What Does It All Mean?

    What does it all mean? We’ve had the debates, we’ve heard the cases plead from both sides, we’ve heard the accusations across the party aisles, but what does it all mean? Well my friends it is up to all of us to decide for ourselves. I have to chuckle everytime the pundits follow a debate, a rally or an interview, because as you are well | Read More »

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    Rev. Jesse Jackson I Apologize

    Although as a lifelong republican I thought I would never, ever say these words, Rev. Jesse Jackson may be due an apology. When the headline broke that Rev. Jackson had spoken in France about Sen. Obama’s views of Israel and the jewish people, most including myself felt that he was throwing Obama “under the bus” because Rev. Jackson was jealous of the attention Obama had | Read More »

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    Destruction of the Middle Class

    I strongly believe the days of the “middle class” are numbered and below I have listed the top reasons.

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