14 Days to Election Day: Arizona

    At the beginning of this presidential campaign, the Obama team believed that Arizona would be in play for their side. However, that dream was soon tempered by reality and Romney should garner their 11 electoral votes. In 2008, McCain won by slightly less than 200,000 votes. Perhaps, the low percentage of the vote- 53%- gave the Democrats a false sense of hope, but this writer | Read More »

    15 Days to Election Day: New Mexico

    There is some interest in New Mexico this year if not at the presidential level, then certainly in the Senate race. Of all the southwestern states, New Mexico is perhaps the most blue. However, recent events, mainly the election of highly popular and visible Republican Governor Susanna Martinez, should give Republicans hope. This state will likely award its 5 electoral votes to Obama although nowhere | Read More »

    16 Days to Election Day: Michigan

    Mitt Romney originally believed he had a chance in this state, but this writer just does not see it. The Obama message regarding the auto industry bailout- whether correct or not (this writer thinks not)- has resonated somewhat. The auto industry and the unions in Michigan still hold tremendous sway in the state. And despite the fact that Romney’s father was the Republican Governor here | Read More »

    17 Days to Election Day: Maine

    Without a doubt, the biggest news out of Maine was the announcement that Republican Senator Olympia Snowe was retiring at the end of her term leaving this an open seat race. More importantly, it is a Republican seat in a blue state- New England no less. Before discussing this race and its effect on the GOP strategy to win the Senate, Maine is a state | Read More »

    18 Days to Election Day: Connecticut

    Five House seats, an open Democratic Senate seat (technically, an independent), and a presidential election are on tap this year in Connecticut. As concerns the presidential vote, this was not always a Democratic state. However, the trend since Clinton’s reelection has certainly been in that direction. In 2008, Obama won with a little over 60% of the vote carrying the heavily populated Hartford and New | Read More »

    19 Days to Election Day: Rhode Island

    Rhode Island is a solid blue state and should be again this year. In 2008, Obama took 62% of the vote here. In fact, looking back at past elections, even when the Republican won in this state, it was never by double digits after the 1956 election. Thus, one can safely say that Obama will take this state’s 4 electoral votes. Sheldon Whitehouse- the incumbent | Read More »

    20 Days to Election Day: Vermont

    There are four races on the ballot this year: President, Senator, Governor and their lone House seat race. This should be an easy analysis entry. For President, Obama will take Vermont’s three electoral votes. In the Governor’s race, incumbent Democrat Peter Shumlin is a liberal’s liberal. He has structured health care reform in Vermont to mirror the socialized model to the north in Canada. He | Read More »

    21 Days to Election Day: New York

    The simple fact is that New York, now ranked 4th in terms of House seats, is a Democratic stronghold. Like California, the only thing the state is good for as far as presidential campaigns go is fundraising for the GOP. Hence, you can safely give Obama New York’s 29 electoral votes. In the senatorial race, Kirsten Gillibrand, now considered perhaps one of the most liberal | Read More »

    22 Days to Election Day: New Jersey

    In New Jersey, there is a senatorial race this year. Incumbent Democrat Robert Menendez seeks reelection to a second term. The last time a Republican represented New Jersey in the Senate was 1972. There are a few things about Menendez that would make one believe he is somewhat vulnerable. In 2006, when running for a full term after being appointed to complete the term of | Read More »

    23 Days to Election Day: Delaware and DC

    First, let us dispose with the obvious. Since DC was granted three electoral votes in 1964, they have never voted for a Republican candidate for President. In fact, the lowest vote for a Democrat was 75% of the vote in 1980 for Jimmy Carter over Ronald Reagan. The demographics of our Nation’s capital dictate this 3 electoral vote head start for the Democratic Party every | Read More »