ENOUGH shooting ourselves (as a party) in the foot on the subject of ‘Abortion & Rape’!

Simply put, the GOP has a problem here.

It’s not a problem with the morality or correctness of opposing abortion in all cases, period.
I happen to hold the same view…

The problem, is that either there IS NO specific set of talking points/official ‘message’, or that we are running abject tone-deaf IDIOTS who – having worse media-relations-sense than GW Bush – say the STUPIDEST things when trying to defend this position.

Weather it’s MO, WI, or IN… We are playing right into the opposition’s hands, because no one at the RNC (or even at the state party-level) has bothered to posit a good, clean, media-friendly message…

So we get Candidate Akin spouting off long-discredited theories from the middle-ages regarding pregnancy & rape…

We get another tone-deaf idiot in WI reciting a scare-story his dad told him as a teen (to make him keep it in his pants) about being falsely accused of rape, which included the words ‘some girls, they rape so easy’ (in reference to the possibility of ‘consensual’ sex being called rape after the fact)…

And of course, we get the man who knocked down shoe-in incumbent Dick Lugar, saying that ‘God intended it that way’ when asked about a woman who was raped getting pregnant.

All of the above could have been avoided if someone had just STOPPED and thought ‘Hey, how will this play on CNN’… Instead, we’re throwing away a possible pickup & maybe even giving up a seat to the Dems, all over MESSAGE.

To a point… THIS is how you explain opposition to abortion in cases of rape/incest:

‘I oppose abortion, even in these cases, because I don’t believe that an innocent child should be killed for the crimes of the father.
Allowing an exception for rape & incest, is executing an innocent person for the crimes of another, and that’s just un-American – no matter how horrific the crime, we just don’t do that here.
With that said, I wholehartedly support imposing the strictest & most severe punishments legally possible against sex offenders – and would gladly support increasing these punishments where I can.’

As a note to politicians in general – but especially male Republicans: If you can’t get on-message with something like the above…
We’ve had enough feet wedged in mouths this election to possibly cost the GOP the Senate.
It has to STOP. 

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