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    The Ukranian Gambit: Some history, and what to do…

    To say the Ukranians have an ‘interesting’ history is a bit of an understatement… They’ve always been connected to (And often trying to get away from) Russia… In the old-days of the Tsars, part of what is now Ukraine was home to the Cossacks – Imperial Russia’s counterpart to the French Foreign Legion (with a little bit of ‘Praetorian Guard’ mixed in – they had | Read More »

    Let it Burn!

    So… The Administration built it’s ‘house’ on this law… They own it… And now – completely on it’s own, without GOP involvement, the law is self-destructing. Predictions say it only gets worse heading into the 2014 election season…. WHY would we even consider expending legislative capital trying to dismantle something that is now working in our own favor? EVEN IF we could repeal the law… | Read More »

    General Foch, Ted Cruz, and what to do about bugetary trench-warfare…..

    “My centre is giving way, my right is retreating, situation excellent, I am attacking” – Gen Foch, WWI The above quote appears to be about how certain factions of the GOP view the current situation (defined: Obama, Ried’s Senate, and the GOP House wrestling with the budget, Obamacare, et-al)…. Namely: It doesn’t matter how much damage you’re taking, how badly things are going – so | Read More »

    Obama’s ‘5-Rounds-Rapid’ Syria Policy: Doing the right thing, the wrong way, too late…..

    Ever since the Syrian Civil War started, I’ve always been an advocate of US intervention… Mainly because (A) it offered us a chance to hamstring Iran, and (B) because if we didn’t, then Al Queda would step in instead – undoing all the gains we made in the Iraq War (And yes, we did make gains – for all practical purposes we actually WON Iraq, | Read More »

    How Syria Repudiates ‘Non Intervention’

    As history repeats itself yet-again, the question has to be asked: How many times will the US end up ‘letting the war come to us’? When the Syrian civil war started, the rebel side looked to us & our allies for aid… We ignored them. No one would help… Except the organization once known as ‘Al Queda in Iraq’ – the very group we spent | Read More »

    What ‘Free Market’ Health Reform looks like…

    We’ve all heard it before, from some lefty somewhere… ‘You Republicans are just the party of ‘No’… You hate Obamacare because you hate Obama, but you don’t have anything better… So, how about we ask: What *WOULD* be better? End ‘Whole Office’ Group PlansThe fact is, in economic terms, having your employer purchase insurance for all employees as a ‘group’ is almost as bad as | Read More »

    Don’t Fall For it: Why ‘Defund Obamacare’ is a trap we shouldn’t step in…

    Since we’re rather fond of using ‘fighting’ military analogies here… You’re faced with the ‘oppertunity’ to attack one of the enemy’s key strongholds… It will be a glorious battle… But you will lose… Horribly… There is simply no possible way that the forces you can commit have the ability to even scratch the surface of the enemy’s defenses… To make it worse, if you attack, | Read More »

    On Gold: Anybody want some BACON?

    We’ve all heard ‘Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered…’ Well, if you ignored history (1979!), ignored economic reality, and actually believed that ‘intrinsic value’ was a real thing… The recent small drop in the price of gold is your last warning to avoid becoming a ham sandwich…. Gold buggery is, perhaps, one of the most irrational things you will ever see related to economics… Simply | Read More »

    And then there were NONE! (No-Carry States, that is)

    The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that Illinois’ total ban on defensive firearms carry outside ones private property is unconstitutional. For those not following the gun-rights issue, this means that unless the Supreme Court reverses said ruling (which is unlikely in light of their recent decisions in the DC and Chicago cases, which finally settled in precedent that the 2nd Ammendment means | Read More »

    How to get something *real* out of a fiscal cliff ‘deal’

    Ok: It should be pretty clear that we are not going to win the fight over tax rates at this time… I don’t *like* it, but it’s where we are stuck: If we do nothing, taxes go up on everyone, with no real impact on spending (the ‘Sequester’ is a joke). So, here’s a thought: Why not take one of the Dem’s own talking points | Read More »