Happy Halloween from a corner of VA-11

    We cross the border from VA-8 to VA-11 so the kids can trick or treat with their classmates. Last year the Halloween circuit throught he neighbohood was a lot of Deeds signs, but more McDonnell signs. This year there are much fewer signs of any kind, but Fimian is topping Mr. Dopey ‘Stache. I’m just having fun correcting people as to my costume…. I am | Read More »


    VA-8 GOP Candidate Matt Berry pledges to work to repeal Obamacare if elected.

    Question posed by me via Facebook: Do you pledge to work diligently, immediately and continuously to repeal Obamacare should you be elected? Response: Yes I have posed the same question to Patrick Murray the other main GOP candidate.  As soon as I receive his answer, I shall post it. Down the road in VA-11, Pat Herrity has distributed an email stating that he will work | Read More »

    The Inheritance

    I am real tired of the Narcisist in Chief. Everything is about him … EVERYTHING. Well, everything, except those things that require acceptance of responsibility and showing true leadership. Leadership … not egotistical expectations of compliance. Where one would typically expect to find Presidential responsibility, we find something else with this President. I’m not sure what it is called. Narcissism? Megalomania? Sociopathy? Maybe we need | Read More »

    VA-11: Pat Herrity announces run against Connolly

    Today Fairfax County Supervisor Pat Herrity announced that he is in the race against freshman Dem Gerry Connolly.  See Pat’s web site here.  We now have two good candidates on the GOP side, with Keith Fimian announcing earlier.  See Keith’s web site here.  Both of these guys are solid.  I hope they keep the primary focused on DEFEATING CONNOLLY.  Just about a year ago Pat came within | Read More »

    UPDATE 5: POLLS OPEN IN VIRGINIA!! A Blog from the Polls

    I’ll be wortking the polls later today in Eastern Fairfax.County. I swung by the precinct before running errands.A few quick observations: 1. Dramatically lower early morning voting. In the Obama-McCain election there was a line of several hundred people waiting as the doors opened at 6am. Today I hear there were 4 in line. Yes…four. There were about 20 through the doors in the first | Read More »

    UPDATE3: VA Polling Trends and Possible GOP House Gains News Summary

    This has updated a bit since I posted the other day. Not trying to be too optimistic, but this could be very bad for the Democrats…especially if the strong shift to McDonnell translates down to the House of Delegates races. Currently the House is 53 GOP, 43 Dem, 2 Ind, 2 vacant. The left leaning blog Not Larry Sabato is forecasting what appears to be | Read More »

    Bob McDonnell’s coat tails … Virginia Down-ticket in Fairfax County

    The national news is focusing on the McDonnell-Deeds race for governor in Virginia.  This is the nicest representation of the polling trends I’ve seen so far … I note the late tailing off for Deeds. If the embedded gizmo doesn’t work, go to to see it.  But here is some polling info on the Lt. Governor (Bolling v. Wagner) and AG (Cuccinelli v. Shannon) races | Read More »

    Northern Virginia News: “… the money has dried up …”

    Tonight was a Halloween fun fair/PTA fundraiser at the elementary school. The halls are bustling with hundreds parents and kids in costume. Apparently Star Wars characters are very popular this year. In any case, as I’m wending my way from the Cake Walk to the Potty Pitch, I overhear a conversation of a political nature in the hall between two parents. They had to speak | Read More »

    URGENT: 2009 Election Northern Virginia Get Out The Vote Kickoff

    It is the start of the get out the vote effort in Virginia.  It is just over 2 weeks to the election.  It’s well known that McDonnell, Bolling and Cuccinelli are leading the Democrat opponents in every credible poll.  As I’ve noted before the entire House of Delegates is up for election as well.  Notwithstanding the polls, we need to keep up the pressure and get | Read More »

    The New Glamour Boys of the Cult of Personality

    Tonight one of the kids has a friend over for the night.  They are hogging the TV with video games, so in order to do something productive, I connected to the office network and started doing some work.  When I work at home, I put on my over-priced, capitalist-inspired, noise cancelling headphones and blow out my eardrums, as I am wont to do.  Well, I’m | Read More »