3 Possible Futures

Ok. ‘Status Quo’ won…

Right?  Not really. Actually, WRONG.

With the help of 40,000-60,000 clueless Libertarians in each of a few key swing states (the 1-2% who voted ‘Other’. P.S. Libbies, NO, Obama is not going to give you legal weed.), IF the economy improves & the Obama folks don’t royally piss off America, we will be… Sunk…

We are now backed into a corner, with the future of conservative economics on the line (And with that, the future of both social & fiscal conservative ideologies)…

There are now 3 possible futures:

  1. The economy recovers in spite of whatever Obama gets done.
    Game-set-match. Obama becomes the Democrat’s Reagan, and Keynsianisim/Obamanomics rules America for decades to come – much as Monetarism (the true conservative economic viewpoint) has dominated from 1981 to 2009.  This is the ‘Doom’ Scenario. If this happens, it sinks the rest of the conservative cause EXCEPT some of the extremely polarizing social issues (eg, beliefs on abortion aren’t going to change, period, no matter what)…. We become Europe – complete with carbon taxes, rampant unionisim, and an even worse tax code…Essentially, if the economy improves IN SPITE of Obama, it will be taken as a repudiation of Conservative economics, and as proof that the liberal way ‘really does work’. And this is a possibility… The market finds a way – even in the face of the most anti-business Administration since FDR.
  2. The economy continues to stagnate, or gets worse
    Obama blames Congress… Congress blames Obama… 2014 mid-terms become a referendum on this question… But without a rallying cry like 2010 – which allows the Dems to likely win it on a media-enforced ‘obstruction’ narrative…Cue a race to enact as much radical-left legislation as possible, while they have the power…Unless…
  3. Obama over-reaches, 2009 style, and ‘pokes the bear’… In this case, the House is given a REASON to obstruct, and thus insulated from charges of ‘sore-loserisim’… This is about the best we can hope for (that he screws up & does something to piss off the moderate-mush electorate)….

Now, personally, I have my theories about WHY we lost our shot at the Presidency & failed to gain the Senate… And I continue to have nothing but scorn for the folks who primary out electable incumbents to replace them with unelectable loose cannon ideologues (Mourdock shot himself in the foot. If you do not understand why using ‘Rape’ and ‘God’s Plan’ in the same sentence is a BAD idea (no matter the context) you do not belong on a US Senate ticket. Even if the actual position being defended is spot-on (which it was). ). …

But that’s water under the bridge…

We are about to have our economic ideology & predictions tested. The results of that test, will be seen as true-or-false by the American public, and will define a generation of election results.

We lost. Big time. And it’s mostly due to PR issues & poor organization/planning.

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