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    Israel Might Be Striking Iran Right About……Now!

    This could be breaking news, or just another internet scam, but according to chatter on twitter at least two KC-130 tankers and an undetermined number of F-16 (possibly eight) have taken off from the Israeli Ramat David Airbase southeast of Haifa. According to the twitter source, communications from that airbase has been cut off. While there is unrest in the streets of Tehran over the | Read More »

    “Who are You Going To Believe — Me Or Your Lying Eyes?”

    originally published at The Minority Report The President says companies are hiring — who would have laid off — because of stimulus bill President Obama, Vice President Biden and a number of the administration’s top financial advisers did their best Tuesday to convince the American people that the massive government spending designed to stimulate the economy is — well, stimulating the economy. Although the President | Read More »

    Speaking Out Of Both Sides Of His Mouth Simply To Fill The Quiet With Sound

    Originally published at The Minority Report The President of the United States, Barack Obama spoke to the BBC yesterday, in an taped interview.  I find myself reminded of the quote most often ascribed to Abraham Lincoln that reads, “It is better to remain silent and thought the fool, than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.” The president, in his BBC interview left little | Read More »

    Themis The Goddess of Justice — And Letting Slip The Blindfold

    Submitted to DIGG We take our idolized vision of justice from the statue of Themis, the Greek goddess of divine law. Our depiction of Themis, as are most of the likenesses that have come down from ancient times, finds her standing blindfolded, with an upraised balance scale in her left hand, while resting a sword upon the ground in her right hand. In her Greek | Read More »

    The Entropy of Freedom

    A little DIGG love if you please: While Entropy has slightly different meanings according to the field of science in which it is used, its general meaning is the degradation of a system toward chaos – the gradual loss of energy leading toward nothingness. Cosmologists will tell you that at the instant of creation of our universe, at the very moment of the Big Bang | Read More »

    Five Days In April — A Profile In Presidential Courage

    A little DIGG love would be appreciated Today, during his speech at the United States Naval Academy, President Obama spoke briefly about the Somali pirates who tangled with the United States Military last month while holding hostage the captain of the Maersk Alabama. “I will not recount the full story of those five days in April. Much of it is already known. Some of it | Read More »

    “Chrissy Matthews — You Ignorant Slut!”

    Digg at Minority Report Chris Matthews, who earned his impartial bonafides as an acolyte of anti-Vietnam War activist Eugene McCarthy, as a speech writer for President Jimmy Carter and as an aid to Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill, has attacked Conservatives as “anti-science” claiming, for all intents and purposes, that conservatives are ignorant hicks clinging to their guns and bibles. To which, I can | Read More »

    The Moderate Myth

    Originally posted at The Minority Report We have been told that there are three major food groups in the political spectrum in this country; the liberal left, the conservative right and the largest group, the moderate middle. Repeatedly, in recent months we have been told that a failure to reach out to those moderates will leave the Republican Party and/or Conservatives a permanent minority. This | Read More »

    Now This IS Funny — I Don’t Care Who You Are!

    I was searching for an article that I did at Redstate a couple of years back — you know what has happened to the RS archives what with RS 2.0, 3.0, 4.0 and Russian Judge — so I was using Google “site:” which was the name I first used at Redstate, when I came across a reference to one of my articles at something | Read More »

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    ACLU Dispatches Bevy Of Lawyers To Ensure Captured Pirate’s Rights

    Originally published by the Dawg at TMR If you want to Digg By Ima Tuele of the New York TImes Concern over preserving the Constitutional Rights of the lone Somali pirate not brutally murdered by the US Military in a hostage standoff that could most probably been resolved through negotiations instead of violence, has led the American Civil Liberties Union to airlift a bevy of | Read More »