Clown Cars, Edsels and the Model-T

    The cute folks on Leftist websites have taken to dubbing the growing Republican Presidential hopeful field as a “clown car.”  Of course they are referring to that well-worn circus tradition of a small car driven into the center ring out of which emerge a large number of clowns.  To wit, this is a partial list of some headline articles from the children at DailyKos, Alternet, | Read More »

    Supreme Court Strikes Down Part of Maryland Income Tax Scheme

    This morning at 10:00, the Supreme Court issued opinions in six cases.  First, in a 9-0 decision authored by Justice Kagan, the Court ruled that a convicted felon can turn over their lawfully owned firearms to any third party provided the court is satisfied that the third party will not give the convicted felon control over those firearms. There were three other unanimous decisions that | Read More »

    Bernie Sanders’ New Hampshire Problem

    The Leftist blogosphere is all excited about the entry of Bernie Sanders into the presidential race for the Democratic Party.  There are many questions regarding his motivation for declaring his candidacy.  Personally, I think he entered the race to make Hillary Clinton look younger and fresher.  Many actually believe he has a legitimate chance against the Clinton machine and Clinton, for her part, has welcomed | Read More »

    The Academics Awards

    Now that the class of 2015 has largely graduated to enter the working world from the comfort of their parent’s basement, its time to review the best and worst of the past academic year.  Without further ado, its time for the First Annual Academics Awards (to be held at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion): The Award for Stupid Government Actions:  The winner is: The California state | Read More »

    Baltimore in the Rearview Mirror

    Now that the controversy over Freddie Gray’s death in Baltimore, Maryland has simmered down somewhat, the inevitable hand-wringing and post-mortem analysis has begun.  To recount, Gray was arrested for “something” and while being transported and asking for medical help, suffered some form of spinal cord injury that eventually led to his death.  Gray was not secured in the police vehicle which the press portrayed as | Read More »

    Big Green and Moral Outrage

    It took a presidential veto to stop the Keystone pipeline and a whole lot of misinformation on the part of the Left.  To hear their rendition, this was framed as a war between David and Goliath with David (the environmental Left) winning over Goliath (Big Oil).  Nothing could be further from the truth.  In fact, this effort to block the pipeline started back in the | Read More »

    Scott Walker and That Koch Money

    Eight months out from the first caucus, the Left is already developing a message about the potential Republican nominee.  It will make little difference who that candidate will be which illustrates two things.  First, their logic is inconsistent given the online rhetoric thus far.  Second, it is obvious from the main target of that rhetoric that they probably fear this candidate more than any other | Read More »

    Pennsylvania 2016 and the Senate Race

    With the announcement that Mark Rubio would be running for President and that he would not seek reelection to the Senate from Florida, many eyes have turned there.  Since there are more Republicans defending seats in 2016 in the Senate, there is the possibility they may lose their majority.  First, it should be noted that many of the GOP seats are in the rather safe | Read More »

    About that Article V Solution…

    As other commentators here on Redstate have suggested primarily in the area of same sex marriage, but also other areas, the solution to Leftist over-reach of the Federal government and the Leftist agenda, states need to petition Congress to call a Constitutional Convention to propose an amendment dealing with the issue.  Although these efforts should be lauded, one suspects in the end they are exercises | Read More »

    Did Free Speech Just Take a Hit?

    In April, the Supreme Court released their opinion in the case of William-Yulee vs. Florida Bar.   This case involved a candidate for Hillsborough County judge who directly solicited campaign contributions in an open letter to supporters announcing her candidacy.  Although she lost the primary election, the Florida Bar sought sanctions against her for violating the established Judicial Code of Conduct.  That code forbids anyone | Read More »