The Case for “No Ball”

    The Case for  “No Ball”

    Several years ago, while camping in the high country, my brother and I were sitting around the camp fire and throwing out ideas for a “get rich quick” scheme. We were nearly hysterical considering the things we could market on TV and raking in our fortunes. I came up with “No Ball”. We embellished the idea of a new toy product with which no one | Read More »

    Freedom Taken for Granted: Lost

    Freedom Taken for Granted Will Be Lost Throughout our history Americans have taken their freedom for granted. We are born with it intact, and are taught to expect the rights designated in the Constitution to apply to our lives from beginning to end. The original framers of this impressive document based its content on this premise, having defeated the British, and feeling the effects of | Read More »

    Obama Cabinet Portrays Weakness In Sequester Hysteria

    As we barrel toward sequestration, cabinet members across the board reach out to those bent on our destruction. Each one must take a turn in the broadcast of weakness being created by pending, and ominous, budget cuts set to proceed this week. Our southern borders will no longer be safe as we cut the number of officers patrolling; our national security is at risk as | Read More »

    Obama Administration Redefines Transparency

    While the Obama administration has touted “transparency” before and after two elections, the problem isn’t a lack of transparency but that of word definition. We have all assumed, errantly, that transparency meant having an open and honest process and conversation in which the general public would truly participate and understand. That was and is our greatest mistake. The new definition of the word is more | Read More »