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    Two months till ObamaCare implodes in Kentucky

    Left-wing talking point manufacturer ProPublica picked out four states who have made particular messes of their ObamaCare exchanges and wrote an article about them. The only fact that matters in an otherwise non-groundbreaking article is that Kentucky is not included in their story. The many ongoing technical failures in Kentucky’s “health exchange,” though steadfastly ignored by Kentucky media, easily would qualify ours a state worthy of mention | Read More »

    ObamaCare judge would rewrite everything

    A federal District Court ruling today ignored the plain language of ObamaCare and claimed people in states who opted out of setting up their own exchanges face tax penalties under the law, even though the “Affordable Care Act” statute specifically excludes them. United States District Judge Paul L. Friedman ruled that the phrase “established by the State” means “established by the federal government, too” in this case because construction | Read More »

    Not just Rand Paul’s son in Kentucky

    Since Kentucky started taking applications for ObamaCare and forcing most applicants into Medicaid, the Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange has been excluding disability payments from income used to determine Medicaid eligibility. That changed last Thursday and it’s a big problem for Governor Steve Beshear. Under the Affordable Care Act, Medicaid eligibility is determined by a formula based on taxable income. The formula counts disability income as | Read More »

    Kentucky ObamaCare last-minute escape

    Today is the last day to buy major medical health insurance in Kentucky that is not “improved” by ObamaCare. Your only choice left for an insurer is United HealthCare. A 36 year old man in Louisville can get a $3500 deductible plan with 20% coinsurance until the out-of-pocket limit of $6500 is reached for $86.51 a month today only. Tomorrow, a somewhat similar plan from | Read More »

    Were 280,000 Kentuckians abducted by aliens?

    The initial group of Kentucky citizens forced off their health insurance by ObamaCare have less than two weeks left to sign up on Kynect to avoid a lapse in coverage on January 1. Where the hell are they? “Kentucky’s media is missing the story of the unaffordability of the “Affordable Care Act” in addition to missing the story about Gov. Beshear illegally and ill-advisedly throwing | Read More »

    Bare-assed in the Bluegrass

    Governor Steve Beshear took a break from ObamaCare cheerleading last week to announce that 280,000 Kentuckians dumped from health insurance policies could keep them instead, if insurers decided to continue pre-ObamaCare policies into 2014. Humana quickly took him up on it and now Beshear has nowhere to run and hide. If Beshear’s Department of Insurance approves Humana’s application to offer coverage to Kentuckians with a requested | Read More »

    Give Ken Cuccinelli the last laugh

    Left-wing pundits are all atwitter at the idea the Governor-elect of Virginia can swoop in and make another ObamaCare state by unilaterally forcing them into the Medicaid Expansion. He can’t, and that might have an impact on Kentucky. Expanding Medicaid in Virginia can’t legally happen without full legislative approval, which is extremely unlikely to happen with a solid Republican majority in the House and an | Read More »

    Kentucky Governor extorted insurance customers

    Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear should apologize to Humana customers and return to them the $65,430 fine extracted in September when the company advised policyholders on delaying negative impacts of the federal health law. Beshear’s chief insurance thug Sharon Clark said at the time Humana was misleading people by telling them ObamaCare rates would be much higher in 2014. “Beshear could get away with calling the | Read More »

    Kentucky Gov. lawyers up over Medicaid flap

    Two weeks ago, we uncovered details of Gov. Steve Beshear’s illegal and unconstitutional plans to blow at least $21.5 million of state money on ObamaCare in the first six months of 2014.  Beshear’s own attorney entered details of this plan into the court record, though he apparently didn’t even realize he did it. Having evidence of this illegal activity fall into my lap was somewhat unexpected. Hitting | Read More »

    ObamaCare’s little oasis springs a leak

    Gov. Steve Beshear has said many times Kentucky will incur no costs for the ObamaCare Medicaid expansion until 2017 and state media has unquestioningly repeated the claim many times as well. We know that is false. I just sent the following email to Vicki Goins, Policy and Budget Analyst for the Health and Family Services Cabinet in Gov. Beshear’s Office of State Budget Director: Vicki, | Read More »