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    Kentucky taxes truth-telling on ObamaCare

    Humana sent letters out to health insurance customers in Kentucky this summer warning them that ObamaCare will cause their premiums to explode upward in January and advising them how to limit harm to their personal finances caused by radical left-wing politicians. The Kentucky Department of Insurance fined Humana $65,000 in August for their efforts, in every way punishing them for telling the truth. Gov. Steve | Read More »

    Kentucky Supreme Court ObamaCare battle starts

    Kentucky’s tea party challenge to state implementation of ObamaCare took a big step forward today with the first in a series of arguments to reach the Commonwealth’s Supreme Court. David Adams said the case centered on preventing “improper and illegal use of government powers to effect an optional expansion of Kentucky’s Medicaid program under the Affordable Care Act.” Adams is petitioning the Court to transfer | Read More »

    Will Kentucky dump its employees on “exchange?”

    Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear is quietly completing plans to throw state employees, including the seven Supreme Court justices he needs to approve his illegal ObamaCare implementation actions, into the state health insurance “exchange.” State employees are just now being notified of massive premium rate increases for 2014 caused by ObamaCare, and Beshear’s hope is apparently to attempt to capitalize on the confusion of the run-up to | Read More »

    ObamaCare eats Kentucky

    Humana actuary Nick Mueller today confirmed the Kentucky Department of Insurance has approved ObamaCare health premiums very close to the eighty percent increase he requested in June. Internal Department of Insurance documents received today from Lori Brown at the Department contain final, approved premium information for Humana, Anthem and Kentucky Health Cooperative, the only three companies who applied to participate in the Kentucky Health Benefit | Read More »

    Democratic Governor betrays Obama

    Kentucky’s Governor Steve Beshear has basked in national media limelight recently for his single-handed efforts to push his Southern red state into ObamaCare. His new fans should take a closer look. Beshear has actually made it impossible for his state to participate in ObamaCare despite his public pronouncements to the contrary. Court records show Beshear violated state law KRS 12.028 in attempting to create a | Read More »

    Kentucky’s other ObamaCare fight

    Rolling over Mitch McConnell to force Republican discipline against ObamaCare will not, ultimately, be difficult. Spineless politicians bend both ways, particularly opportunistic ones. Mitch will be claiming credit for the idea of defunding ObamaCare before this fight is over. Meanwhile, another battle rages in the Bluegrass state. Conservative activists have filed three separate lawsuits against the Commonwealth to halt state activity in the federal takeover | Read More »

    Humana actuary: our Kentucky health rates going up 80%

    A health insurance actuary at Humana testified in a Kentucky Department of Insurance rate filing document made publicly available today that his company’s individual health premiums need to go up eighty percent in 2014 and that sixty percent of that increase is due to the ObamaCare requirement for all applications to be accepted. Nicholas Mueller, the actuary, requested a rate increase of 91.3% on Humana | Read More »

    Tide turns on ObamaCare in Kentucky tomorrow

    By all credible accounts, Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear’s illegal effort to set up a state-run ObamaCare “exchange” web site without proper legislative approval will come to an ignominious end in Franklin Circuit Court on Monday morning. But will the media be there to bear record of his embarrassing failure? If alleged threats by Beshear loyalists against Kentucky journalists hit their marks, they might not. On | Read More »

    Kentucky ObamaCare quickly collapsing

    The state-run Kentucky Health Benefit Exchange died on Wednesday, but is only now starting to stink badly enough to be noticed. On Wednesday, Governor Steve Beshear panicked and reissued his July 2012 executive order creating the ObamaCare “exchange,” in a very weak attempt to forestall losing the tea party lawsuit challenging his authority to write his own law without legislative approval. How weak, you ask? | Read More »

    Kentucky GOP official caught pulling a “Mitch McConnell”

    The plaintiff in a state lawsuit to stop Kentucky from illegally accepting ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion is dropping House Speaker Greg Stumbo as a defendant in the case. David Adams of Nicholasville, plaintiff in two current cases involving Kentucky’s controversial role in attaching itself to unfunded mandates in the so-called “Affordable Care Act,” said the move involves legal and political realities. “Speaker Stumbo and Governor Beshear | Read More »