff pieces from the mainstream media about how Renteria, the daughter of a Mexican migrant worker, pulled herself up to | Read More »

    Vegas Odds on GOP Nomination- UPDATED Version

    Using a combination of betting sites and deriving an average, the “odds” on the GOP nomination are in need of some updating since the last time I published these.  Instead of relying on a single site (like last time), I derived an average from several betting sites both domestic and foreign.  Please remember that these are NOT MY ODDS, but averages from betting sites.  The | Read More »

    What the Carol Kipnis Affair Shows

    A news item a little under the radar regarding Northwestern Communications Professor Carol Kipnis illustrates a very disturbing trend in higher education.  Kipnis penned an article in The Chronicle of Higher Education critical of a recent university ban on faculty-student romantic relationships.  Admitting that she had engaged in such behavior, she used this policy as a platform to decry recent events on campuses nationwide when it came | Read More »

    Education: The Cult of Money

    With the 2016 election looming, education stands to be a major issue.  Additionally, Congress will be looking at the federal law- ESEA- that dictates the federal intrusion into education.  First, let’s dispel some myths regarding the difference between the Left and the Right when it comes to education because the myths often confuse the debate and create great snippets for the news media when taken | Read More »

    Will Supreme Court Take an Abortion Case?

    It has been years since the Supreme Court under John Roberts has taken an abortion case.  There are two petitions before the Supreme Court for consideration to take up next term.  The first one comes from Mississippi which passed a law requiring that doctors at an out-patient abortion facility have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles.  Mississippi has only one such facility which | Read More »

    Dear Hillary: Your Voting Suggestions Suck

    I do not know Hillary Clinton’s motivation to go big and go long on voting rights, but I suspect it may have had something to do with overshadowing Lincoln Chafee’s call to institute the metric system in the United States.  Considering she was speaking to a predominantly African-American audience, it becomes painfully obvious that she engaging in three well-worn Democratic, liberal strategies.  The first is | Read More »

    With Friends Like These: Maya Harris

    This is the second in a series of articles examining the movers and shakers in the nascent Hillary Clinton campaign.  Last week I dealt with Jake Sullivan; this week is one of her senior policy advisers- Maya Harris.  Maya Harris is the younger sister of California lawyer, attorney general and 2016 Senate candidate Kamala Harris.  Maya’s resume includes a who’s who of Leftist organizations and | Read More »

    Some Musings From the Culture Wars

    Some general observations in the seemingly never-ending culture wars: Scott Walker, ultrasounds and the media:  I know others here have written entries on the obvious false characterization of remarks made by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker regarding ultrasounds, and more recently rape and incest.  There is no need to recount the details.  Instead, there is still a steady chorus in the liberal media that despite putting | Read More »