A Republican Party For A Secular America

    (This is a long diatribe, but I would appreciate anyone that takes the time to read it and get feedback.) One mistake I’m afraid too many Republicans are going to make is that the back-to-back defeats that were given to Republicans around the country was merely a result of Bush being unpopular, and that once he’s gone, we’ll be running the country once again. The | Read More »

    If Rev. Wright Isn’t Used, McCain Will Probably Lose

    The absolute nuclear bomb in the Republican arsenal is Rev. Wright, and it looks like McCain has taken the one weapon that can destroy Obama off the table. All because he’s afraid of being called a racist by the same people that have already called him a racist. I have absolutely no idea why some 527’s haven’t sprang up and brought the Wright issue back | Read More »

    Driver’s Licenses For Illegals. (Why Isn’t McCain Using This Issue?)

    One issue the McCain campaign is completely ignoring is the stand Obama took during the Democrat primary of supporting driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants. 75% of Americans wisely oppose this, even in liberal states like New York and California. I would argue this issue helped Schwarzeneggar win in California, and destroyed the political career of Spitzer in New York (before the escort scandal). McCain could | Read More »